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When bad things happen, we get past them and move on. But what if the thing that happens is really bad?
Money Shot tells the tale of the time a terrible tragedy befell his marefriend, Lily, and how she overcame a great loss.

A special story written for Hearts and Hooves Day.

Featured on EQD Mar. 23, 2013
Dramatic reading by Obab Scribbler

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This is beautiful
I know it a generic comment but it is all Icould think of

Sad but beautiful story.

I LOVE this!

Nice. Solid good story.

Alright you caught me it was beautiful and I love you.

I take it you're a trio shipper. You ship the trio with each other?

That initial reaction led me to believe that you ship Daisy/Rose/Lily together in some combination. I was wondering if you did.

I don't even know who those are.

~ Dan

Nevermind, then.
Btw, they're the ponies mentioned in this fic, Lily being Money Shot's marefriend.

I wanna know
Can you show me
I wanna know about these strangers like me

~ Dan

The Flower Trio
From left to right: Rose, Daisy, Lily.

Oh that makes this fic all the more sad

~ Dan

>Referencing Cupcakes and Rainbow Factory.

My heart, the warmth. It's beautiful.


This fic.

There are no words to describe my feelings for it. Take a fave instead.

The sheer amount of awesomeness in this is astounding. 2131394 Also, gratz on getting featured in EQD! Hopefully should bring more new readers to this wonderful story. Sad though it may be, the hope and triumph balances it all to create a lovely little read. The accent was interesting, too.

Comment posted by Allottho deleted Mar 24th, 2013
Comment posted by Allottho deleted Mar 24th, 2013

Since I left a dislike, I feel the need to comment and explain myself, but I had a really hard time understanding exactly why I didn't like this story. The writing is nice, if a little too saccharine, the characters were decently established, although Lily felt more like a concept than a character, and there weren't any other overt flaws I could see. Most of the time this stuff would just make me feel a "meh", but I had a pretty strong negative gut reaction to the story.

I think in the end it was because the story overall felt too much like a Very Special Episode from some sitcom, where we are expected to learn some Very Important Lesson about some ideal character with a disability. There was a lot of telling about just how perfect Lily was (perfectly understandable considering the love-stuck point of view, but still), but not enough on the text itself to justify that. Maybe the narrative style wasn't the best choice given the nature of the story where Lily must be seem as some ideal character able to overcome all the adversities from her accident.

I am sorry if this seem rambling, but I don't know exactly what rubbed me the wrong way here, and I'd rather leave a vague but honest justification for a thumbs down than leave nothing at all.

I actually got teary during it. This is beautifully written, and I could feel Money's feelings for Lily. This is excellent.

Short, sweet, and sad yet happy, with a good, more than bearable narrator. This story is absolutely lovely.

Thank you for your honesty. I realized when I wrote the story that parts of it were vague and could be filled out more, but I didn't know how to do that.
Comments and constructive criticism are very helpful to me and I appreciate your input. Thank you.

Money, and shot. When you put those two, innocuous words together, in that order...Well, I didn't know it had multiple meanings!

It was so great...... better then my little dashie..... thank u so much... my dog lost her back legs, and she couldn't walk, so we had to put her down..... If only my dog had the opertuntiy lilly had:fluttercry:

Jesus man! That was amazing! If it's alright, I'd like to share this with a little group of mine. We meet up and discuss poni poni words, and most of the time, the submissions aren't as feel-inducing as this. :twilightsmile:

This is a fantastic story, and I'm disappointed with myself for having let it sit on my RiL list for so long. Well done.

I have never cried while reading a fanfic before, and this, well this broke me down. :')

4750 words of pure awesome.

Tears, laughter, suspense, :fluttercry: all rolled into one.


Go read it if you already haven't.

You'll regret it if you don't.

Short yet beautiful. This actually struck me harder in the feels then My Little Dashie did. :twilightsmile:

I sincerely hope you do more :)

That quite a nice, feel-good story.

I could argue that it's a bit "thin," but it's still sad and sweet and touching.


This is beautiful, short story.

Thank you. And thanks for all the faves and the watch

Hi there. I hope you don't mind, but I found this story so touching I convinced my friend to help me put together an audio version on YouTube.

Oh wow, the feels. Holy crap I freaking wept.
Thank you so much. I added a link to it in the description.

This is a beautiful story. :twilightsmile::fluttershysad::fluttercry:

Author Interviewer

Really fantastic. I'm so glad someone in this fandom wrote a heartfelt and genuine story about coping with disability. :)

I accidentally started reading this as Christopher Walken

After finishing with my reading of this in a different voice, it is amazing.

Why am I not following you already?

Wait, aren't embedded images in the story description banned?

I don't think so. The Twilight's library group said to put that there, so I think it's OK.
The rule might be no pictures that are NSFW or offensive or something.

I'm trying to think of a compliment that you haven't already heard, but my mind's drawing a blank.

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