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This story is a sequel to To Love a Goddess

This is Celestia's side of the story from To Love a Goddess, and the decisions she had to make.

Part two of the "To Love" trilogy.
Reading To Love a Goddess before this one is required.

Edited by Darastrix. Pre-read by Azu.

Chapters (1)
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=====Author's notes are spoiler free=====

Hello again! I'm sure many of you are familiar faces from To Love a Goddess.

If you are new to this little universe I have created, welcome!:raritywink:

Now, for all of you To Love a Goddess 'veterans'... you may have noticed some familiar content.
Before you all go "omgz u cheated an just used that 2 incraese teh word cuont!"

Nope, I did that for a couple good reasons.
1. To Love a Goddess was submitted for EQD, and they don't like mini chapters like The Letter in To Love a Goddess was.
2. Since a lot of people will be new and never read the mini-chapter from To Love a Goddess, I wanted to be sure everybody had a chance to read Artemis's letter.

Why did I write this? Two reasons really; I wanted something special as a gift to everybody that helped me hit 10,000 total views. Plus, it was just like To Love a Goddess was... the story was mostly born out of impulse and made in three days.

You may have noticed the Completed sign on there. Yep. That's it for this chunk of story. There will not be any additions, just the sparse edits here and there. Don't worry, there is much, much, much more to come as time goes on. I hope it's clear enough I have more planned so I'm not flooded with comments or PM's asking if there will be moar:twilightblush:

"Why do you have so many links?"
Because that's how I rolldl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Derpy_dealwithit.png

You may have noticed a rather large amount of space in-between two words during Celestia and Luna's, 'discussion'. I have no idea why there's like 7 extra spaces in that sentence, they don't show-up unless it's in 'reading 'mode'

As always, my heartfelt thanks to Darastrix and Azu. I wouldn't be anywhere without those two. They both deserve your follows.

Part two of the "To Love" trilogy.

the "To Love" trilogy.

"To Love" trilogy.



That is some fine punctuation you've got there.

Did you think I was going elsewhere with this?

When I read "To Love a Goddess" I was moved by the honesty and sheer brilliance of the characters and story, here you have once again shown that honesty and brilliance. I was moved to tears by the letter, the honest and heartfelt confession of love, that does not happen often. Once again you have got Celestia's characterization down perfectly, you showed her as a mare and not as a goddess. It takes great courage to pursue the love of another, and greater when you know that you will not always have them by your side. You have done good, you have done damn good. Thus I have accepted this fic into the Protect Celestia archives as a ship-fic. Thank you for posting it, thank you for giving her a chance.

Signed in the Name of Her Serene Majesty Celestia Everfree,
Celestia's Paladin: Ex Solis et Lunae, Providentia et Prospera

Celestia's will is stronger than anypony would ever know, even to Luna or Artemis. It does speak volumes when Celestia have agreed to not enter into a relationship with him, even though if she wants to badly.

I LOVED IT! Knowing Celestia's thoughts during all of this is so interesting, very well done! :trollestia::twilightsmile:

Most excellent, as expected. Eagerly await the conclusion! Kinda feel bad for forever alone alicorns.

But wait, Cadence seems to have bit the bullet on that one.

Nice, very nice and very sweet as well. You have an excellent grasp upon how Celestia would act and her character. Not to mention Luna's character is also done very well. Though I'd think she'd feel more bittersweet at the end when she decided to pair off Artemis and Novelle, I really like this sequel :twilightsmile:

Just wait for the next one:scootangel:
Nobody says it will be just a one-shot:pinkiegasp:

Hmmm, well I must say you've got me quite intrigued with this little story of yours.

Consider me a sucker for this kind of stuff, lol.

But I guess a personal little tiff of mine is the fact that the trope of "Nope, sorry Celestia, but you just can't ever find love because you'll just outlast them and won't be able to deal with the fallout." seems to be everywhere whenever it comes to these kinds of things (Specific, no?)

I guess I'm just wondering when an author will actually tackle a plot where a normal pony (or heck, maybe a prince or something) actually asks out Celestia and succeeds in starting a relationship without getting shut down by the whole immortal drama. I mean, just look at Shining Armor and Cadance, canon certainly shows that it's possible. Honestly, I guess I'm just not a fan of the "Oh dear me, I'm immortal and must remain aloof" shiennanegans. But that's just my personal feelings.

As for your story, I know I just said I'm not a fan of it all that immortal stuff. But bravo! a heart-felt story driven by honest emotions. Well done.

2195793 Oh yes.... more Celestia.

Just a minor quarrel.

