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Hearthswarming is upon Equestria once more. Three unicorns are taking a trip to Canterlot to see the annual Hearthswarming play, but a fault is going to make the trip a cold one and they're going to have to get creative to keep warm.

Written for Applezombi for Jinglemas 2021

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Pretty sweet, short, and simple, I like it!

However, I think it would do you a little good to go back through and catch all those “Starbursts”, you use the ship name instead of the pony name through most of the story. Not breaking or anything, but it is noticeable. Happy Hearthswarming!

Oh, wow, yeah that was really bad! I guess it shows I had to really rush it. I made one editing pass this morning to get rid of any horrendous errors but given that even got into the short description I'm guessing I just forgot Sunburst's name entirely.

I'm glad you enjoyed it regardless and thanks a million for pointing it out. It should be fixed now.

Cute, cute, and cuter! It certainly warmed my heart, just what I needed during this holiday season! Merry Christmas!🎄

Heh, Sunset best wingpony.

This was lots of fun, thank you! I've always enjoyed the chemistry that Starlight and Sunburst share, and I think you nailed it.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was planning for a lot more hijinks in Canterlot but unfortunately this year was much more hectic than last and I ran out of time. Ironic, given what Sunburst said early on.

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