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Ex Brony making a comeback


Fluttershy has a secret, her friends think they know what it is. Boy are they wrong...

(Hey there, I wrote this fic when I was 13 years old, I am now 18 and for shits and giggles I am going to try and continue this fic. If you read this, remember that I wrote the first 5 chapters around the movie rainbow rocks first came out. These chapters are painful to read but they have the context you need. GL.)

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Comments ( 8 )

Good attempt. You're going to need an editor though, stat.

> Captin hurricane
Thanks, btw do know anyone that can edit it.

That is very good for a first fic. I am new to this as well and I am working on a story as well. Usually when I look at the first chapter of a story I usually don't read the other one's, but this, I'm gonna be there when the next chapter comes out!☺

Cool. Just so you know, it's Flash Sentry, not Flash Century.

B-but..... YOU CAN'T LEAVE US ON A CLIFFHANGER! :fluttercry:

I'm really enjoying this story! :yay: Can't wait to see where it's heading. I noticed some mistakes, but a good editor could iron those out for you. I could probably edit it if you want.

5272205 really? That would be awesome.

I wonder what's going to happen next

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