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30 year old man from California who likes to fight with swords. Author of Successor, Love Mark, and Daybreaker at Canterlot Wedding Verses.


This story is a sequel to Dawn of a New Hearth's Warming

Luster and her Earth Pony friend Gallop J. Fry started dating a while back and now it's a big day for them after a few months of being together. Hearts and Hooves Day is here!

Made for Valentines Day, February 14th, 2024! (Yes a little late according to the fimfiction clock but its still on time by my zone's.

Note: This treats G5 as alternate universe and is part of my Successor and Headcanon Verses for G4.

Cover Art by Harmony Sparkle.

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This story is a sequel to Apologies After the Love Wave

It's been a few days since the Canterlot Wedding of Princess Cadance and Shining Armor. But the wounds are still fresh on the minds of everypony. The Mane 6 complete their community service to clean up from the attack. They then return to Ponyville where they intend to make things up to Twilight, meanwhile, Shining Armor is on his honeymoon with Cadance but is not able to completely enjoy himself as the words he said to his sister still haunt him. Meanwhile, Queen Chrysalis plots her revenge on them for her defeat.

Featured 11/9/23!

Part of my Headcanon and Apology Verses.

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Used to be called Element of Strength.

This fanfic was inspired by A New Hero

As the time for Nightmare Moon to return draws closer, Celestia gives birth to a son she names Fire Sword. To her surprise he ends up being an alicorn. Knowing he will have a role to play when her sister returns. When his mother disappears, Fire Sword joins Twilight Sparkle on her quest to defeat Nightmare Moon and bring Celestia back as they make new friends, as well as keep old ones from Canterlot and undergo the journey of a lifetime to study the magic of friendship.

Updates biweekly for now.

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Misty has recently reformed and decided to help her friends defeat Opaline. She acts as a spy for them and tells them Opaline's secrets and moves. But they didn't expect to be able to take her down so soon. When Misty says Opaline wants a smoothie, they hatch a plan to stop her, but it ends up going a little farther then they anticipated.

Done for kicks as part of an idea that occurred after Misty's redemption.

Made Popular Stories and has a reading on youtube.

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This story is a sequel to Luster Dawn: New Days of the Magic of Friendship

Mare's Day has arrived and Luster Dawn is determined to make this day a good one for her own mother Starlight Glimmer. So she gets up early and makes her breakfast in bed and they then spend the rest of the day together.

Part of the Successor Verse

Cover art by Rima Draws 19.
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This story is a sequel to The Sheriff and the Princess: Together?

Pipp and Hitch were accused of being a couple after Sparky made a video of Hitch caring for Pipp while she was sick. Now they realize they have feelings for each other and start dating. Their friends also begin dating other ponies, as Zipp is required by her mother to pick a suitor and produce a royal heir. Meanwhile, Misty continues her efforts to get Sparky for Opaline and get her Cutie Mark, but is her destiny really to serve to the evil Alicorn Queen? Find out.

Main Story in the Love Mark Verse.

Couples Include: Hitch x Pipp, Zipp x Thunder, Izzy x Rufus, and Sunny x Fireforge Destiny (OC).

Featured 3/28/23!

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A little fanmade sequel to Tell Your Tale Episode 41, A Day in the Life.

First story in the Love Mark Verse

Pipp wakes up to find she has reached 100,000,000 followers, and many of them think that she and Hitch are a couple after seeing the video that Sparky made.

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This story is a sequel to Luster Dawn: New Days of the Magic of Friendship

Hearth's Warming comes and it is a time of celebration for many. Though Twilight and her friends have faced a great deal of losses over the years thanks to both the passing of time and the war with Grogar, they still have each other and members of their family as well as the next generation of heroes. They all get together at her old castle for Hearth's Warming and celebrate, with a little chaos to spice things up whether they like it or not.

Also couldn't fit comedy in the genre as there is a little bit of a funny scene at the end or at least that was I tried to write.

Part of the Successor Verse.

Please do not try to start an argument in the comments section over whether you think immortality is a gift or curse. But that's a minor part here. We all have our opinions. Just enjoy the story and happy holidays! Any constructive criticism for improvement is welcome. 🎄🎅

Made popular stories for a time.

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This story is a sequel to Luster Dawn: New Days of the Magic of Friendship

Follow the Endings for the Legion of Doom that you prefer. Different fates await Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow after they have been defeated and surrounded again after being released from stone by the real Grogar. Part of the Successor Verse.

Both light and dark versions will be featured here following the ending that occurred as there two options one can follow. Reading those stories is optional but not required. I'd recommend New Days as it tells the whole story in one.

In Light: All three are redeemed and are sent to Tartarus to serve a prison sentence for a time but will be released and given a second chance after seeing the error of their ways.

In Dark: Chrysalis refuses to give into the final shot at redemption and attacks Starlight in a final act of revenge. Starlight and her family and friends fight back and kill Chyrsalis, Tirek tries to avenge his comrade in rage but is snapped by Discord into the sky where he falls to his death. That leaves Cozy Glow who is captured and sent to Tartarus for life. But will she spend her life there? Or escape and seek revenge?

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Done as a request by Chazkopa who wanted a story of Discord and Fluttershy getting married. Hope you enjoy!

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