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This is the voice of WatchPony.com with my own stories to tell. I hope you find them fun to read.


This is the story of fright in the night,
3 ponies celebrating Hearth's Warming Eve
Get a little more than what they wanted to see.
For the Hearth’s Warming gift they got was a huge surprise,
When they realized a little doll can come alive!!!!

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"My name is Talking Tina and I'm going to kill you."

*Applause* Great story! Very enjoyable with just enough scary to not be too scary but still suspenseful. The doll appearing in various places despite being put away in all sorts of spots was neat and I think the way Cozy Glozy got Sunburst the best. I know I'd be creeped out if something like that showed up on me in the bathroom.
The story behind what the doll was intended for was great, too. It all came together very well. Thanks for the read. :)

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