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It is still weeks away before winter wrap up is to start. A light breeze sneaks into a house built within a tree outside Ponyville. But a cold chill isn't all that breeze brings into this house.

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not much to rate with, waiting for more


Gonna track will rate later

Hmm. I'll see where this is going.

I'll agree with them. For the most part the story seems interesting and I kind of want to know the back story between Questi and Pinkie, but I'll just track it and see where it goes. Also I enjoyed the prologue for its uniqueness. Good job and can't wait to see more. :pinkiesmile:

Okay, Sorry for the long wait for this chapter. But I finally got it done. I had a lot of going over and over little bits to make this chapter, and had my prereader look over each bit as I did it. I hope you all enjoy the results. And don't worry, there will be more. And hopefully the next one won't take as long to post.

Well, it is finally up. Writers blocks and looking too far ahead caused a delay in the posting of this chapter. So I didn't get it up as fast as I wanted. So I will get the next chapter out when I can. So please bear with me as I possibly fight even more blocks and distracting plot paths.:twilightblush:

Not bad. Not bad at all.:eeyup:

Caught one small mistake: "Your starting to make less and less sense." --> you're :twilightsheepish:

"The cold winds blow hardly" --> Hardly is an adverb, means only just or certainly not.
The word you probably need is harshly? Hard seems strange :twilightsmile:

270102 Thanks for pointing those two out. My prereaders even missed them, but we are only human.


You should probably have somepony proofread this first, I spotted some major grammatical errors. An intriguing chapter though.

Interesting. Can't wait for what happens next. (Well, I CAN, but who actually uses that as a comment? :moustache:)

311836 My proof reader is suddenly too busy to do the proofreading. :raritydespair:

"Motherhood is Magic" Is the story that got me to get off my lazy rump to start writing this lovely story, that is why I gave it the mention here. So, thank you Ironhoof for giving me the final bit of inspiration to get me into writing this story and thank all of you for sticking with me through all this craziness so far. Knowing that there are people who are enjoying this is what helps fuel my desire to keep writing this story. I learned not to say that I will get things done fast as that causes nothing but troubles. So, please bear with me as I try and get these stubborn words to get together to tell this story.:pinkiecrazy:

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