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Pinkie Pie gets locked inside Beanis Inc overnight. It's not so bad, though. At least she's got the roombas for company.

Too bad they're kind of creepy.

Part of the Beanis Cinematic Universe. No, you can't escape it.

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It begins.


Nice work on this story!

“And the last horse crosses the finish line.” Twilight clapped slowly. “Unfortunately, you know a little too much about the after hours of the company so… I can’t let you leave.”

Is that a Family Guy reference?

I don't think anyone thought they could escape Beanis.

More of a pony pun than anything. If it references Family Guy it was unintentional.

Majin Syeekoh

It lives again.

Im sorry... No matter how well written, the words: Beanis, Anonymiss, caribou, and Fallen Equestria, in the title will be all automatic downvotes from me...

Poor Pinkie. She's been beanwashed!

And you too, if you keep reading and commenting on stuff you auto-hate.

Well, at least you think it's well written

I didn't say I hated it. I just can't say I liked it either. Fallen Equestria is just the wet dream of an author who has proven to be a sadist godmongering moron. Anonymiss is pure character torture. The original Benis fic was just stupid...

Majin Syeekoh

I can’t disagree with that assertion.

It all depends on how Anon-A-Miss is written, really. Though I think it's despised because it seems like a majority of them have the girls acting very, very OOC. Or it might even be a revenge fix-fic or something.

Speaking as someone who's currently writing a tale or two, I can't really understand why some authors tend to go the over the top route.

I felt a great disturbance in the horse. As if tens of voices cried out in terror as they realized Beanis wasn’t dead yet.

Poor Pinkie.:raritycry: Turned into a robotic slave! I didn't honestly expect there to be anything actually horrific happening. Everything at first looked funny until that very dark twist. Before that, however, Pinkie's antics were amusing and in-character.

Would you mind adding a spoiler tag to your comment, please?

Each story keeps on being more and more depressing

Yeah... this beandroid isn't exactly low-profile. Midnight may have bitten off more than she could chew with this substitution. Though given Twilight's ongoing self-torment regarding Sunset, I can't say I'm surprised by the less wise decisions. Even demons of merciless inquiry need their rest.

I've chatted with the author before. Trust me when I tell you that him being a moron kinda ruins it without an editor to save him.

Oh I can tell this is gonna be good from the chapter title alone!

Good stuff. The party's rolling, much like the beancrows.

welp. that was great.


seriously, that's the only thing i can say. a good, fun, nothing-much-to-think-about type entry. been a while since we had one of those.


Great story, though.

Thank you for making this a readable amount of words. Plus, they're very good words! I love the way this turned out.

Truth be told, it's not my favorite entry into the BCU that I've written. I still feel like it's missing something.

I can see that. The pacing was a little quick, and the descriptions were a little on the lite side. Characterization was great though, and the growing sense of tense dread was spot on. If I were to change anything, really it might be that very last scene, but probably only to add in a zinger of some sort so that the release of the tension is more palpable.

“Who are you, and what have you done with the real Pinkie?”

Okay, I know that "subtlety" and "Beanis" don't belong in the same vocabulary, never mind sentence. Putting this in the scene you did is still a whole new level of blatant.

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