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i personally feel that this does not deserve to be a one shot, but a short series...its quite the concept and i would like to see just what the Mane 6 all have in store for Starlight...barring that, i would ask permission to write the rest of the tale myself...

Finally! A clopfic of Starlight Glimmer not involving rape or some other grimdark stuff! Thank you! :heart:


I kind of left it open ended for that reason actually. So I likely will finish it as time permits. Thanks though. :)


No, thank you! It's greatly appreciated. I did have fun with this, having not written this kind of content in a while. :twilightsheepish:

Please do the rest of them. I really want to see something like this with all of the Mane 6 and Starlight Glimmer.

“That would be Applejack. One warning though. Rope burn hurts,” Twilight said with a grin.

Please tell me there will be a sequel.

Bwhahha i love what you did with this idea


Thanks! It's likely that will happen. This was just the result of a patron writing prompt. i saw the bit of potential for more when I finished it, thus why I left it open ended like I did.


I'm sure at some point there will be additional chapters. :twilightsmile:

What about Pinkie Pie?

You know, I've been wondering "when will there be a clopfic of Starlight Glimmer getting spanked?"
It was worth the wait.

Ropes burn. I sense bondage coming up!

And I wouldn't normally do this, but he never gets this lucky to have two mares on their knees for him.

How is this even possible? With Ponyvilles mare-to-stallion-ratio I would rather expect his problem would be too many willing mares.

Good chapter so far. Let's see who is next!


Maybe AJ blue-balls him? I dunno. :)

This was much less rapey and uncomfortable than the first chapter, so that's cool.

6865665 No, I mean he would have plenty mares to choose from, even if AJ would do this.
(At least I think so.)

Besides, look at the first part of my quote:

And I wouldn't normally do this, but he never gets this lucky to have two mares on their knees for him.

This suggests they don't have that kind of relationship.
But you are the author, you decide!

But now I have a question to the previous chapter:
Does Spike know what's going on? (And will he get involved?)


Fair point. :twilightsmile:

As far as Spike is concerned... maybe?

I don't normally approve of clopfics, but since this is about Starlight Glimmer getting what she deserves, i can make an exception.

Can you write a fanfic for Starswirl the Bearded getting his shit wrecked as well? If the old bastard had never made that time travel spell in the first place the whole time travel thing would never have happened and put the entire universe at risk.


I wouldn't exactly say it's punishment. I mean, there is a bit of an upside here.

6902375 Yeah. You keep telling yourself that, mate. I'm only looking at this for what it REALLY is.


All I'm saying is if you're here looking for a "I hate Starlight Glimmer" story, you might be in the wrong place. It certainly wasn't what I was going for.

As far as writing additional things are concerned, this came out of a Patreon monthly prompt I do, so that is where the extent of my writing is currently coming from (outside of my work on Mending Hearts).

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Good stuff. Is rainbow dash next?


Ahh, Rarity is actually next. :duck:

You should do a bonus for Spike and Rarity.


Was actually considering it. :raritywink: :moustache:

I saw a lot of double spacing here. You should fix that.

6855210 :eeyup: One of my favorite subjects actually.


I'll take a look. Probably the import from Google docs.

Edit: I think you're referring to the space between paragraphs? Not sure. I think this is likely a stupid side effect of the Google doc importer, because it looks fine on there. I type everything in OpenOffice generally first, so...

At some point when I'm not so incredibly busy I'll clean it up, but not right now. :)


i dont like spike/Rarity he is a child and rarity is an adult i dont think she is into that


I mean, I see your point. The fact that this chapter suggests that Spike is aware of Twilight's ongoings means that he is mature enough to understand what it means, etc.

So yeah, while I would normally shy away from what would be considered foal-con, I am outright stating that Spike is old enough to be capable. The major reason behind Rarity's apprehension at first is because she has never strictly viewed Spike in that light before, she's always looked at him as a brother.

So yes, I've thought this through some, and I am considering the bonus chapter in this light.

Lol starlight told rarity.:rainbowlaugh: next chapter please.


Being worked on. These things take time! :derpytongue2:

“Also, your book is on fire,” Twilight said casually.

Sure enough, a small blaze had settled on top of it. Starlight yelped loudly. Twilight chuckled, her horn glowing softly as the fire disappeared.

“Just faerie fire,” she said with a wink.

Twilight is setting a book on fire?!
*grabs Twilight*
"You are uncovered, Changeling! What had you done to the real Twilight?!"

“No,” Starlight said. In truth, global conquest of time and space left little room for things like wining and dining.

Makes somehow sense.

“I don't care. Fuck me, Spike. Take me,” Rarity replied. “I need you inside of me. I want it.”

Meanwhile in Rartiy's closet:
:moustache:: "I hate you, Starlight. (And how do you know how my dick looks like?)"

Good story!
I'm curious who will be next.

Possible candidates:
-Rainbow Dash
-Pinkie Pie
-Spike (?)

a fun little suggestion...Bring Sunset Shimmer into the picture in a epilouge where Twilight sends Starlight to the human world to be 'disciplined' or to have a 'lesson' with her other 'student' since Starlight and Sunset do in fact share that similarity. Just an idea...loving the story



That's brilliant.

6960885 I figured you'd like the idea xD it just makes so much sense if you ask me...I mean they both used to be enemies of Twilight and now both look at her as if she is a goddess and in the fandom EVERYONE ships Sunset and Twilight and are slowly starting to ship Starlight and Twilight which i am perfectly okay with cause I personally like Starlight quite a bit

Nice and well written. More please?


There will be more, yes. I'm working on it. :)

You have successfully melted my brain with this. I will follow this for later.

Okay, actual comment time.

This was actually well done. I didn't expect anypony to be in character, this was just seen as a fun little romp. You did Starlight well though! And naughty Twilight is a dominant? Hmm... somehow I saw this coming. And to be honest, yes. Parts of TS in this one were in character. I mean guys, take a closer look at it.

Anyways! Onwards.

Basically, the electrical charge inside the cloud causes the water it produces to have a bit of a kick to it. Twilight says they're called electrolytes. Supposed to help keep your fluids up

That's... that's no. No, that's not how that works.

7075389 Considering it's magic and made by ponies in a factory? I wouldn't be surprised if she has a little cloud cooler where she keeps pie. :ajsmug:


You have to remember that this is RD. She's not exactly scientifically inclined.

“Yeah. I've got a tiny thundercloud I use to get it from. Basically, the electrical charge inside the cloud causes the water it produces to have a bit of a kick to it. Twilight says they're called electrolytes. Supposed to help keep your fluids up,” Rainbow replied.

"Of course! Don't you know anything about science?!"

I like how the powerplay element is either less or more pronounced depending on the character Starlight is with, which is just another part of the excellent characterization in this tale.

Last but not Pie.

:yay::“Mmm... yes. You like that? Rarity says I'm quite good at sucking cock.”

What... But... How...

:yay:: “But I've never really gotten the opportunity to try it on a real-looking one before. It's always just been you know... the toys.”

Oh... Of course.
Wait, Rarity and Fluttershy playing with that kind of toys together?

“You're not... not the only one who got advice.”

Did you mention what kind of advice?

Nice chapter!

I guess Pinkie Pie is next!
:pinkiehappy:: "Yay!"
:moustache:: "And what about me? Will I also get around?"


I mean, sure. Rarity would want to help her friend be good at something. >_>

Glad you're enjoying it so far, yes I've saved what will likely be the wackiest chapter for last.

Beyond that, there will be a few bonus chapters before I call this effectively complete. I am planning on getting some cover art done by a friend too.

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