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Soon after Starlight and Sunburst's map mission to Sire's Hollow, Sunburst gets a surprise visit from Firelight, who wants to know when and how he and Starlight reunited after being out of contact for over a decade. However, there might be more to Firelight's visit than initially assumed.

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I feel that Stellar Flare might visit Starlight somewhat near.

“Sunburst’s mom is asking what my plans are for the future, and if Sunburst is involved.” She squinted skeptically at a section of the page. “I think she wants me to marry him.”

I was thinking this the whole time I watched the parent map when Stellar said she was making “plans for his future” I knew that included more than a job

This was a fun little story. Nice to see Firelight and Sunburst bond over Starlight.

And that last line was interesting. Might we be seeing a sequel some time?

Thanks for the comment! I don't know if we'll be seeing a sequel in the future. I wrote this story very spur-of-the-moment, but maybe there will be a sequel.

I certainly hope so. Not only was this a great story, but I'm also something of a Starburst shipper.

I second that

Hmmm... while I do think this is good as a oneshot, I'll echo the sentiment of some others by saying that a sequel feels very natural for it.



I guess we have an overwhelming majority in favor of a sequel. I'll see what I can do.

Heh, I can totally see this happening :p
Good story! It would be cool if this had a sequel, or maybe a counterpart with stellar and starlight :twilightsmile:

8924915 Me too. Not only do I like seeing Starburst, I also love me some shipping in stories, and here are two meddling ponies ready to go.

Heck, Firelight is in the Crystal Empire, he should just visit the Princess of Shipping and make an appeal to her directly!

Pretty enjoyable, I would like a sequel!

I think Firelight would be thrilled if Sunburst wanted to marry Starlight.

I liked this story; should add another chapter of having Stellar Flare go and talk with Starlight. Keep up with this story.

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