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30 year old man from California who likes to fight with swords. Author of Successor, Love Mark, and Daybreaker at Canterlot Wedding Verses.


Starlight's wedding Day comes, and she is nervous about it.

Part of the Luster Dawn Successor Verse.

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Very cute wedding story.

You're very welcome.

Hey I saw you had Goodbye My Child in your library as well? Did you know I made a sequel?

I'd forgotten you had made a sequel, I'll have to give it a look.

Will you be making a sequel to this story, as well?

It's actually part of my Passing on Together universe. I might try a sex scene between Starlight and Sunburst though.

Great story. Those two are perfect together

I see you’re gonna go through the dark side

Well, thought I might try new things. A lot people like that.

This was sweet; my absolute favorite pony couple.

Thanks Jay! This story is doing much better than the one a couple days ago. Guess I need to not be so hateful toward immortality.

yeah, we gotta try new things every day
a random dude robbed a bank and when he was caught he said he was trying new things
no offense to you haha
i need mental help

Aw this was really cute! Good job!

Feels rushed, but otherwise okay

Rushed huh? Well, I wasn't particularly aiming for something long. But thanks for the advice. Anything you think could be added?

Maybe a few more details on the wedding itself, or maybe a bit from Sunburst’s perspective

I like this story. Very good job! 👍🏼

He offered his hoof to his daughter. Smolder, Ocellus and Silverstream lead the way to the hall with their flower baskets. As they approached, music sounded. The doors opened, and the three flower creatures began to throw their flowers across as Starlight walked toward the end of the hall where her groom waited. Sunburst was dressed in a blue suit with a white color and orange tie. He grinned as he beheld her in her wedding dress. Starlight gazed back at him, also seeing many of her friends. Trixie, being Best Mare, stood next to Sunburst. Rarity stood with her four best friends. There was also Sugar Belle and ponies from the village Starlight had created, as well as Thorax and some of his changelings. Lastly, behind Sunburst stood Starlight’s former, Princess Twilight Sparkle.

You forgot to put “teacher” between “former” and “Princess”.

Daww. I always was a sucker for weddings. I love this ship.

Thank you. Glad you liked it.

Adorable story.Profact Ending for Starlight.OK,thats enough.
Nice work,could i translate it into Chinese?I promise bronies from China will love this story.
But...I just cant stand this:

She had changed from when she had moved to Canterlot. She was now a larger Alicorn of size comparable to Celestia, the former Ruler. Starlight had not heard from her and Luna in a long time, though she’d heard they were too sick to travel at the moment. Twilight had also somehow acquired the same flowing mane as those two former rulers. She looked so majestic, even without any dress on.

Sorry,I have to say I cant accept about this( If you allow me translate this story into Chinese.I probably do not translate it.Please forgiving me.(if you do not want,I ll translate it for sure.)

I ll leave a link here.

Sure. You can do that. But may I ask your problem with the part about Twilight? Im not clear on that. This story is part of my Passing On Together universe.

Uh...well,Wedding is a good story,good ending,right?But when i imagine Twilight become TURE-PRINCESS.I just cant...accept it.
It is all my fault,I want to read a 100%PERFECT story,
Im so sorry,but please forgiving me this time.:facehoof:

Pure Princess you mean? Well unfortunately that's what happens in canon and she gets Celestias body shape. Of course in the continuation of this universe she turns back to small if you read the other stories.

well,i just cant stand this.

she gets Celestias body shape


OK,translation is done.
Thank you.

Starlight Glimmer, stewardess of the Castle of Friendship,

en...whats the meaning of“Stewardess”?

A female steward, or person whose job it is to take of something.

not about word.
Why starlight is "stewardess of the Castle of Friendship"?

Because Twilight moved to Canterlot. Twilight left her to look after the castle.

OK,Thank you
This problem made a discussion even quarrel between me and another transtaler.
OK,now i know,but i think "stewardess" has A little inappropriate...
Well,my fault.

What a cute quick read, well done. Thumbs up from me.

