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Welcome to the group for the VirtueVerse.

This originally started as non-canon MLP universe created and maintained by Calm Wind - but then separately, inspired by his writing, each of us started planning our own stories to take place in the AU...
Eventually, one by one, we came together and started merging our works together and filling in the large blank spaces in Calm's Wonderverse; to say nothing of sharing our theories on the main timeline.

Since then, we've moved away from his works, and we plan to write our own reasons for how things went all crazy. However, since we're covering most of the major events that The WonderVerse covers (eventually **makes squinty eyes at Jim Hoxworth and Sylvian**), you won't miss anything of the action, and might only need to briefly refer to Calm's works if only to see how he did things differently.

Side Note: I am going to just apologize now for the unfinished state of this place... I'll hopefully get my fellow VV writers to help me finish this up. :pinkiecrazy:
Hope you enjoy! ~Witching Hour

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So wait, if we develop an alternate timeline for the Wonderverse, can we make a thread about it?

405504 Oh boy, that sounds like fun. XD

A thought, a collaborative story in which the viewer gets a look inside twisters head. we get x number of people, everyone writes an idea/scene/ potential thought etc, and via randomness it is given to another person in the project who then writes 1-5 paragraphs based on said idea, resulting text will be collected and posted by the group here.

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