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I'm a man from California that likes to fight with swords and write stories. Author of the Successor Verse, breaker of the immorality curse. Also on Deviantart, Fanfiction.net, and Inkitt.



Instead of Celestia fighting Chrysalis first, Twilight does. After Twilight is defeated and poisoned from Chrysalis's bite, Celestia becomes filled with an uncontrollable rage that transforms her into Daybreaker. Once that happens she attacks Chrysalis. Will she be able to stop the changeling, and more importantly, will the heroes be able to get Celestia back as well as save Twilight's life?

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Daybreaker: You have seemed to have truly angered me by brutally harming my dear faithful student, one who I truly view as something more from all the years I watched over and took care of while she was growing up. And for that...there is only one true punishment...........the sentence is death.

I have one thing to say to the queen "You are dead."

Everyone get your preferred weapon it's Changeling Season.

Daybreaker? :pinkiecrazy: Chrysalis you are so dead~

Daybreaker vs Chrysalis is a fight I never even thought about! One thing I saw though I'll point out.

“My venom hurts doesn’t it?” she asked. “You’ll be dead in a few hours.”

But a bit later there's this paragraph.

Shining shook his head. He wasn’t sure if it had really been him or not… and he didn’t care. All that mattered now was that his sister was hurt. She was poisoned and according to Chrysalis would die in a few days.

Unless there's context to that I missed, I'm pretty sure one of those is a typo.

Whoops forgot to change that line. It was gonna be days at first than I figured it would be more tense for hours.

Oh! Daybreaker vs Chrysalis? That Queen's gonna get it! :trollestia: :pinkiecrazy:

I love the idea but the story so far seems a little rough especially when day breaker shows herself for the first time. I was expect more of a ‘Momlestia’ reaction from Celestia when she goes into Mother Bear Mode aka Daybreaker.

Okay, this sounds like an interesting set up; let's see where it goes from here. would love to read of a real knockdown drag out kind of fight between Daybreaker and Chrysalis. This should be brutal.

This definitely has potential. I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

I wonder, do you think this will warrant Teen?

“Celestia!” the new fiery pony scoffed. “Ha! That pony is no more! I am Daybreaker! And I shall burn this bug and her hive away for what she has done to the pony I consider to be as good as my own daughter!"

"to be as good" shouldn't be there. The last sentence should read "And I shall burn this bug and her hive away for what she has done to the very pony I consider as my own daughter!"

Hmmmm, an interesting concept. Keep writing.

Talk about badass Twilight, we need a badass Celestia/Daybreaker group.

Interesting, you have my attention

Might be a good idea. I choose horror just randomly, but I want to try something scary.

Horror tag has a very specific meaning. You could drop it, keep Dark, and upgrade to Teen. It's your call, but that could fit better.

Good. Look forward to the next chapter.

Might come out tomorrow. Got a good amount written already. But time to turn in for the night.

It was at this moment that Chrysalis knew... she bucked up.

Yes! This is what we should've seen in canon: an angry Celestia rising to the occasion to squash that mean bug.

“Celestia!” the new fiery pony scoffed. “Ha! That pony is no more! I am Daybreaker! And I shall burn this bug and her hive away for what she has done to the pony I consider to be as good as my own daughter!"

*sigh* why is it that Nightmare Alicorns are always so damn Prideful? Seriously, Hubris can get you killed quicker than cyanide, but at the same time from what has been shown, they can actually back up the egoism, so it might not be a huge ego, but rather, the result of not being able to find a single worthy opponent in terms of power.

Moral of the Story:
Never tick off Celestia, you'll regret it, really.

daybreaker doesn’t realize is that by killing chrysalis she has lost the chance of saving twilight right.

Ooh that could make for a little fun moment where she hoofplants. Well, theres other changelings so they could interrogate one of them.

Oh boy. Is Luna going to ask the ponies what happened next chapter? I'm glad Daybreaker saved Canterlot though.

I didn't really expect Chrysalis to die so quickly, expecting at least one or two more chapters of her fighting off Daybreaker... Kinda anti-climactic

Maybe. Something like that.
Theres more to come. You think Luna is gonna be safe from Daybreaker? It might have been a little quick though. I was on a bit of a deadline to leave my lake house at 9 am.

“Is that all you got? I expected a Queen to put up more of a fight!”

When Celestia speaks like that, you know she's lost all pity for you.


Right, right...

But my point still stands. If she starts taunting you, then you're screwed.

Daybreaker saves the day! That sounds odd to say.

That really wasn't meant to be a rhyme.

Yeah, but she did set part of the city on fire.

Okay, the battle is consuming Canterlot castlein while Daybreaker and Chrysalis duke it out. Is anypony going to try to stop these two before all of Canterlot city is raised to the ground? C'mon, Shiny! Get your sister and her friends out of harm's way! Wondering if Twilight is going to make it or are Twilight's friends going to have to put both Daybreaker and Chrysalis in their place.

Too late, a good amount of Canterlot is in flames. But dont worry I have a plan for that.


Yeah, meant to say she sorta saved the day. She beat the Changelings, but it looks like it could be a pyrrhic victory,

Dude. Do you have a Killing Twilight fetish? Granted, pre-alicorn Twilight, but still. I'll say Cheeselegs deserved all this and more for sure.

I was expecting Daybreaker to kill Chrysalis, but this felt both too rushed and too short. If you could rewrite the last fight scene, maybe quadruple it in length, I think it could make this story really shine. We came here to see Daybreaker kick the bug queen's flank, so we need more of that!

Also, could toss in Chrysalis pleading for her life, promising to cure Twilight's poison if only she'll spare her. It's your call there, of course. Just thought that could be an interesting interaction.

Yeah I was on a deadline since I had to leave my lake house at 9 am for work and had an hour trip to cover. I'll think about it.

I don't blame you for it or anything. I totally get writing to a deadline. I just think with a bit more description edited in, you could really make it awesome.

One story I personally recommend as a fantastic example of a beatdown done right: Pest Control

Uh, did Daybreaker forget that Bugbutt possibly knew a cure for Twilight before making an ash out of her?:twilightoops::twilightsmile::trollestia:

I will be making a modification to this chapter. But hey, they could possibly get the info from another Changeling as well. Gonna expand this fight scene.

Remember, everyone who's been following along: the author rewrote the previous chapter. Make sure to reread it!

Comment posted by Edguy0009 deleted Feb 25th, 2020

Oh boy, Luna is in deep, deep trouble.

Good job on the rewrite, BTW.

Oh boy. Luna vs Celestia/Daybreaker. Maybe first Luna tells Daybreaker that she'll find out how to save Twilight from the venom. Daybreaker lets her go find it out. Luna returns to her corrupted sister and tells her that the Elements of Harmony can save Twilight, Daybreaker is thrilled and they both go pick up the Elements and carry them to the hospital, to Twilight's friends, Shining Armor, and Cadence. They activate the Elements and the rainbow magic heals Twilight and gets rid of the Changeling venom. Twilight thanks them before talking to Daybreaker.

You can put what they'd talk about and continue from there.

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