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Sunset's going through a lot after everything that happened in wake of the Fall Formal. She's struggling, and she finds less than desirable ways to cope.

Takes place in between EQG and Rainbow Rocks. Not the journal Sunset talks to Twilight with, just a regular journal.

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Lots of familiar feelings in this.

Really interesting format with the solo journal entries. Definitely looking forward to more.

“Yeah! We don’t like seeing you in pain, Sunset.” Rainbow looked at the ground. “Even if seeing you cry at the Fall Formal felt extremely rewarding,” she added, mumbling.

...Really Dash? Really!? :ajbemused:

Rainbow stayed quiet. All four girls turned to glare at her. She laughed nervously before saying, “We want to help you, you just have to let us in.” She gave Rarity a look that said ‘happy?’.

No, because it's obvious you don't mean what you're saying! You only said that just to get the girls off you for that lowblow! :flutterrage:

“You could have just told us,” Rainbow mumbled, trying to hide the tears in her eyes.

Oh, NOW you care? :ajbemused:

“We should have someone stay with her at all times. Or like, go in a rotation,” Rainbow said, laying behind Sunset on top of the covers.
“Ah reckon you wanna take the first watch?” Applejack said. Rainbow nodded.
“Okay darling. We’ll send Pinkie in after an hour.”

When I read this part, all I could think was "Don't girls. Don't leave her alone with Sunset." :fluttershysad:

After reading through Rainbow's low blow and that weak offer of helping Sunset. I was like, "Geez, Dashie is trashy!" and assumed she was gonna continue to verbally attack Sunset the moment she was alone with her. Like saying, "They may be pitying you, but I'm not." or "Just to be clear, Shimmer, I'm not your friend. I'm only doing this because I'm their friend."

Boy am I glad I was wrong! :twilightsmile:

Yeah, she may appear to have a change of heart, and while that is partial because I wrote the second half of this almost a month after the first. She cares about Sunset and obviously doesn't want her friend to be hurt, but she can be a little insensitive at times and kinda just says what's on her mind. :rainbowlaugh:

This whole story was a delightful surprise. The vast, vast majority of SadSunny fics are hot garbage, and the ones involving self-harm are usually flat-out insulting. I'm very glad this thoughtful piece was an exception.

Your portrayal of Sunset's self-destructive depression in this chapter was spot-on. Her short, painful responses ("I just can't stop" / "I don't know") to such simple yet impossible questions really show how much she's just... shut down, really, like she doesn't--like she can't care about herself anymore. The whole story built up to this scene that a lesser author would treat as a melodramatic emotional breakdown, but again you went for the realism route, and it pays off tremendously. The darkest moments of depression aren't the grand emotional displays we see in markedly less good stories--at its worst, depression is just feeling nothing at all. That's a hard truth, and a difficult one to write well, but you show it off brilliantly here.

The girls' responses all felt varied and realistic and oh-so-human. Some start to panic, some keep a cool head and all of them blame themselves. Rainbow Dash was especially a highlight here. She's never been good at "the mushy stuff," and around others she defaults to aloofness, almost as a defense mechanism or something. When she's alone with Sunset though, we can see that she really, really does care about her friend, even if she's not always sure how to show it. On a more technical note, I know how tricky it is to balance six characters at once in a scene, so kudos to you for pulling it off so well.

I also really appreciate that by the end of the chapter, Sunset's still not okay--it's never that easy to silence those kinds of bad thoughts, even with the immediate care and support from the people who love you. And, we get a glimmer of hope at the end. Just because she's not okay right now doesn't mean she'll never be okay. And in the meantime, well, it's okay to not be okay too.

All in all, a welcome addition to the SadSunny library. I hope you write more--you clearly have a talent for it.

Or you could make my dreams come true and write Sad Wallflower stuff cuz she's perfect and precious and I love her and she needs more good authors to show her love 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Thank you for the lovely comment!!

As a 13-year-old who has never struggled with depression or self-harmed before, I kinda just winged it and write what I thought it might be like, and I'm glad I pulled it off well!

I really had no idea where to end this chapter, so I thought that surrounding Sunset with all her friends and showing that they all cared about her truly, and that some part of her did feel that was the best way to go.

Maaaayybbee I'll do some Wallflower stuff. She was never my favorite character, and I have a LOT of other stories sitting around my Google Drive and one posted on here I'm not finished with, but maybe it'll happen someday. :raritywink:

You're thirteen??? Holy heck, if you're writing this well at that age, you're gonna be publishing novels and winning awards by the time you're 20. For real hon, you have some serious natural talent and it's great that you're already fostering it.

Wally is a tricky one to write about, given how complex and layered her character is. I'll be keeping my eye on you just in case you decide to write about her \o/

Also, real talk for a sec. Maybe this isn't applicable now, and hopefully it never will be, but take it from someone who's gone down that road: never, ever hurt yourself. It's not worth it.

Thirteen. Geez, now I feel old ._.

I'm impressed. You maybe 5 years younger than me I'm 18 to be exact your quite the story teller. I give this story a thumbs up

This was really nicely done! It really dived into the deep subject matter without feeling too dark or overly gore-y.

I especially love the last chapter because we do see how much Susnet's friends care for her. She's not healed yet - not by any means - but they are all more than willing to help her anyway they can.

I agree with everyone else, the whole scenario felt realistic and the last chapter added some wholesome value in a serious topic.

Great job!

like she just stepped out of Bae Watch

Freudian slip?

If I’m not going to be locked away from commiting reason the second I step through the portal.

The highest of crimes in pony land.

Comment posted by LunaEclipsed15 deleted Sep 23rd, 2020

I normally love going to the beach, it always reminds me of Equestria, back when I would play with my little brother by the shore just outside our little village. Back before I picked up and moved away to Canterlot only to throw away my dreams when I didn’t get what I wanted fast enough.

Sunburst right?

Yes, committing reason makes more sense than treason when you look at the series.

technically I'll be 14 in two months! 😂😂

Wow, I Love It, The Way The Mane 6 Human Treats Sunset Is Very Cute

“Yeah! We don’t like seeing you in pain, Sunset.” Rainbow looked at the ground. “Even if seeing you cry at the Fall Formal felt extremely rewarding,” she added, mumbling.

Rainbow! :facehoof:

“Uh- I swear it’s not what it looks like! She was just having a nightmare!” Rainbow blushed, trying to defend herself.

*whistes* :ajsmug:

Calm before the storm, huh?

I struggle with cutting. This is very accurate. It's like a drug. Addicting. Just enough to keep you going until you crash.

Comment posted by Sunset Shimmer The Great deleted Jun 16th, 2022

committing "reason" is a capital crime in Equestria, that's hilarious, headcanon accepted. :rainbowlaugh:

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