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My name is Lance. I was a young student who wanted to become a Graphic artist and also create characters for video games and comic books. One thing that I did not realize though is that I would soon become one of the favorite characters I would like to draw.

I went to a small anime convention in Los Angeles dressed up as the main character from Azure Striker Gunvolt. A 14 year old Adept that had control over lightning based powers. However, everything was going just fine until I ran into a merchant that resembled Xur from Destiny that was offering me something I couldn't refuse. Like the unknowing idiot I was then, I purchased what he offered me.

Next thing I knew, I wake up in a city called Maretropolis, where I was found by my breezie friend Lumen and another pony that fills me in on where I am. Now I'm in a world filled with ponies, magic, powers, and heroes. However, if they see me as one is another story

A Displaced story that is set in the universe of the Power Ponies. Also considered as an Azure Striker Gunvolt Crossover since the main character is dressed as GV.

Credits to everything shown.
MLP belongs to Hasbro
Azure Striker Gunvolt belongs to Inti Creates

Edit: Hit popular stories list on day of release. Thanks for your support everypony!
Gore tag added for content in chapter 3, Sex tag for sexual humor in chapter 16
Featured (Mature Filter off): 9/23/2020. A first for this story! Thanks for all your support everypony!

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This included a Tactician with white hair and a black robe with a unicorn as an apprentice, a girl that could control gravity, a blond alchemist, a pair of twins that fought with Swords and Sorcery, A Majin of Harmony, a Mage with a wooden staff and so on.

Tactician = Robin.
Gravity Queen = Cat Shifter/ Allison
Blond Alchemist = Edward Elric
Majin of Harmony = Majin Buu
Mage with a wooden staff = Jack Frost

Looks good. Keep going.

5790141 Congrats. You get a cookie. Almost. The mage is from Greycait story Friendship and Courage

5790141 What can I say? One mage? Two :rainbowlaugh:

5792693 I consider Robin as a tactical sorcerer but meh...

A Blond alchemist? Hmm :pinkiesmile:
Can't wait for more...

5792721 Was I talking aout him? :scootangel:

Na, you should have added Ben 10 and Pitch Black too, for hidden reasons...

5792749 Glad to hear it. Which makes me think about possible crossover ideas

I don't know Azure Striker Gunvolt, but this was an awesome first chapter.
Oh i want to see his reaction to when he learns he is the only Human XD


5795346 trust me. Sh*t might go down if you tell him that

5796734 well I don't think it will take him this long to see it for himself XD

5796750 well take in the fact that humans are like prehistoric here.

Interesting so far, although, don't you think you're jumping the gun on your summoning token? it's pretty early for opening yourself for crossovers

5797076 I'm just making sure to get it done so that way I don't forget

This was really good, and the flashback wasn´t to boring.
Somehow i am curious about the game now.

Do you have romance elements in this story? I didn´t saw a fanfiction with Power Ponys and romance till now.
I liked the small romance thing in another Displaced story.

Oh beast core I'm so going to check out that game on YouTube now! And you gave me a idea for my own token phrase which I had trouble with. If you ever need a keyblade to back you up I'm your guy. Well besides riku and young xehanort at least. I don't know how long until I am ready to crossover but since I have a bit to get everything ready I guess I better hurry up on this. Let's see I did twilight and rainbow Dash's chapters already, so four more until I'm done with the recruitment arc in my story. Wow I'm definitely going to have a blast soon.

5798261 I wasn't exactly planning romance. More of trying something new that hasn't been done a lot of.
5798357 Sounds... Intriguing

5797337 at any rate, gimme a call if you need a Guarding Light *wink wink nudge nudge* :derpytongue2:

5799067 I will if I need to. Right now, Lance needs to learn the fundamentals first


“Could you wait a second? I need like five minutes to recharge-?”

