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Sunburst was born when Sunset Shimmer was only five years old, and since then they've been through a lot. Sunset getting her cutie mark, Sunburst getting into Celestia's school, and even Sunset abandoning her brother and running away. However, in the end they learn that family is the strongest kind of Friendship.

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“Sunset is fine. You would never need to be so formal with you big sis, Sunburst.”

Shouldn't that be your? Otherwise it's a really nice story.

I really hope you add more to this in order to live up to that anthology tag.

Technically, an anthology can also be a collection of scenes all telling one story, so this counts as an anthology. As for more, I'm not going to write another chapter or a sequel for this story, but who knows, maybe there will be some more Sunset and Sunburst sibling bonding in the future. Maybe he'll go to the human world, idk. But this story is complete.

Really cute! Good job!

Does your timeline suggest that sunset and sunburst are related to spitfire and blaze? I.E stellar flare is spitfire and blaze's mom

Not sure. I was just working off what Google told me, that Stellar Flare and Sunspot were Sunburst's parents and I went from there. The grandma mentioned in the first little part was just a name I came up with on the spot, but I don't think they're related to Spitfire. Their family seems to be comprised of unicorns, and they are Canterlot novels in my story, while Spitfire is a pegasus. Although who knows, I don't work at Hasbro.

Yeah, it was my bad. Turns out its 'STORMY Flare' is mom of spitfire and blaze.

This was an amazing story, honestly I love what you did with their relationship and especially the ending where they reunite at her coronation.

You know what they say, “blood is thicker than water”. Also, can we get a round of applause for sunburst, because the fact that he forgave her shows how good of a person he is.

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