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Princess Luna has opened a new frontier for Equestria and all her citizens on her very own Moon! All are welcome: Those looking for a challenge; those needing a fresh start; those who don't quite fit in.

See across the vastness of the Oceanus Procellarum from the soon to be constructed Serenity Dome! Use your strength and sweat to bring forth a new crop of Lunar produce! Bring your knowledge and ingenuity to bear on the extreme environment of the moon! A place can be found for anypony willing to work together to further spread the glory of Equestria.

See the local recruiting offices in Canterlot, Manehattan, Seaddle, and Los Pegasus today for more details!

--Lunar Recruiting Services Poster; 5 years After Harmony

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 20 )

The Moon Has a Harsh Mistress

You, good Sir or Madam, have earned a green thumb for this reference alone.

Ditto. Always nice to see a reference to one of the grandmasters.

Well, this has caught my eye. Let's see where it goes!

I didn't notice any major writing errors and the premise is fairly original, so go for it!

More please! I am loving the premise and the potential! I'm glad I pulled up The Road Not Taken again to see if you had written more.

This is a fascinating story. A lot of world building here for ponies and the moon alike.

I like your portrayal of Ditzy. It seems all she needed was a change in environment to really shine. Funny how that environment turned out to be a giant space rock.

I had a feeling Trixie had a past with Luna. Let's see if those two reconcile or if the rift will only get worse.

As if the ponies had enough to deal with, more problems get heaped upon them. About the worst possible outcome for all concerned. Looking forward to how this all plays out!

...and from the dream, it's pretty obvious that 'Luna' is not the one actually in charge anymore. :derpyderp1:

Trixie, I don't quite think that's what the "Magic of Friendship" means.

Heh, an amusing diversion.

Trixie would miss the whole point to "Friendship is Magic" and try to take the easy way. The scolding Twilight gave to her must have been epic. :rainbowlaugh:

Yikes, but does this put what we later see of Trixie in a much grimmer light. The fallout between her and Luna had to have been far worse than anything Twilight put her through.

Looking forward to more!

An interesting setup so far. Let´s see where it leads to :D

Just when things start looking up for them...

I like how you've given screen time to the core casts of characters, not just Trixie and Derpy Doo. It's interesting to hear how some of these "rejects" got to the moon in the first place and helps build out the "world" you've created here.

And what's this? A conspiracy? Well, that didn't take all that long in the grand scheme of things. Luna kinda sucks at this...

Keep it up!

You know how you can tell when you've found a good story?
When a 12k word chapter flies by in the time it normally takes you to read 3k, :ajsmug:

You've got a real gift for pacing here broheim.

Loving this!
The machinations behind the scenes are no cheap theatrics, I'm quite literally on the edge of my seat waiting for a twist that makes this powder keg go off. Otherwise I like the pacing you are giving the other characters, finding that Flam has been distant with his twin is surprising and that his own motives in the past were more for the sake of intellectual ingenuity makes him that much more redeemable. So much going on with Trixie I don't know where to begin, so much yet to be revealed.

For Derpy... really have to feel for her being tricked like this, but I have a feeling her situation would actually be a touch worse if she hadn't been transferred to Sin station. Had she been sent to her originally planned post after finding out about her eyes, I can only see that she would have been looked down on far harsher than the reception at Sin and not allowed a moment to prove herself.
Despite now making progress, one can't really blame Derpy for at least exploring her options to get back home. Above all else her little muffin comes first, and a mother's love has no bounds...

Sensing some future hostile suspicion between her and Trixie

I was kinda worried when I first started reading this that it would be chapter after chapter of the crew at Sin working to fill quota after quota. I'm glad that's not the case as this conspiracy story is far more interesting.

Nice use of Trixie and her cute little tricks. Moonburn is also an interesting character and got to be the hero cop.

Now to see just what it is Derpy is suppose to get...

Did the singer spontaneously transform from an earth pony into a unicorn? :rainbowderp:

You might've had reservations about Sure Thing, but I for one loved that scene; it really added a wonderful depth that made the classic 'nightclub-noir' feel of the chapter complete.

That one bit where Sure is describing his perceprion of luck as a ship made me think of that classic Will Riker line: "When the train comes in, everybody rides!" :rainbowdetermined2:

4794557 bah, thanks for pointing that out. I liked Sure Things scenes too, I just felt bad for the poor guy.
And you're on the nose with Riker inspiration. It was him and Mat Cauthon I was thinking of while writing it.

Felina seems to be a take on Felicia Hardy, am I right?

I take it these two ponies are going to be showing up soon in the main narrative. Interested to see how they play their part.

Pretty disappointed that Felina didn't swipe the crown.

Twilight looked at her guard and smiled deviously. "I don't think I said anything about the Earth, did I?"

Glad to see Twilight taking a page from Celly's book.
"Try to steal my swag? TO THE MOOOOOOOOON!!!" :trollestia:

As if things weren't bad enough.

Jeeze, are things messed up. Even the "mysterious" alicorn couldn't fix things. And Trixie herself is about ready to come apart at the seems.

Nice action, though. Well thought out and exciting! Mind controlled pony army on the loose!

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