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I'm sure you've noticed how Maud did not appear in Pinkie's flashback to getting her cutie mark. Well, there's a good reason for that. She didn't exist at the time. But I shouldn't be telling you about how this all could be; you should ask her yourself.

Rated teen for one instance of equine-themed profanity, I suppose. I really give that teen rating pretty lightly, don't I.

Written for the EqD WTG #012. Yes, I haven't stopped doing those; I just took a break. Comments are, as always, strongly encouraged. Please, tell me all about my flaws; I want to know.

For reference, not only do I not know if you will like this story, I don't even know what I think of it.

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You turned multiple plot holes and random absurdities into a story...


This story is perfectly internally consistent, and, quite frankly, makes more sense than any 'reasonable' in-world explanations for the matters it addresses. Very cool.

Also I'm confused about the groups it's been placed in; what on Earth did any of this have to do with Maud Pie?

Woohoo, tentacled retconning abominations!

I would be interested in seeing this universe expanded, as well as following Abominaud's growth as a horror beyond walls of reality. Will the Equestrians catch on? If they do, so what? Will remoras become native in time? Is there any chance of seeing more of this? :pinkiehappy:

Just want to say that I love the world-building in this.

Think I'll agree with 4114137 This would be really interesting to see more off.

4114137 4114200 I'll keep in mind that people want to see more of this story, and I'll probably revisit it once the season ends and I don't have new episodes to write about, but I can't make any guarantees. My inspiration can be fickle.

This was surprisingly enjoyable. I'm sure Pinkie would still love if you told her the truth. In fact, she'd probably throw a party! :pinkiehappy:

Eldritch Abomination

Iä! Iä! Shub-Niggurath!

... well then. :rainbowderp: that was surprisingly interesting


Will remoras become native in time?

No, don't be stupid... if they manage to survive for a few trillion years they become Great Old Ones of Hoofcraftian fame.:moustache: What? The 'remora' being able to perceive the GOOs would be like plankton being able to perceive whales, how do you even conceive of something so much more vast than yourself? :hinthint;human-perceiving-God:

Well, this explains how Maud Pie suddenly turns up in a photo of Pinkie's first party when she wasn't actually there in the first place. But surely Pinkie's some sort of superequine entity too! She has more powers over the laws of physics than the alicorns!

"Remora" sounds like a good name for these things. Real remoras only stick to fish; they don't feed off of them any any way (other than noshing on crumbs).

I've got to ask: was this fic inspired in any way by the comic "The Devil Maud Me Do It?"

H. P. Hoofcraft. Love it!

This makes all of the sense. I utterly love it. Especially Shining Armor and Cadence. And I can only imagine how many remoras have found their way into the Apple family. (Heck, technically speaking, Maud is one of them.)

Thank you for a brief but fantastic story.

4120214 Not consciously, but I wouldn't rule it out entirely.

Hmm... if even the elders can't control Princess Celestia, and Kheydinss is a remora, then we have Luna, who is presumably equally uncontrollable, and... Twilight.

What exactly is it about the alicorns?

am i the only one who is kinda hoping there will be some sort of continuation of this?

Maud is an eldritch abomination? Well, I suppose that makes sense since Pinkie Pie is an Eldritch Abomination, too. :pinkiehappy:


I agree with what Lord of Dorkness and Immanuel said: we'd all love to see more.

Well, wow. Pretty damn good.


4128469 As you wish. I've gotten more requests for a sequel to this than some of my stories have comments at all. I clearly can't just ignore popular demand.

Coming this summer: Some Yet-to-be-Determined Sequel to This Story (in 3D).

I guess you could call her... an Eldritch Amaudination.

I see I'm not the only one who thinks that Pinkie should have a very unusual sister.

Least Noticeable and Little Flappy

Not the same one, though.

Huh, I think I love this story! I guess I have a thing for non-malicious eldritch abominations in Equestria.
I really like your idea of "remoras", too. I might end up yoinking it if I find an idea that could use it.

I like the concept but then I've always liked alternate interpretations of old ideas.

4134452 Just make sure to toss me a link if you do so. I don't mind people borrowing my ideas, but I like to know what they're doing with them.

. . . It does go without saying that if you write a story inspired by mine, you'll mention as much in the description, right?

4135441 Well, I'm generally too much of a procrastinator to actually WRITE most of the ideas I have floating around in my head; and I don't even have an IDEA right now to attach the "remora" concept to. By the time I do, if I ever do, I'll probably have forgotten where I got it from, just that it was some story I read and it was short and I liked it and I wish I could find it again.

4135556 Fair enough. I won't hold it against you if you can only remember that you saw the idea somewhere and not where.

I still have "The Scorched Town" in my head and this fanfic doesn't disappoint too!
It's very creative again and with a slight touch of horror, give me more! :pinkiehappy:

There is a lot of irony here if you read the Shining Armor Arc of the pony pov series.


Highly ironic.


No. Just no. I love puns, but you should feel ashamed about that one.


Sad Pinkie does not make a difference.


I guess you could say I'm overdue for an...

Maudest punishment. :duck:

... *Flee*


That was actually pretty good.


What can I say? Such puns are somethign of a Rarity. :duck:

According to another fics (1, 2), Pinkie is an Eldritch Abomination too

Does it mean the whole Pie family consist of Eldritch Abominations?
Is there a youngest one named Dawn Pie?

Wait a minute...
Day, night, Twilight... Dawn...
I already know who will be the fifth Princess!

I cannot simply walk into Ponyville;

She makes a good point... one does not simply walk into Ponyville. :trollestia:

So...every character that's related to the main cast, but just showed up out of nowhere in the show and became semi-important to important characters are eldritch abominations?

I'd like to see a fanfic that addresses this please...though the last time I read something like that, Twilight put herself through a cycle of amnesia, remembrance, and head bashing the wall.

there's a story where the mane 6 finally demand an explanation for all the crazy things pinkie can do, and she gets really scared and defensive, saying that no one was ever supposed to find out. Celestia days she knew the whole time, and explains to the rest what pinkie actually is.

I really widh I could remember the title.

Nice. I loved Cadance and Shiny being dimension hopping aliens. It makes complete sense that something ELSE blasted Chrysalis away, because she feeds on LOVE. If anything, the love blast should have made her more powerful, not hurt her.

Did you read the list for Evil Overlords on TvTropes? I think I remember there being a section for "consuming energy fields larger than your head"...

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