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(taken from Crystal's Blog post on the topic, edited... and added to by Cowgirl :pinkiehappy:)


Heyo everyone! Kc here, I would like to introduce you all to T-FAB! As you all saw, that stands for The Feathered Artisan's Brigade. Now some of you might ask, what is this? Well, its a group that my friends and I made and came up with.

First we have the Captain, CowgirlVK (formally known as V), second myself Commander Crystal, and third our good friend Commander Noble (known as Noble Savage) We are the leaders, and the administrators of this group.

V came up with The Artisans Posse.
But I thought we shouldn't take the word Posse from Calm's group. (I felt like that was copyright xD) So then we decided not to use that.
And Noble also came up with a few, and one of them was Fire Brigade. And V and him said that they LOVED that word, 'brigade'.

Then came me.. I had a few names in mind, but I wanted to combine it with the word Artisans.

So I came up with Feathered Artisans..
So long story short. We combined the words, Feathered, Artisans, and Brigade.

And V said, "We can be FAB!! :raritystarry:"
I thought that was both hilarious and creative. Which I loved.
Then Noble said, "How about, The Feathered Artisans Brigade?"
And we all absolutely LOVED it!!

I (Crystal's) letter is F, for Feathered. Because I was the one that came up with part of the name.

V's (The Captain) is A for Artisans, cuz she was the one that came up with that part First.

Then we have Noble's B, for Brigade, also cuz it was his idea to use that word.

So that is how T-FAB became to be..

We plan to create works of art, both written and draw. And we will try to encourage and to inspire those around us to create their own piece of art in any shape or form that they want. To follow there dreams, and become better people/ponies. And to never give up on those dreams..

Follow them, Chase them, Achieve them! You can always try to achieve something if you really put in the effort. :twilightsmile:

Our Motto
"Ponies of a Feather stick Together!"

Stay Creative!!
Crystal Melody (Kc) ~

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397206 Thanks Spec, What do you think? It doesn't quite fit for the top... but I really REALLY like it.


Whoa! that looks cool!

For the T~FAB members, digitalised logo


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