The verb "to lie", referring to the position, has the past tense of "to lay". So, when you wrote,

But I just lied there, not speaking a word to my sister.

I assume you meant

But I just lay there, not speaking a word to my sister.

And also

For a while we just lay there, neither of us breaking the silence.

Now I get to read this!?:rainbowderp: Two great stories in one night. Can't wait to see the next one! :twilightsmile:

Ugh, those ones always slip through somehow:facehoof:

Thanks for pointing them out:raritywink:

A very beautiful story, and an excellent continuation to this story. I can't wait for the third part.

Just as amazing as the last one!

all of my yes.:moustache:
keep up the great work.
I dare to say it's even better than to love a goddess (so Far) i look forward to more good sir.:twilightsmile:

Come on Celestia, You've been giving and giving and giving and giving and giving and giving and giving and giving for centuries asking for nothing in return and here's a guy who genuinely wants to give you something back. Come on, take the gamble! Be a little selfish! You've earned it a thousand times over!

True, but the pain of losing him to time would be incredibly traumatizing:unsuresweetie:

I was not aware that this was going to be anything more than that lone story. I'm glad I was wrong.

Allow me to express my feelings toward this newest edition of the story.


WHY YOU NO DO THIS AS CHAPTERS :twilightangry2: ?

Seriously. Why?

I didn't even think to do this until like a week ago:twilightblush:


It's not too late!!!! Spare my favs folder!

Matchmaker Celestia, go!

Sad that Celestia couldn't return the love though. :fluttercry:

Love the username:heart:

So happy to see a second part to this wonderful story. This one felt a little sweeter than the first. Call me hopeless but bittersweet is just not my thing. This however stirs up all the right emotions to make for an amazing story. I especially love how you characterized Celestia and Luna. It truly felt like they were normal ponies rather than some overly grandiose vision of splendor and superiority. Stuff like that instantly raises the likability factor.
Now I will be eagerly awaiting the next story.


if you ask me, that is too easy to do. For Celestia to fall in love and make a romance work.

I always did love a challenge:rainbowdetermined2:


after many PM's and me beating Brony2893 with a stick everytime he had a bad idea, we formulated a trilogy from to love a goddess. :pinkiecrazy:

My ideas weren't that bad for the TLA trilogy at least:twilightblush:

You...you heartless, diabolical man. How dare you add another chapter to this great work of art. How much more do we have to give of praise and likes and faves to satisfy your prideful hunger of proudness. For all such conniving schemes and plots...you have outdone yourself once more and created a masterful chapter to the final conclusion; though I am saddened that it is over and done, we all have to move to new materials. Bah, such as the way of the writers. (Of course you know, I much like it)

Again, you have captivated us on one of the most immense grounding topic: the life of immortality. A creature's blessing, or a curse? To wield such a heavy burden and to see love ones passed on while the immortal continues living through the years, un-aged and frozen in time. For friendship and love, what is the purpose of such when you have to face such pain and despair. Truly, the motif of this story was that main focus, and yet, the princess of the sun yet desired to repeat the same mistake, to love and cherish, to make a relationship even though it would be but folly. Guess a ruler has certain limits after all.

The written style was downright superb as of the previous. Easygoing, elaborate, and sought to match the qualities of passing reader-by that were curious by your strategy of that cover. You schemeful, manipulative man. How your next constructive story would be an interesting yet again as I simply cannot wait for more. Though...I wish mine could receive some highlight:fluttercry:

2196217 You're right! They were worse weren't they? :trollestia:


though I am saddened that it is over and done,

Part two of the "To Love" trilogy.

Trilogy: A series of movies or novels in a grouping of three:scootangel:

....They are on a flash drive in a small lockbox in my dresser, just as a self-symbolic way to never let them near a computer:twilightblush:

“’With great responsibility, comes great sacrifice,’”

"Spiderpony, Spiderpony, does whatever a Spiderpony does..."
Just kidding of course.:rainbowlaugh:


Very well made:raritystarry:


Noooooooo! :raritydespair:

Why don't you just break my heart why don't ya and finish it


You don't want to know what horrors I have had to save him from himself over. :pinkiecrazy:

then he has ideas like this, and I have to poke and prod him that its a good idea and to go with it. :rainbowwild:

Dammit, now I have to wait for moar... AGAIN! :raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair:

Why, thank you. :twilightsmile:

Hmm, you know, they never really did say that Celestia is, in fact, immortal, just that she's over one thousand years old. Plus they never say how old ponies live for either. They never refer to her as a goddess, either... Just saying...

Comment posted by Seemingly deleted Mar 1st, 2013
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