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Mayor Mare is in the final year of her fourth term and has decided to run for a fifth term. So far she has won re-election easily but this time will be different. She will face tougher opponents, opponents who simply don't sling mud but instead provide facts and suggest solutions on how to decrease government spending, cut taxes and avoid budget deficits.

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What would happen if Spike runs for mayor?

7264328 I take it you then wondered why it was rated "E"

7264315 Well that would be rather interesting. I'm sure he'd have the support of Twilight's friends. Regarding Twilight, I never mentioned this but it was a conflict of interest for her to vote being a princess, yet at the same time that is why it was ok for her to do with the spending records what she did.

7264315 alot depends on what you consider Spike.
If he is just Twilights assistant then its just another part of the political race.
If he's Twilights 'son' then even running is a conflict of interest because he is royality

this is awesome

7264712 Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

7264700 Spike would be classified as an assistant so he could run but I'm not sure if he would be taken overly serious. Yeah he would be taken more seriously than RD or Pinkie, but probably not by much.

7264620 Spike has loads of talent that's bursting to do something instead of wasting it just being an assistant.

7264718 There seems to be a lot of debate Spikes relationship to Twilight. He is definately her assistant but beyond that there is debate

7264768 I honestly don't see how anyone could see anything more than him being an assistant to her.....well that and being friends.

7265430 Amethyst won the election in a landslide, that's what happened.

I smell a Nasty Plot.

First debate off to a shaky start.

It begins!!!

I always thought Sunny Flames was a dude.

No one says about getting paid on WWU.

Q&A makes consideration and controversy.

History will be made regardless of the outcome!!!

7265710 Nope, I based her off of Fox News's Megyn Kelly. I was originally going to use the name Maregyn Kelly but then I figured that is way too close to the real thing so I chose Sunny Flames instead.

Pinkie for mayor?! oh lord this is gonna be crazy! :rainbowlaugh:

yeeaaah, with how earth pony-centric the town has been throughout it's history, Amethyst has an uphill battle cut out for her.

I honestly don't see what the problem was with showing those budgetary records. Amethyst made it sound like they were publicly available for perusal, and all Twilight did was function as a projector.

I guess the write-in vote was either Pinkie or Rainbow? (That plot went nowhere.)

7429794 The mayor threw a fit because she knew it would sink her campaign and ruin her chances of winning. The write in vote was Rainbow, who of course wrote herself in. Regarding the budget records, they were publicly available. It is just a matter of nopony other than Amethyst ever bothered to look at them.

7430003 Understandable. But then not only were Breaking News and Applejack sore about it too (possibly due to being biased in the first place), Twilight herself doubted for a moment if it was ethical. It came across like an attempt to show Amethyst getting dragged into "the ends justify the means" by the pressures of politics, except there was nothing wrong with the means.

7430131 The reason Twilight doubted whether it was ethical or not was because she is a princess. When the second one comes out in 2020, assuming this site and I are still around, Amethyst will have learned the necessary spell to project spending records so she can show the public that she did indeed fulfill her promises and did not waste town resources on unnecessary expenditures without Twilight's help. Also in 2020, Mayor Mare (although I'm not sure what her real name is) will try to get her post back.

"I honestly don't think this town will take kindly to some unicorn who would scrap every tradition in the name of fiscal responsibility if she could get away with it."

you know now she's lost the vote of all the unicorns in town, and probably a good deal of the otehr tribes because that was tribalist.


And that is exactly what happened.....although all the unicorns were already leaning towards Amethyst anyway.

i can't help to notice the irony of a story listed in the conservative group who's main antagonist is a traditionnalist faction.


Well the pony in favor of fiscal reform is the protagonist. When you look at it, Miss Mare is wanting to blow and waste tax dollars while Amethyst is in favor of lower spending and lower taxes. Miss Mare does want to keep old traditions alive but she is in the end, a tax and spend liberal.


yeah i got that. Still i wouldn't call mayor mare here a liberal tough. Beyond the whole tax & spend thing, i can't find any common points with liberal ideas. Tax money irl generally don't go in towns fair, or at least not as a priority. She is something else entierly that is unique to the story universe

So Amethyst Star beat Mayor Mare in an election and is now the mare, interesting turn of events. Amethyst Star IS the 2nd best organizer in Ponyville and only Twilight Sparkle can surpass her in getting things done.

I don't see why it's a big deal to make the fiscal reports public, it's perfectly legal to do so as they're suppose to be for the public to see. Mayor Mare was just mad because the public knowing how she overspent past the budget limits would hurt her chances of being re-elected.

To be honest, I agree with Amethyst Star and would've voted for her as having everything be run poorly for the sake of tradition is dumb and it makes Ponyville look like a backwater town in the eyes of the rest of Equestria. She wants to modernize Ponyville and improve things but many of the Earth Ponies are too stubborn to see that especially Applejack.

Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie both shot themselves in the foot when they said that they'd cut vital programs to pay for their silly ideas.

Regarding political beliefs, I'd say that the Traditionalists and Reformers use a mixture of different ideas from both the left and the right in real life.

Ugh..... Pinkie pie, you can't say that you're going to raise taxes to pay for extra parties! I know you only wanted to raise them a little bit to ultimately make people more happy but people regardless of race in fiction and real life hate it when taxes get raised!

As for you Rainbow Dash, cutting pensions for town employees just to pay for monthly Wonderbolt shows?! Are you kidding me?! You gave an even worse answer then Pinkie Pie! At least she only wanted to raise taxes a little bit to help make people more happy with extra parties but cutting pensions is SO terrible an idea!

You two sank any chance of winning you may have had with those answers and proved that while you two are good at heart, you two simply aren't qualified to be Mayor.

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