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A bit about me.. I'm addicted when it comes to reading and writing. When I feel inspired I tend to write whatever is on my mind. It's very fun for me!


A powerful must-read story about Stella and Kayden, two half-blooded twin changelings adopted and raised by Chrysalis and trained to be stone-cold killers.

The war rages on between the Equines and the changelings, however, what if the key to ending this war resides in the hearts of these two unlikely heroes?

Will the discovery of friendship in ponyville be able to sway even the darkest of hearts?

This will be a series of chapters you don't want to miss so stay tuned!

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Comments ( 12 )

While this story isn't necessarily the most descriptive, I really like the plotline and the story behind the changeling and Princess Celestia's student. If it weren't for the blue eyes, I would've thought it would've been Trixie...or is it? :trixieshiftright:

This is fascinating! I really liked how you added such emotion to this! I hope to continue seeing more good stuff come out of this fic.

4045271 I'm glad you like it :) I'm afraid to say the mother is not Trixie. That being said however, this mysterious mare will soon play a big role in the future of this story.

4045398 I appreciate your review! There is plenty more to come so stay tuned!

Also, I find the names of the twins interesting, as I like looking at names and their meanings. Just Stella's name ("star") seems to evoke Celestia so much. (And Luna too, I guess, but mainly Celestia, as a show I liked as a kid had a sun fairy named Stella.) It's really getting me to speculate about how the two end up going outside their Changeling society, especially considering that Kaiden has a meaning of "warrior" or "battle." Their names put together makes it sound like they'll end up joining the Royal Guard or something. Also, another interesting thing is that Kaden or Kaiden is the usual English transliteration for the Japanese word for "legend." So, to me, their names put together mean either "Stellar Warrior" or "Starshine Legend," both of which evoke a change of heart.

If this turns out to be anything other than a red herring, or even subtle foreshadowing, I'll be so proud of myself. xD

4047964 All I can say is one word... Genius.

You have my attention. However, that tragedy tag has me worried, as don't really like downer endings.

anyone caught on the premise would be killed


4057117 Oops! I went ahead and fixed that for ya. This story will have a good ending i promise :)
Also thx for the grammar fix. Got that taken care of as well.

4047964 I believe the Japanese word for legend is "Densetsu". How did you get Kayden from that?


I don't actually speak Japanese, though I am fluent in French. I merely noticed that, if "Kaiden" isn't the Japanese word for "legend," it is one that somehow English translators commonly reduce to that. That was more along the lines of what I meant, and I by no means claim to know the entire language. :twilightblush:

4210190 I'm not fluent in Japanese, but I have watched enough anime to know what it means. If French is your forte, then why don't you weave in French stuff in your fic? Lauren Faust used her adventures with the G1 ponies as inspiration for FiM. :raritywink:


Quite honestly, I do it a lot, but moreso in my short stories off-site. Perhaps I'll put a few references in these stories as well. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

Damn, this looks good! Miss Monroe, you have my heartfelt follow and greenthumb!

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