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Matilda and Cranky's wedding didn't go off as planned. That irritates Ponyville's chief planner, who incidentally happens to be one of the four most powerful ponies in all of Equestria. Twilight has many questions, and they begin with the whereabouts of a certain spirit of mischief.

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Didn't see the ending coming, but it made sense. but why is luna a "wet blanket"?

Dun dun dunnnnn

Well i have to say that this was over all great, especially the ending. :pinkiehappy:

Light Yagami: "That's my pony"

Being displaced by some idiot who isn't at all really all that organized must have hurt.

6117402 What? No! I have no idea what you're talking about!

Bad Amy, bad! Though I seriously think Twilight is the better organizer. Can we really say Twilight disaster proofing was a BAD thing? it got the whole town to work together and fix lots of small problems that could have become bigger ones later. Yes Twilight has screwed up a few times, but well how many where about her skills at organization? What it comes down to is Twilight has one unfair advantage over Amethyst that she can't compensate for, authority. Twilight has the authority of her station, Amethyst has great organization skills but Twilight authority means ponies are ready to do things for Twilight that Amethyst would need to convince them to do. Twilight says do things and ponies do them, Amethyst says do things and the ponies want to know why first. Twilight gets to skip explanations of why things need done and gets things done faster and easier as a result.


Only one problem. According to Bon Bon/Agent Sweetie Drops, the Bug Bear was imprisoned in Tartarus.

How did Amethyst manage to get it out of there and hide it in the mountains?

6118303 she won it in a fiddling contest with Pony Hades.


Someone needed to tell it to Twilight.

Well, that was quite adequately humorous and silly, yet intriguing and - dare I say it - sinister. Very well done indeed.

6118439 Ditto.

& I liked how Celestia nearly "outed" Luna :trixieshiftright::rainbowlaugh:

6116338 Probably because she doesn't approve of her sister and Discord making the beast with an uncertain number of backs.
6118303 Simple. Nothing Bon Bon said was true. If you think about her story, it made no sense at all. The Bugbear isn't some kind of master villain like Tirek or menace to all Equestria. It's just a large and unruly animal no different from any of a dozen other large and unruly animals in we've seen in the forest, or the canyon or the swamp. So, why would it be in Tartarus? And why would the whole agency shut down and everyone go into hiding because it got out? Everything she said was just some kind of fantasy.

Minor error

I dare say the wedding was farm more memorable than it would have been otherwise.

I think you mean far, not farm.

Otherwise, it was a fantastic story!

the way they liked it or not Winter Wrap Up was ineffective because it was always late

I see the name Matilda and think of the British Matilda II* A tank, and I just
Wha- Why?

6119538 Ah, thanks for that; just fixed it.



Can't wait for the Girls und Panzer movie this autumn?

I'm eager myself. I hope we see more of the kawaii CV33s.

6118344 Boom, plot hole filled!

What a marvelous story. I must say, its one of the best stories I've read this week.

6118344 But then where's her golden fiddle? Pfft, everyone knows fiddles beat bugbears every time. Guess Sparkler {Yes, that's her other name and it's easier for me to remember} didn't plan for that. HA!

Also, it seems she's trying to out crazy Twilight. Hmm, she's going to have to work on it, though this whole plan was nuts.

Amethyst brought both hooves up to Twilight's head and held her gaze with them. "I expect you to do one thing Princess Twilight," she said. Twilight looked from side to side, refusing to meet the unicorn's manic stare. "Twilight, look at me," said Amethyst, "look at me." Twilight's eyes focused on Amethyst Star's. "I'm the Organizer now."

I like her. She's got gumption. Not many people have the drive to exact vengeance in such a completely dominating way anymore.


& I liked how Celestia nearly "outed" Luna

outed her? How so?

6118989 You make a good point about the bugbear. So if Bon Bon was lying, what was the truth? Did she just realize she'd forgotten their wedding present and wanted to slip back to the house to get it, without admitting her mistake to Lyra?

How do you know it wasn't a menace to Equestria? We got zero actual information on how smart it is (it looked feral, but that doesn't mean that it was), or what abilities it has. We don't even know how it was defeated; for all we knew the main six had to use rainbow power on it.

Not to mention that it would make Bon Bon kind of mentally unstable to make up a huge lie that has zero benefit to her (and which would also require pre-planning, since she had stuff like a grappling hook), but has the possibility of wrecking her friendship with Lyra. I'm pretty sure the writers weren't not going for "Bon Bon is a crazy".

As for the story, all those things Amethyst mentioned weren't flaws in her organization. It'd be like accusing someone of being a bad baseball player because they have a tendency to get drunk in the evening too much.

"It's how they liked it" is a bad excuse for Winter Wrap Up, considering everyone clearly hated being late every year, and Twilight never used her authority as Celestia's student except for in Episode 1 and in Dragonshy (during the announcement). Methinks Amethyst is a bit bitter and unstable.

Regardless of what she thinks, Twilight is better at organization, is a princess, and lives in Ponyville. Amethyst isn't going to become a main organizer again unless she moves somewhere else.

6120428 That the reason Discord didn't get invited was Luna and he don't get along :pinkiesick:

Twilight stopped in the hallway and whirled around on Pinkie. "It's all a big plot!"

Pinkie giggled, "Now, now Twilight," she said mimicking Rarity, "A princess shouldn't be so vulgar."

"Huh...oh," said Twilight with a roll of her eyes, "a plan; a scheme; a conspiracy."

"Oooooh," said Pinkie as she bounced down the long hallway, "like the one that Applejack says keeps us earth ponies down."

