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How's my favorite fanfiction site doing? · 5:00am Aug 12th, 2022

Man, 10 years to the day since I made an account. How time flies amiright
(lurked without an account for like 3 months but close enough)

Don't got a lot to say but I saw the date a while back and thought it'd be a neat thing to do, and it's been 6 years since I last did anything.
Obviously I've stopped writing, did a while ago, and marked everything unfinished(so, almost everything:facehoof:) as "Cancelled" a long time ago.

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So today is my birthday · 4:03am Mar 28th, 2016

Neat I guess.

I don't plan on doing much of anything besides maybe ordering an expensive pizza from Dominos and just being a pig.
But yeah, not much going on here besides trying to get a job before our money runs out all together in June.

Wish I had more for you guys, but things have been pretty rough here.

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A (short) review of EQG: Friendship Games. Spoiler free. · 1:13am Dec 5th, 2015

And I thought Rainbow Rocks was bad. Holy shit:facehoof:

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Double Story Update + Other stuff (please read) · 11:06pm Nov 22nd, 2015

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I Need Your Help · 9:59pm Nov 20th, 2015

I really need your help, guys. I've been doing my absolute very best, but apparently that just isn't enough anymore. I've been unemployed for 3 months now, and things are not looking good for me if I can't get a job, and soon. I'll be forced to move, again, and I won't have my grandparents' house to crash at for a month while I'm between houses this time.

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So....yeah. Things have been slow. · 2:59am Oct 21st, 2015

Sorry I've been about as productive as a goldfish swimming in syrup. Things here at home have been pretty rough the past months. I had to quit my job at a pizza place because it was wearing my car down faster than I made money, soooooooooooo I've been "in between jobs" for a good 3 months now. And things here haven't exactly been stellar. Writing has once again had to take a backseat to making sure I don't go homeless, again.

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Ask Me Anything · 2:41am Aug 30th, 2015

Bring it on bitches:moustache:

Ask as many as you want, I'll answer them in a day or two in another blog.

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3 years of Fimfiction · 3:01am Aug 13th, 2015

Christ does time fly.

Normally I'd mark this occasion by posting some moar poni wurds, but alas my job has been keeping me too busy to even see my folks. The people at my job realized...

"Hey you're good at what you do. How does working 6 days a week and longer hours sound?"
"Uh..... sure I guess...? Could use the money >_>"

Fast forward a couple months.......

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Where to find me at Everfree Northwest · 6:19am May 25th, 2015

The panels they got me signed up for are Rookie Writers, and Framing Friendships. I believe both are on Saturday, but I don't remember the times.

I gotta admit, I'm nervous as all hell. I'm not a huge fan of public speaking, or being the center of attention. Even if there are other panelist I can lean on.

:duck:"But if you don't like public speaking, then why volunteer in the first place?":duck:

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Curiosity reading on Youtube · 3:13am May 7th, 2015

The amazing The Crystal Maiden did a reading of Curiosity and I must say it has to be one of the best readings I've heard:yay:

Why don't you all go and give it a listen. Give the girl some nice comments while you're at it. She certainly deserves them:raritywink:

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