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Dat cover picture... :pinkiecrazy:

The suits I think are a combo Zeo, Dino Thunder, MM, Wild Force, and Operation Overdrive. Right? Nice story!

Go, go, go, Pony Rangers!

And here I thought you weren't capable of writing this sort of stuff... hat's off to you, good sir!

I hope Pinky Pie manage to build a full scale replica of the a megazord


And here I thought you weren't capable of writing this sort of stuff

I'm not quite sure how to take that. :rainbowderp:

So Sunset Shimmer is basically Antonio?

(I watched Power Rangers Samurai, not Mighty Morphin')

Pinkie is Gingarunning while toting her drum set, right? Because she pretty much has to be.

5243754 Antonio or any Gold Ranger I think. He's not the first one and Mighty Morphin only had Green and White as a 6th Ranger. Zeo was when the Gold Ranger was first used in Power Rangers. Though Super Sentai may have done it before Zyuranger (MM Season 1 counterpart).

5243712 But what megazord I wonder? An Equestria themed one?


And of course, Sunset Shimmer gets to be the sixith ranger. And Pinkie Pie is right, the sixith ranger always gets the cool costume.

5243754 Or perhaps Trey the alien, or Jason, since the first gold ranger debuted in Zeo.

I was going to ask about the giant robot.

In any case, a very cute story of Pinkie at her most cunning. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

5243846 No, Burai/DragonRanger was the very first sixth Ranger in Super Sentai. Unless you count Big One. Most don't.

5243892 Point of order: KingRanger was more black than gold. Saban just called him "Gold Ranger" because it sounded more impressive. The first legitimately gold Sixth Ranger was MagiShine.

5243851 I would say Mystic Force only because thay the only one that invalves magic. Ether way this team is better then Stupid Mega Force

Huh. I always thought of Sunset as the Green Ranger. Or at least the White Ranger.

5243937 Green usually isn't a Sixth Ranger, because traditionally green is one of the core five colors. DragonRanger and Shurikenger were very much exceptions to the rule.

5243929 Perhaps that would make sense.

5243921 Big One? Where was he from?

5243974 JAKQ Dengekitai, the second Super Sentai.

As a Super Sentai fan...and a Power Rangers fan from the Glory Days...yeah, I approve! Well done...want to see the Giant Robot though!

5244029 Ah that sentai. interesting.

Personally I have trouble believing that Rainbow Dash wouldn't be into the Super Sentai/Power Rangers style given her tastes show-wise.

5243959 It tends to alternate. Up to this point there has always been a Red, Blue, and Yellow, ranger team. Sometimes 3, and sometimes 5, with the other 2 usually being an alteration between Green, Black, Pink, and White, and then a sixith ranger with a color such as Silver, Gold, or something along those lines.

The upcoming Dino Charge series however, will be the first series not to have a Yellow Ranger at all.

And sometimes, there's been more than 1 one of each color ranger. Such as in Ninja Storm where there were two Red rangers and two Blue rangers.

5243929 What's wrong with the Megaforce team exactly?

5244378 it more hast to do with super mega force. First the name sounds dumb. Second they wasted the change for a pirate themed ranger team. And lastly I rather a team that weren't already rangers be given the power of the past rangers. Also Go-buster isn't getting an adaptation so I'm a little pissed about that. If you like Mega force that fine but I don't

5244325 You can't tell me anything about Super Sentai I don't already know. :twilightsmile:

The reason Kyouryuuger didn't have a yellow Ranger is because of the gaburincho sash on the uniforms.

Also, Kyouryuuger has pretty much every color except yellow and white that's ever been used, and some that have never been used. We've got Red, Blue, Black, Green, Pink, Gold, Silver, Cyan, Grey, Violet...

Oh, and you mentioned Hurricanger and the two reds/two blues...there's a reason for that. Hurricanger and Goraijer are two different teams. Goraijer joined Hurricanger, then Shurikenger came along...Goraijer are based on the classic combination of the kabuto and kuwagata beetles.

BTW, when I say green is a "core" color, I'm referring to the fact that the original Super Sentai was composed of red, blue, yellow, green, and pink, and those five colors have been the most consistent color set.

