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Run Starlight run into hope she do:twilightsmile:esn't freaked out but I still hope you write more soon update soon.

Starlight you done fucked up xD so wait what does this mean for Sunset?

:pinkiegasp:BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :rainbowlaugh:

Ok ok..Well Starlight looks liek you're going to have alot of little ones running to you and calling you Mommy...or is it Daddy? :pinkiecrazy:

This is why you don't have sex with ALL your friends Star. Quibble, Big Mac, and the CMCs are gonna get new siblings!!:rainbowlaugh:

I love the idea of Starlight fathering the Mane Six kids, a bunch of babbling little ones rushing to hug thier dadd/mommy is adorable!

Oh, Starlight is gonna be a mom! Possibly! I hope it's real!! Cue the drama will be real!!:raritystarry:

Intresting I shall start reading

Great job I love it so far :pinkiehappy:

Hmm... The G&PT knows something. Maybe... Nope, got no clue.

Outside factor...i wonder what and who and why?

I do know one thing Starlight should take in some confort and this...she going to be a mommy!
There be six little foals wanting to to beheld by her, six little lives that will look at her with unconditional love.

Starlight will have to face the families of the Mane 6 after this.



I believe it is NOT Discord... but I may have an idea... but it depends at what point of the show this universe took place...

If it was after the events of 'To Where and Back Again', well... let's just saying... aren't we missing one of the heroes?
...If it was before... *shrugs*... I got nothin'...

Okay, now I'm thinking these foals are gonna come out with white manes and dead eyes. But seriously, Cadance doesn't really seem like a great fit. Twilight and the girls seem to be acting super weird about this. Twi being all "Nah, I see no need to look into how me — a co-Head of State — and my five friends got simultaneously impregnated by a mysterious force." And them finding four dudes willing and eager to go raise someone else's kid in twelve hours? Uhhh...


Totally intentional, of course. :D

You got to be kidding me! DAMMIT CANDANCE! What the heck was she thinking! OOOH if Discord finds out...If Starlight finds out!

The love and light succubus did it!!!

I'm just mad that Pinkie Pie didn't pick Cheese Sandwich.

I . . . I am officially surprised. That's a good twist. Bravo, an incredible way to bring life back to the story. I was starting to wonder if it was dead.

Candance what have you done!!

Good twist....now get me a shot ton of Raid to slap this bug with while I then do the singing scene from Clockwork Orange proud.

Aw and I was hoping for some sort of adventure to save the mane 6. Oh well, good story none the less.

It's impossible not to love.
Also, of all the characters, you picked the mailman?

Chryssy's back? Hold up, where'd I put my shotgun? Wait, nevermind, that's a stupid idea. Way too not-overkill. Where'd I put my orbital mass-driver impact-resonance cannon remote?

It was all a dream... including the bit where it was all a dream! Inception! (Kinda)

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