"Yes," said Twilight, "wait... what?" She ran after Pinkie.

Heh, nicely done, nicely done! :pinkiehappy:

On another note...

"You stole my job," said Amethyst

Stan: They took your job!
Kyle: Took yer job!
Cartman: Took ur jerb!
Kenny: Mruf yerf jurf!

Sorry, sorry... someone had to do it... :raritywink:

6123527 South Park did it! South Park did it!

The Rainbow Power is anything but subtle, so we can safely say they did not use it on the bugbear.

If getting drunk in the evening too much prevents an individual from playing baseball well, then it is fair to accuse said individual of being a bad baseball player; being a good athlete requires discipline just as much as, if not more than physical ability and skill.

"It's how they liked it" is a fair excuse for Winter Wrap-up; if they really hated being late every year as much as it seems you are indicating, then someone would have taken action about it. No one took action, therefore, being on time could not have been that important to any of them, excepting the Abilene Paradox.

The Summer Sun Celebration went fine without Twilight planning it out, so we cannot say she is a better organizer; in fact, the Smarty Pants and time travel incidents show that Twilight is prone to overreacting and make very poor organizational decisions when things do not go exactly the way she envision, so this actually does confirm her as a worse planner than Amethyst Star. Star also lives in Ponyville, so Twilight's location is not relevant. Being a princess has absolutely zero bearing on someone's organizational skills, and like the last point, is irrelevant.

Your argument is valid, but it is also unsound because your premises are false.

The rainbow power is not subtle, but it's not especially flashy either. Someone inside a cathedral with dozens of ponies talking in it (like our perpective when the bugbear was defeated) could easily miss it as long as it wasn't literally outside the doors, and they weren't looking in a correctly oriented window when it went off.

Except that we see that they don't affect her organizational skills when applied to the public. The want-it need-it incident was unrelated to any organizing, and the organizing for the "disaster" was pulled off quickly and neatly. While there was no so called disaster, the organization itself was effective, and fixed up a number of parts of ponyville. Not to mention, Twilight hasn't had an episode like those in what is probably about a half a year in show time, and since then she's successfully organized things like a royal wedding, the 1001th Summer Sun Celebration (this time from both sides, making it much harder), and the summit in the recent episode.

Quite a number of ponies expressed their displeasure at winter wrap up being late, including Rainbow Dash, the pony who complained about Ditzy, and most importantly, the mayor. Thus, not only is "that's how they liked it" false, but it means that they were late every year because they couldn't help it, not because they chose to do so (which is a dumb idea, given how hard the mayor was explicitly trying to be on time for once). Either Amethyst tried to help organize and failed, or like in this story, didn't even bother to try, which is an example of poor decision making on her part. If she wasn't even trying to organize things that actually needed ber organizational skills, she has no right to complain when someone else comes in to do so instead.

We don't even know that Amethyst worked on the Summer Sun Celebration in previous years, and given her apathy towards winter wrap up, I find it more likely she didn't. In the episode, Amethyst specifically states that Twilight is the better organizer, since she said she USED to be Ponyville's best (and thus admitting Twilight is the best).

On the contrary, Twilight's location and status are very relevant. It's already a fact that Twilight is the superior organizer, and these two facts make Amethyst's claim that ponies will come to her over Twilight blatantly false. There's three main reasons why one would go for an inferior organizer; price, location, and notoriety. We don't know if Amethyst charges, but given that Twilight made no mention of payment during winter wrap up, and the fact that she likely has no need of more bits, since she's a princess, at best Amethyst is equally attractive on the first point. For the second, the fact that Twilight lives in Ponyville means that the possibility that ponies will choose Amethyst due to closer proximity is also out the window. Finally, the fact that Twilight is a princess means that she is much more famous than Amethyst, so ponies picking her because they don't know Twilight is again, nearly impossible. Heck, Matilda didn't even know who Amethyst was, and went to Pinkie Pie to organize her wedding. That doesn't bode well for her nameability in Ponyville. In addition, Twilight's status as a princess DOES help her organizational ability. Ponies are more likely to be willing to follow a princess than a normal pony (as shown in S4E01), so she needs less base effort to get ponies to do what she wants.

Regardless of what the petty and vengeful Amethyst says, Twilight will remain the premier organizer in Ponyville for as long as she wishes it.


I must concede defeat.

'Bass Racer.'

The Wubbernaut!


My-My stretch marks! They're-
edit: Also, the tanks that are used by St. Gloriana are the original Matilda Mk. II A* and the Churchill Mk. III with the 75mm Mk. V Quarter Pounder gun.

I wonder how long before Twilight remembers that Rainbow Dash got bit by the bugbear...

And of course, since a pony got hurt, she can't give up the position.

6121484 I'm sure the writers just weren't worried about Bon Bon's story not making sense any more than they were worried about the Lebowski saying "man", Shining Armor bursting into tears because there's an undisguised Changeling at the wedding, the donkeys never looking at their own wedding invitations, or the way Vinyl's careening out of control sound system cart somehow collected all the guests and neatly distributed them inside the psuedo-church's seats...with no vacancies to allow for the changeling's ostracism.

These were all jokes. If they were funny it worked. Bon Bon's was a joke about why she spoke in a different voice every time she appeared.

That being said, Bon Bon's story suggests that she was booted from the agency some years ago, so the bugbear would have been on the loose anyway for Amethyst to round up and use in her ridiculously convoluted plan.

"look at me." Twilight's eyes focused on Amethyst Star's. "I'm the Organizer now."


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