This story is a sequel to The Lies We Make

For the past week Celestia has been having terrible nightmares of her time spent in Tirek's capture during his escape, but one fateful night a voice intervenes, leaving Celestia to wonder the fate of Serenity, Princess of the Final Rest.

There is only one being that knows where Serenity is, and that is Tirek himself. Celestia must face the worst truths of her own existence to find closure.

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Thanks! This has been quite interesting, in attempting to develop not only a valid basis for this particular OC character but also to write Celestia (who I absolutely adore).

It's certainly been fun. :trollestia:

love what your doing with my idea <3

Great story, loving the character Serenity. Would love to see what she looks like. Keep up the good work and have thumbs up! :raritywink:


Thanks! It has been an interesting venture, for sure. There's certainly a twist coming up that I've tried to give a lot of foreshadow too that I'm excited about.


Given how this fic is my idea and serenity is a OC i made based from an rp i do i know what she looks like.

what a twist!

Well Celly... you're bucked.

bad celly. proof is in the pudding with the others running around having gone looking for you i na realm where they couldnt possibly be

I see a small problem. A smart pony like Twilight should realize that Serenity might have reason to distort the truth, Discord might not remember correctly, and Celestia has both forgotten what she did/didn't do and might be in denial even if she does eventually remember. Honestly no one got what they really wanted, so despite all the supposed pain and suffering it's not as though Celestia has been living high on the hog, no matter how Serenity sees it.

Well that moved the plot forward just enough to set up the next cliffhanger.

I have to say I kind of dislike this approach to dealing with alternate universe Celestia's who have done bad things. There is no reason at all to trust Serenity's recollection here. After all she has a strong anti-Celestia bias over Discord.

The way I 'm seeing it is that Serenity isn't any better than Celestia and her motives are equally questionable at the moment. So they are all utterly failing to address the real problem that drew them all here, regardless of what happened in the past.


I think that's the thing, the underlying truth of it all. At the end it is a story of truth and lies, where nothing is as it really seems. Serenity is supposed to feel this way, like there is something wrong with her and the things she is doing.

For all those wondering what serenity looks like i had a commision drawing done of her

wow this is turning out better then i expected

Well, that's a strange turn of events. At least it explains why things are mucked up.


The end goal was that in the end, there is a lot of moral ambiguity on all sides of the coin. Tirek was responsible, yes, but Tirek's goals have always been power and he played a long con to get it, using Serenity's anger vs her sister to ensure these events. Celestia on the other hoof, did do some bad things. She intentionally separated Discord and Serenity, admitting that her jealousy got the best of her.

Even Twilight and Discord aren't totally in the right by the end of the story, even though it wasn't Twi's magic that sent them off, Twi could have easily stopped it, and yet she allowed her emotions to get the better of her and not use her mind to bring Celestia with them.

In the end though, I'd been letting this sit so long that ending it was preferable, even if it is an ending to set up a third installment (which will get written at some point).

Hmm. I don't think there's any moral ambiguity in Tirek's actions.

Not sure about the exact break point, but it seems like an okay point to stop. I mean it is a turning point of sorts.

Now you are making me sad
I have certain feeling and I sincerely hope I am wrong. Thing is I have simmilar scene in my story and if it turns out exactly as mine then I would feel like copying even tough I found this later than I wrote mine.

“But she didn't have wings? How could she be a princess without wings or a horn?” Pinkie Pie said.

Isnt Serenity a unicorn so she has the horn? would be "both wings and horn" then.

“I don't think will help, Rainbow,” Twilight answered. 

missing a "that" or such?

And kinda strange to see Serenity going from shy little unicorn to matchmaker in a second, Celestia being the shy one. xD

But what to do with you then? I suppose I could I could add you to my collection.”

Also... this is getting dark hehe.

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