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I do music, I do writing, and I love MLP: FiM


Wow, That Was Quicker Than I Had Hoped For · 4:13am Aug 3rd, 2012

Wow. I've recently been working on Penumbra: Ponyture a lot, now. I just published chapter 3, so far the longest chapter, rounding out at about 8 thousand words. I'm kinda surprised that I actually spent these last two hours working on it, opposed to fucking off with my friends in World of Warcraft.

Oh well. It's pretty sweet. or at least I think so. Then again, I am tired as fuck and I haven't been eating much, since it's Ramadan.

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A List of OCs

Mischief Max - Based on the type of person I want to be.
Rain Cloud - Stallion that likes action.
Thorn: A complete joker that isn't afraid to cross lines.
Carnation: A mare that tries to be tough.
North Wind: Stallion that hates reading, but likes writing.
Lotus Leaf: Very patient (Symbol of the Lotus)

Shadow of Manehatten:
Mischief: Same as Above (SaA)
Rain: SaA with exception that he doesn't think some things through
North: SaA with more of a leader role
Carnation: Not much Character Development (She Dies)

TGiAM: (Unreleased)
Nameless Protagonist: A protective, open minded stallion
Brayne Ded: Based on my friend: Jamin
Shadow: A mare with a shorter temper.
Skypierce: Based on the OC of my friend: Ian.
Cat4: Cole...
Enforcer: Somepony that hates his job.

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to all of my followers:

as of tonight, I am officially writing the first chapter of the sequel to "My Daughter Maree", which shall be entitled "Dusk Village". To those of you who have not yet been told, the first chapter (possibly chapters?) will be released August 25th (Saturday), sometime between 10:00pm-11:00pm EST. Be sure to check it out, leave comments, and let me know what you all think .We'll see you then. For now, I've got work to do!

Thanks for the watch dude! I will repay you for this, somehow. :pinkiesmile:

Thanks for the favorite!

thanks for the follow :scootangel:

42037 I asked Experimental-Thing if I could use the pic, and they said yes. So you probably saw it from her page, Here.

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