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The abandoned infant's cry is rage, not fear.
~Robert Anton Wilson
A week into Twilight's role of princess and all is at peace. She adjusts to new duties as a princess, while still keeping up with her friends and her books. However, the sky is always calmest just before the storm. An innocent outing planned for an astrological event seems to send a look of unspeakable terror into the eyes of Celestia.

A reckoning half-a-millennium in the making is about to crash into Equestria and it will put the bonds of harmony to their ultimate test.

(Update: If you enjoyed so far, please also enjoy our new Prequel One-shot: Love Bites )

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Comment posted by Zamairiac deleted Sep 30th, 2013

This is great, probably one of(if not the) best OC alicorn story ive ever read. I look forward to the continuation of this.


excellent work, you should try to post a pair of chapters at a time, day by means, with each chapter much difference between this story go unnoticed

He's like Sauron really but... In the right XD

Dude!:pinkiehappy: I was totally going for that, but I didn't know if it was going to translate well. Thank you for noticing and thanks for the favorite.

4935624 Cool. You just need to straighten a few things out like Pinkie instantly believing Sauron as being brought around fanatics telling you the God Emperor is a lovely person isn't going to be dissuaded by said Sauron. Yes he is right but she doesn't know that and even of she did believe him she'd be caught between her own belief in Celestia's glory and the truth. Meh basically the only problem I had XD

Meh, I like it how it is. I think it speaks to Pinkie's ability to become instant best friends with everypony she meets. Besides, I'm doing the exposition for it in the currently in-progress chapter.

My god I am loving this story!!!

I was hooked from the start and just kept reading and now it's been two hours!

The development of the story is at a great pace. The interaction with the characters are spot on I feel.

And dat prince!! So good!!

This is so going into my "Greatest Works" category.

Ok this was pretty good so far :)

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