Mane-iac didn't allow him to finish his sentence as she used her overgrown mane to chuck a delivery truck towards Lance. It hit him hard. But soon, lightning began to surge again as the object that was tossed at him exploded and he emerged with only a few cuts and some simple scrapes. Electricity surged around the human as his face showed a simple, yet excited grin across his face. His weapon clenched around his right hand.

“Never mind… WE’RE BACK IN BUSINESS!! ”

I see what you did there, Abridged Alucard.:ajsmug:
Also, please don't have Lumen pull any "Hey, listen!"-s. I've played to much Zelda to deal with anymore of that.

This chapter was enjoyable. Love the interaction between Lance and the girls.

5821060 Thanks
5821065 Thought it would be good given the fact that Lance will be quite different from my other characters

camera's is not a person so you must remove the '.

Comment posted by TheLoneWanderer07 deleted Apr 4th, 2015

Just like the Dinosaurs… Wonderful...

nope not like the dinosaurs, they were killed by some thing. but Humanity would have probably killed it self XD.
But still funny XD

Well, maybe it is to fast, but i don´t really care this time, it is quite good.
Twilight didn´t really waited till Lance made his choice huh?:twilightsheepish:

I hope they have enough Villains, or that they are strong enough, if they have that many Heroes.
Maybe Lance could even make his own team, i mean like an auxiliary team, but i guess this would show to many characters.

5823905 Trust me, I have quite a few ideas. But I'm also open to other ideas as well. Case in point: What you said.

So... i read this chapter before it was published, why did I read it again? Because I can. It's awesome.

It was originally a factory that provided power to Maretropolis,


That's... not how that works. At all.

Did you mean power-plant? I guess it could be a battery factory or something, but that's still a rather weird way of putting that.

Fake edit: And I see it being called a power-plant later, so guess it was just a mistake.

Wow... never played Gunvolt. Who is that guy at the end?

That my friend is called the ADEPT SLAYER!

Those Dodgeball references were enjoyable. Also, poor Button Mash. Thanks for the great chapter.

5843753 Copen. The Adept Slayer.
5843895 Thanks. I have some ideas on how to proceed, but other displaced ideas are flooding my mind
5843910 You're welcome

There’s the Cutie Mark Crusaders

more like Super Villain i suppose, even if they don´t want to be some
I am not sure if he would have to try it first, i mean he should probably not be able to use his powers for speed after the first try.
I would say he would have to try it two times at least, befor he can do some of the things. This time however i don´t care, since he has some kind of skillsystem right?
After the second time it looked like he was trying to controle his speed, i guess that is good enough.

Why does he need his new identity? I mean he is probably telling his name everytime.
I know that they probably can´t do much about it, if he is telling them about how he got his Powers, and such things, but because this story is with Super heroes and such, i guess i just expect him to keep a few secrets.

Sorry if i look like a skeptic or something like that, i really enjoy this story so far, i just need to talk about a few things, that i maybe don´t understand right away, the way they are meant.

It would be awesome, if he would be a Leader later in the story, maybe some kind of instructor for his own Team, with Ponys like Trixie, or the new Pony Night glider. After that there could be Missions, where he would have to take one or two out of his Team, and he could join some of the Power Ponys in their fight.

I don´t know if you would rather do something like that in some kind of sequel, or if you would like to do it in this story, but i guess since this is with Crossover, i think this story is going to be a long one anyway. I don´t ask for adoption or romance right now, because i think i did already, and your Hero is still in training.


...there is someone who kills other adepts?


you know being in port means i have plenty of time for stuff typically getting drunk with Jun'You, waiting for my guns to be installed and surfing the internet for anything interesting and always two groups constantly pull me back to them you and element brigade being one with really good stories and the other one being forum quests as it stands I will be.................why do i have this sinking feeling that this guys parents where the guys from the elsword story i know its unlikely but i just have this sinking feeling about it anyway i look forward to the next chapter

that reply does not assuage my sinking feeling.................... oh god I called it didn't I (leaves room closes door and sound can still be heard)

Jun'You get the alcohol i'm going to need it

5845120 don't mind her, she's just pretty cheery today

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