Not bad a wedding story. I quite enjoy it

You put the stories in the 'I want help with my stories' folder of the 'Please read my stories' group, so I assume you want help. This is gonna be long.

“Do you love it darling?” Rarity asked as she stood behind Starlight.

Comma after "darling".

“Of course I do Rarity!” Starlight said. “How could I not love one of your dresses! You never fail to impress!”

Comma after "do". The fourth sentence should end with a question mark.

“Starlight!” he embraced her after she appeared next to him on the field and Discord, Celestia, and Luna turned the three villains to stone. “I was so worried! When you didn’t come back from the fight with Chrysalis I thought she might have hurt you!”

There should be an question mark after "Chrysalis" since it's the start of a new sentence.

“I’m okay,” Starlight told him, though she cringed at her wounds. “At least nothing permanent damaging.”

"Nothing permanently damaging" or "no permanent damage".

“Thank you,” she said with a blush, rubbing one of her forelegs with the other hoof. “Um… so… you were really worried huh?”

Comma after "worried".

Starlight and Sunburst looked at her out of the corn of their eyes for a moment, then both decided to let it go. Pressing their lips against each other, their eyes closed as they deepened the kiss.

"...looked at her out of the corner of their..."

She levitated a veil on top of Starlight’s head and put a blue flower into her specially styled mane. Starlight then walked out of her bedroom to find Ocellus, Smolder, and Silverstream all waiting outside holding boxes of flowers and wearing dresses. Starlight’s father Firelight was there.

Comma before and after "Firelight".

“You ready Headmare Glimmer?” Smolder asked.

Comma after "ready".

Starlight sighed. “I don’t know if I’m ready for this dad. I mean… I love Sunburst… but I don’t know if I can go through with this. It just seems like..”

Comma before "dad". Also, "dad" should start with an uppercase.

Starlight walked up to Sunburst, and her father slowly let go of her hoof with a small smile. Starlight felt tears in her eyes as she took her place by her future husbands side with a smile.

"...future husband's side..."

“Mares and Gentlecolts,” Twilight said as she addressed the attendees. “Today we celebrate a day of joy. My former student, Starlight Glimmer has learned much about friendship. And sometimes, friendships can evolve into something deeper. We all love our friends dearly, but when that special friends means so much to you… you just have to have them in your life. To hope to spend the rest of your days with and be happy. Do you… Sunburst take Starlight Glimmer to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

"Gentlecolts" should start with a lowercase.

No worries. That's why the 'I want help for my stories' folder was created.

Gotta say, ever since I learned of Starlight's past, I was always fond of this pairing. Call me old-fashioned, but I'm a fan of childhood friend romances. While I know there's a lot of Starlight/Trixie shippers out there, it's nice to know this ship is still getting love, and I like the idea of Trixie supporting the pairing. Furthermore, I'm glad that you didn't mention any other pairings that were hinted to be "canon" in the finale, so I'm free to see it anyway I choose. Congratulations. You get a fave!

Thanks. At least someone likes a story today. I got quite a few dislikes since I joined a new group today.

Dude. Do you have a thing against happy full time, stories? This one is happy, far more than the rest of your stuff. But being a part of the universe that it is, that kinda goes out the window.

Well you making Twilight outliving all her friends isnt a happy thing either. In a way we're both villains in some form or another. Your side tortures Twilight with generations of loss and my side kills her. We just make her happy by having her move on to find new happiness or be with her friends in death.

I dont exactly have a lot of happiness. I've pretty much cut myself off from it. Some of us just refuse to let new happiness in. Ever see Ashley Hs rememberance, I'm a bit like Cadence there. I haven't become bitter, but I'm refusing to let new happiness in. Sad thing, but the reality is not everyone moves on and is destroyed from within by their pain.

Somepony commented about this happy ending throwing them in for a loop due to your supposed tragic narrative direction. I congratulate you, there's nothing wrong with making a happy ending! And though I like the depressing idea of Twilight outliving her friends, I'm willing to read your take on how you deal with such topic. Writing is Magic! :twilightsmile:

Awww this is the most adorable story of Starlight and Sunburst shipping wedding 😍🥰

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