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To satisfy her need for speed, Rainbow Dash sneaks out of her home at night to ride her motorcycle through the empty streets outside Canterlot City. At one night an impossibly fast truck overtakes her, leaving her confused but determined to beat that truck whatever it takes.

However, this won't be the only strange thing she encounters after that, and soon she'll find out that Equestrian magic isn't the only "paranormal" thing—and that everything unnatural is usually contained by someone.

This story is part of the A New Empathy-series and so New in Canterlot City is technically a prequel, but this fic can be read on it's own, as only a few elements of the prequel will be mentioned.

The SCP-Foundation is a growing community project made by various users around the globe. The main SCP in the chapters is credited in the author's note.

Huge thanks to RB_ for proofreading this story!

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I’m sorry, but you say that a truck overtook you at 90 mph?” Flash asked in disbelief.

Haha, get wrecked nerd! Nah, this was a great fic and made me miss riding my motorcycle. Also I’m assuming that the truck overtakes her on a straight away because a motorcycle has an easier time maintaining high speeds around corners, as well as, accelerating out of them. Plus damn, Rainbow has some really solid friends that would help her do all of her jobs, friendship really is magic!

Based on the original work the truck "accelerates or decelerates at rates that would ordinarily result in significant structural damage". So the truck even accelerates faster. It probably wouldn't overtake her in a sharp curve because it would make an accident more possible.

And yeah, friendship is truly magic, you hit the nail on its head :trixieshiftleft:

Thanks for the comment :twilightsmile:

I actually heard of the SCP Night Hauler by Dr. Bob.

Found the SCP through him. Definitely a youtuber to recommend!

I just absolutely love the NightHauler in all it’s forms and appearances. It’s gotta be one of my favourites ever. :yay:

the one keter anomaly that will actively apologize for the inconvenience it may have caused you.

The Night Hauler is keter right?

I am loving this series so far. If you're open to suggestions, I could absolutely see Fluttershy trying to organize a peace summit between SCP-2967 A and B.

“Twilight, it‘s not the first time it’s being used! There was a birthday party where I had prepared balloons, a birthday cake and a funny pink camel-unicorn piñatafor it, but then I woke up in the morning to see that the party was already done but I did not remember it!” Pinkie shook Twilight with all her might. “I forgot a party, Twilight! I never forget a party!”

Oh crap. I know of several SCPs that are known to crash parties and none of them are good.

Well then.... Night Hauler had some issues with Smoky.


Yes, the Night Hauler is Keter, as he is very difficult to contain, if not even impossible.

I will look into it, haven't heard of it before yourentioning, but sounds definitely interesting and fitting for her :yay:
And Pinkie Pie agrees, crashing parties are never good! :pinkiesad2:

Thanks a lot for the comments! :twilightsmile:

Interesting, curious to see what happens next.

Hold on scp 3899 can go 267 mph and rainbow dashes new motorcycle can go 220mph the night haulers truck is 47 miles faster than rainbows motorcycle no way she can keep up with the night hauler

Wait a minute I thought nothing could kill smokey SCP 973 should not have died

Well, she couldn't:

Then suddenly the truck accelerated and left her behind.

Of course they have issues if or once they meet each other, one likes to speed and the other doesn't like when others speed :pinkiesmile:

Well, first of all, it's never stated in the file that Smokey is impossible to kill, that belongs to 682. :pinkiecrazy:
Second, he survived a bullet storm from a machine gun and escaped, so what had killed him was the Night Hauler, who is something more.
As in the words of the author, "SCP-3899 is a very old god. Not as old as some others, and definitely not as powerful, but still a god. It's a manifestation of freedom, perpetuity of motion, and unstoppability."

Thanks to all for the comments! :twilightsmile:

I think I have an idea of what is going on The reason the girls aren’t being contained or the magic it’s because the scissor events are the girls interfering with scp making them become more containabl e or becoming neutralised

But scp 973 smokey keep appearing time and time again how could the night hauler stopped smokey I saw smokey take down two instance of the headlights like they were nothing to him

Damn, that was intense. I wouldn't be surprised if Rainbow has PTSD from everything that she has been through.

The form of containment/non-containment is more clear in the "prequel" New in Canterlot City. It doesn't touch the scissor events, but it brings another perspective on what is going on.

And what about the scissor events, well, it shall be more revealed later on :trixieshiftleft:

It is a lot indeed :rainbowderp:

First of all, Smokey and Headlights are an "What If"-scenario made by Dr. Bob, but let's use that for showing what the article says: Headlights — SCP-745 — are not as dangerous, more or less. The Foundation was able to capture instances of them and make the area where they live smaller, while Smokey is an entity where the area of its appearances gets bigger.

We read in the file that the Foundation tried to catch Smokey one time, and they failed despite shooting at it. It survived. Smokey itself always appears out of nowhere and vanishes in thin air.

