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While researching her family tree, Twilight is visited by Pinkie, who digs up a scroll showing one of Twilight's ancestors to be "Princess." The problem is, this is so many generations back that there were two princesses. Solving this mystery entails a visit to Canterlot for Twilight and Pinkie, but for us it means a visit to the past.

Written for the EqD WTG #003. Comments and theories, as always, are encouraged.

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Need to separate the paragraph, because as it is, the phrase "wall of text, i am not reading this" tend to appear constantly while trying to read:ajsleepy:

Sweet plot tough:twilightsheepish:

sweet, and slightly funny

I need to know - WHY WASN'T LUNA ALLOWED INPUT? WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? :flutterrage::pinkiecrazy:

3879496 The "death of the author" theory of literary criticism would say that your guess is quite literally as good as mine. And I'm fond of the idea that writing should be allowed to speak for itself, without the writer's interference, even when it doesn't provide a convenient excuse to avoid coming up with an answer.

So all I can tell you is that they are hiding their unseemly competition over Metal, which probably includes some parts we didn't see. What those parts are is up to the reader's imagination.
Personally, I think Metal picked Luna, then found some loophole to get out of it later. It might explain why Luna's still bitter. But that's just my theory.

That makes sense, and I agree with you, but still... I wish we could know. :fluttercry:

Because I think Luna is best pony, I'm most inclined to agree with your theory. Because Luna.

You should make a 'surprise' epilogue, of sorts. Where Luna's writing a diary or reading an old diary about it... :raritywink: :scootangel:

[“We will show thou pickle-faced monstrosity, thou fart-brained buffoon!”] HA! :pinkiehappy: :pinkiecrazy: :twilightsmile:

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