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Just another dummy on the internet, with too much imagination and not enough time on their hands. Sometimes I write cohesive stuff...mostly StarBurst.


In a small town called Sire's Hollow, young unicorns go there to train every summer, like a magic summer camp.

Starlight Glimmer, born and raised there, meets a young unicorn name Sunburst on one of those summers. It's not quite love at first sight, but a bond is formed and a friendship is steadily cared for over the course of these summers. Sometimes, puppy love grows, maturing into something steady and true, if given the right care.

Starlight has quietly admired Sunset Shimmer's cousin ever since they were kids, but she’s having trouble finding the courage to tell him so.

Featured on August 3rd 2019!? :pinkiegasp: You guys are awesome!

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Congrats! You get a like.

This is amazing! Can't wait for more!

Heh, I’ve always had the headcanon that there was something...uncommon (is that the word?) about magic in Sire’s Hollow
. I liked how you made the town more interesting than the actual episode with five buildings and nothing going on :p
I really liked this start. Can’t wait for more!!
(Yeah...it’s pretty late, my English is not working and I can’t make coherent sentences :p, sorry about that)

I really like this story! It's super adorable, and I can't wait for more. <3

Thank you guys so much! I'll try to update once a week so stay tune!

I always found it kind of funny that two of the most talented unicorns in the show came from the same town...I mean it could be a coincidence, but come on! what are they giving to these kids!? besides crippling anxiety and lots of issues I plan to expand on the town's lore and culture in future chapters, so I'm glad that you're liking what I'm doing with the town!

This was a fun read; I'm a real big fan of the Starlight/Sunburst paring! I liked the way Sire's Hollow was described in the story and it had a great deal of imagery with the setting; very cool. I do hope you plan to keep this going; I really want to see if Starlight can teach Sunburst about magic and a love them starting out so young in this story. 2 thumbs up for this! More please.:raritywink:

All those plus sometimes magic can be naturally stronger in some families.

I love old Stygian rolling his eyes internally at young love.

Loving this story so far!

This is amazing. Keep it up!

Starlight’s smile grew as she put the letter away, reaching for the first comic that had the coolest cover in her opinion and began to read.

It’s just me or that’s a SU reference?

I said it once, I’ll say it again: so cute

I'm a bit confused here. You mentioned Sunburst's cutie mark here, but didn't he not have it yet at the time, and didn't the two grow distant after that event that set Starlight's path? Or is that where the AU tag comes into play?

In this story Sunburst isn't native to Sire's Hollow, he was born and raised in Canterlot. At this point he already has his cutie mark, that's why he's there in the first place, since his cutie mark shows that he's magically gifted, he was sent to hone his talent. Starlight is a late bloomer and doesn't have hers yet in this chapter. So yeah, the Alternative Universe tag applies since chapter one, since they both met when they're "older" when compared to the shows cannon.

Not to sound desperate, but I missed the updates con this fanfic. I'm so excited to see what happens next!

Interesting take on Flash. Hope to see more of him and Sunset.

Just to make sure here, these ‘rumors’ are about Starlight and Prince Bramble being a thing, and Starlight’s in line to be in charge of Sire’s Hollow and is in love with Sunburst, who’s Stygian’s apprentice and Sunset’s little brother. If I got that right, good, if not, please correct me.

Regardless, this is one of the cutest stories on the site. :scootangel:

Yep that's right! Everybody thinks that Starlight and Bramble could be a thing, but Starlight isn't interested in him and Bramble knows this (besides he low key ships StarBurst) so he isn't offended. Thanks for the comment!

Still cute.

The plot thickens.

Starlight paled. “Wait, there’s an order? Oh geez, I started with the book with the coolest cover!”


How will she react?

Oh, very happy for sure, she'll tell Sunburst all about it next summer :pinkiehappy:

Filly Starlight is cute Starlight

Just out of curiosity, is there a planned number of chapters for this story?

I have been meaning to ask...where did the "Zenith as Sunburst's last name" thing came from? I've only seen it in your fanfics :p
Btw, I can't wait to see where things will go next

Hey, you made the feature box! Congrats!

With adolescence comes a lot more blushing.

Interested to see the new creatures, whoever they are.

That she is! I love writing child characters!

This story will likely be around 20-30 chapters long, since the plot will follow them until they're young adults. So far I've only written four more chapters, nowhere near the end.

I got the last name from another fanfic on this site! It's called Important Wizard, he introduces himself with that last name and I instantly loved it. Glad you're liking the story so far!

Honestly, I was half expecting the box to contain Sunburst himself

I'm curious:
even though this is an AU where Sunburst never moved away, will the events of the EQG series still take place?
Or have you decided that, as one of the changes, that wouldn't happen?

Honestly I haven't given the EQG series any thought while writing this, but to answer your question the events of EQG don't happen in this story. Because Sunset Shimmer is in Sire's Hollow she isn't a student of Princess Celestia, so she doesn't go mad with power and escapes to the mirror. In that sense this story is self contain in it's own universe. Hope this clears things up for you.

That's kind of what I figured, though I was also thinking that it might be possible that this whole thing takes place before Sunset becomes Celestia's pupil.

It would make things a bit weird later on, but that did thought cross my mind.

Though it makes more sense as its own thing.

Cute. Also, pretty imagery when describing Sire's Hollow.

Sweet of Starlight to cheer Sunburst up like that.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah (crying noises). Just tell him already! My heart can’t take it! :raritycry:

Something is going on here. Eager to see what.

He lives! Im so looking forward to more!

Wait, so Prince Bramble, Thorax, and Spike are all in love with Starlight? ‘Cause that’s what I’m getting here

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