That's all we got of Smokey. Nothing of it says that Smokey is unkillable. Now, about your question of how Night Hauler was able to stop: We may never know. Maybe he got out of his truck and punched it, maybe the force of the truck is enough, maybe the tentacles were pierced through the body, or maybe Smokey was already heavily injured from the attacks of that one night and one last blow was enough… however it was, it doesn't matter. All that matters is that it‘s possible, given the nature of Night Hauler and what the files of Smokey doesn't oppose. Remember, a truck which is unbendable driving with 267 mph right at you is a blow barely anything will be able to survive, and even if Smokey still did, then it just stopped appearing.

Now, in case you want to discuss further about the possibility, I would prefer to move the discussion to PMs, as not to fill the comment section with that topic.

Comment posted by SLASH AN ASSASSIN deleted Oct 3rd, 2022

When is the next update

Sorry, no release schedule. The next chapters are still in the writing process. However, the fic will get two or three (depening on the length of the final chapter) chapters and then be finished, before the storyline will then continue in another fic

Why can I not like your story

Based on the numbers it seems you did. If you ask why the like number isn't showing it's because fimfiction doesn't show the likes/dislikes until you have 10 likes+dislikes.

Suddenly Rainbow was pushed away by Muffins. From where she was sitting she heard a sudden noise of the chair breaking in pieces and, when she looked in that direction, saw a statue of concrete with a painted face suddenly in the place instead of her.


I have a feeling that the SCP Foundation officials will want to personally give the Rainbooms a talk.

Considering that they met so many SCP's, befriend one, constantly survive, and unintentionally defeat some of them.

Nah, that's just SCP-173. Totally different from a weeping angel.


It's Peanut time.


Foundation: "You have neutralised 189 SCPs, befriended 2034 ones and made sure that 62 wouldn't cross the earth again while facing them at random without knowing how to deal with them and not having a single causality.

"Meanwhile at us one containment breach happens and 35 people die, 152 get tortured for all eternity and the universe collapses two times while trying to reverse the effects.


Sunset: "Magic of Friendship."

Dr. Bright: "I knew it!"


They're not entirely different. Their concept is literally the same

Meanwhile I spend 5 years designing and building what started off as a large garden shed, and ended up being fitted with quad hubless polyflex track wheels on highly morphable suspension drive, lined with a thousand cubic foot of billion gate rainbow bandwidth quantum optical processors per cubic foot, years before MLP or SCP, and even in this reality its called totally unrealistic.

I designed it using the principles of Pratchett and Adams. To operate Recursively. As in, its primary operation is to analyze, design and implement a free particle plasma form of itself that is far more compact and can therefore process at a far higher speed.


I first saw the theoretical basis of this technology back in the 1980s. I picked it up from even older books.

I have my suspiscions about what 682 actually is, and why Pinkie knows him as Gummy. :pinkiegasp:

As for the fastest bike? Im not permitted to propose it again. The last one using known technology at the time, was theoretically capable of doing Evil Kenival clean off the Lunar surface. I have NO idea what many of my designs could even be classed at in SCP terms.

The 250 mph helicopter? Likely isnt even Airwolf, never mind one of those RotoX wings from 6th day.

So many SCPs are memetic, hmm, its far too late, I better stop or Ill start writing down actual functions. Im also a lot older and slower these days. I used to be able to work out how most things likely worked, from their Name.

I thought I beleived it was in the Star Trek Anthologies 10 where one of the stories had Spock creating a Chaos Computer, from logical analysis. It had some Very intresting properties.

Certainly very promising having Rainbooms interacting with SCPs, if not directly with the Foundation itself, as the Seldon functions work for that also.:trixieshiftright:

I know they're the same. I was making a joke.

Considering how well these girls deal with anomalies on a daily basis, you'd think the Foundation would be bending over backwards to recruit them.

The combination of the Foundations containment procedures and Equestrian Magic is causing Events to propagate up the Long World the longer the realms are connected? Really hope Twilights bat, Home Run, doesnt cause a Hard Reset Event in any of those variants, as that is a Very Bad Day for the rest of the Long Cosmos. :twilightoops:

At least this thing is just Fast.

And not those utter dimentional? Nightmares from Legacy. :pinkiesick:

Pinkie asked an O-5 classified question? :pinkiecrazy:

to be fair, she is a weird one.

Oops :twilightsheepish:

Micro Chips, please don't ramble or you'll get heard from them :facehoof:

Hm… :ajsmug:

As far as I know, it's a GOC term that the Foundation also took and use

With all the temporal machinations, suprised the unknown wasnt Starlight Glimmer.:trixieshiftright:

“But what would want to kill us?” Sunset asked.

My money's on the Scarlet King.

To satisfy her need for speed, Rainbow Dash sneaks out of her home at night to ride her motorcycle through the empty streets outside Canterlot City.

But doesn't Rainbow Dash have that magic geode that gives her super speed? What does she need a motorbike for when she can do that?

Hm :trixieshiftright:

Interesting guess. Let's see if it's true :ajsmug:

Overusing her speed overpowers the geodes, so she needs a replacement.

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