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An animal caretaker has many duties-duties she can't perform when she comes down with the sniffles. Hopefully, her loving husband can help her through it.

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This is a downright sweet AU one-shot. :-D Love the work that went into the exchange, characterizations and tenderness. Makes me wish the show DID decide to pair Mac with Fluttershy instead of Sugar Belle. :-D Admittedly, it would PROBABLY mean Discord would still be a villain, but all things considered, that's a minor trade-off at best.

i really enjoyed this short story; never thought Big Mac/Fluttershy pairing was this good; a nice match of personalities. I loved they way he cared for her but was still willing to help flutter do her duties; wanting to be there if she needed him. Wonderfully written and really true to the characters. Great job.:yay:

I miss this pairing. There aren't much of Fluttermac ship lately.

Explain to me how you think Fluttershy and Big Mac work. Like, at all? Because there was absolutely nothing in the show that said they had any interest in each other.

Them both being shy is a lazy ass excuse for it. So...

Might I ask why you clicked on a story featuring a pairing you dislike?

Adorable and fluffy. I really hope you write more of these two. 🖤

One draft, but it's more Mama Shy focused. Another is going to be sexy.

Family-centered Fluttermac is top tier stuff.

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