5244402 Well the season is based off of Gokaiger which is pirate themed plus the suits and megazord were all pirate themed anyway. The past ranger powers thing is also part of Gokaiger's plot and abilities and the main power of the Legendary Ranger concept. Plus this and Gokaiger are an anniversary season so it kinda fits. I agree about Gobusters but I'm surprised they aren't adaptating it. Isn't it like part of their contract to adapt it or something?

5244500 Nobody knows why they're skipping Go-Busters. It's a complete mystery.

5244500 I don't know why. I mean who wouldn't think secret agents would be awesome

5244402 I do think they could've just skipped Megaforce and used the Super Mega costumes for 2013. It would've made sense considering it's the franchise's 20th anniversary. They already handwaved the one Super Sentai series they skipped up to that point by saying they were powers never used before.

5244508 I see. Yeah it is a mystery for sure and just weird. This would be first sentai skipped over since Power Rangers first became a thing.

5244520 they did skip over Dieranger (the sentai directly after Zyuranger and where the Might Morphing white ranger came from)

5244533 Dairanger and technically they didn't. They still used the zords, monsters and weapons in Season 2. The suits may not have been used except for The White Ranger but they did use at least one of the Fake Gorma Leaders as a regular monster. Even Serpenterra appeared and he was Daijinryuu, that God of Balance inthe original right?

5244576 I don't know. The only sentai I've watched are Magiranger, Bokenger, Go-onger, and Gokaiger to ToQger.
5244517 that is another thing that pisses me off.

5244520 Maybe it'll be a case of the Alien Rangers again. A secondary team used temporarily between costume changes for the main team.

I like it.

...i have to ask MythrilMoth...are you trying to pass to story 50 very soon, or is it just coincidental.:trollestia:

5244637 That would be cool if so.

5244638 I'm not actively trying to write any certain number of stories. I just write what I feel like writing.

5244622 You can find most of the sentais subbed on youtube. Zyuranger, Dairanger and Kakuranger are all there. Bioman has a dub on there too which ironically makes it the first sentai to be dubbed and not be part of Power Rangers given it was before Zyuranger. I think Jetman had a dub too but I could be mistaken.

5244661 Anything pre-Zyuranger is fandubbed, except Dynaman, which had a five-episode gag dub on USA back in the 80s.

5244717 Really? I thought Bioman was an official dub made back in the day for tv. There's even an article about it The Dynaman seems more like a parody than an actual dub.

And now I want to see you write an actual Power Rangers crossover.

5244889 I've considered it, but that's a massive undertaking. I've barely even gotten any work done on my own original Super Sentai fan series.

5244850 There was an unaired pilot for Bioman that was made by Saban in the 80's, and we recently had an actor confirm that he would've been the Red Ranger in that pilot (I forgot the guy's name, though). Whether or not it was a straight-up dub or an adaptation in the same manner of what would become Power Rangers is unknown, since to my knowledge, no footage of this pilot still exists.

5244508 Not really. Go-Busters did HORRIBLY in toy sales and ratings (a shame, too, given how awesome it was), so I think either Toei or Bandai outright told Saban to skip it.

1. Usually the 6th Ranger is the White Ranger


5245751 Yeah, but in doing so it means skipping over what would be the first official orange ranger. That would be a milestone achivement.

Even if they don't want to make them the main team, they should still use the Go-Buster suits at some point. Maybe make them the new Pyscho Rangers.

5247393 ...ToQger is the one with the Orange Ranger, not Go-Busters. Though I must confess that I'm a bit concerned that Saban might not even be able to GET to a ToQger adaptation...


1. Usually the 6th Ranger is the White Ranger

Uhhh...no. The Sixth Ranger has been white exactly three times: Dairanger (Kibaranger), Abaranger (Abarekiller), and Dekaranger (DekaBreak).

SILVER is actually the most common color for the Sixth Ranger. (Megasilver, Gaosilver, Boukensilver, Go-On Silver, Gokaisilver, Stag Buster, Kyouryuu Silver...)

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