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A young vulpine that stuggles to actually inscribe their illusions in the air.

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It pleases me that you added Princess of Friendship to your library and that you intend to read it. :twilightsmile:

It was well written for what the topic was. It wasn't the greatest or most detailed story, and I believe it could have stood to have been expanded on, but it was a nice read. Mostly because it approached its topic seriously and didn't stray from the expected theme. I don't usually read these types of stories (specifically 'discovering unknown pregnancy' stories) because they are usually not my cup of tea. But I enjoyed this a bit.

Signing out, VShuffler42

Haha, thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed I'm What?!! :twilightsmile:


Well about that...

This one is the most recent one I did last year


I'm not too sure whenever I'll do another but I'll think about it.

Ah yes, The Drunken Takeover of Equestria. The entire series is of those things where it is so absurb yet make so much sense. I loved the entire series. It wasn't the greatest objective quality, but I would lying if I said it was bad for it. In fact I want more, but i am not going to flat out ask for a sequel, as that can be rude. Rather I'll say, if you ever come back to this series, let me know.

  • Viewing 48 - 52 of 52
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