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Sorry for being a Starlight Glimmer apologist


Despite Starlight's raw talent for magic and Sunburst's studious nature, they fall flat in the face of self-doubt, unresolved issues and finally coming to terms with their feelings for one another. All that their magic is good for is to dance around the issue, making it pretty useless. (Otherwise known as "Ten ways to say I love you.")

Special thanks to EverfreePony for kindly editing and pointing out all the mistakes.
Based on this prompt list.

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This is really cute :3 Starburst is one of my OTPs :twilightsmile:
(By the way, Is the title a reference to Florence Welch’s book?)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
(And yes, it is! Your the first person to catch the reference :twilightblush:)

Sweet and adorable.

Very cute indeed.

I like it
Would totally read a longer story of these two by you

So sweet, a longer story would be great.

I like how ix can possibly be a sequel to I. Also, the bit where he says "the thing", and she automatically knows what it is...yeah, that's how you know you've been together enough to know each other.

Interesting collection of shorts, very well written with sufficient pacing and descriptions creating the desired atmosphere.

However, I have also noticed quite a bunch of grammar errors, mainly concerning tenses and punctuation. Also some typos. Would you like me to report them to you? :pinkiesmile:

Thanks! I'm glad you like them, and yes if you could point out the mistakes so I can fix them it would be very much appreciated :twilightsmile:

You are welcome! Expect a message from me soon :twilightsmile:

In one fluid motion Starlight placed her muzzle over his, effectively cutting off whatever he was going to say.

Me: *excited horse noises*

Absolutely adorable!

Ah, I'm a sucker for a nice collection of romantic cuts. This definitely made me smile and make silly appreciative noises in all of the right places. Thanks for writing and sharing your work! :twilightsmile:

These are just too precious. :heart:

Oh man, these were even better than the other batch. I liked them all, for sure, but the seventh and tenth are definitely my favorites. Wow. Great work with this!

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