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You all know how it goes in a comic book. The heroes can't face the villains until the very last moment before whatever horrible thing is being planned this week goes down. Well, Fili-Second isn't following that rule today.

Written for the EqD WTG #014. Comments are, as always, encouraged.

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Comments ( 12 )

cute. Sounds like something Pinkie would do.

This was legitimately heartwarming. Much love.:heart:

Very sweet and enjoyable, and just the right length to tell this kind of story too. Thanks for writing this :pinkiehappy:

In an abandoned warehouse near the docks, the Conductor had no intention of wasting the afternoon. Today was the day he would finally take control of the city’s subway system.

Meanwhile, in an abandoned theater, the Conductor was leading her hypnotic orchestra through its final rehearsal; and the Conductor was raiding an abandoned factory for the parts she would need to complete her Reverse Generator and shut down the city's electricity supply. :trollestia:

4178091 I like the way you think.

4178091 Not to mention the Con Duck-tor who was just finishing his plans for swindling the city's waterfowl out of every bread crumb they owned....

I kind of want someone to make a story where the Power Ponies get transported to Equestria and meet the Mane 6

Aw, that's so sweet of them. :heart:

How come I can see actual superheroes and villains doing this every once in a while?:rainbowhuh:
Batman asks the Joker to hold off on being evil for a night, and Joker complies. Now that would be funny!:rainbowlaugh:
Great story by the way, not to mention kinda funny.

for a second there i thought it was gonna be a meta story

Nice story. And I love the shout-out about Much Ahoof about Nothing!

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