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The name's Animatorsnake or short for Anim, welcome to my realm the Living World. I'm a writer and storyteller and I hope you enjoy my content of the world of Equestria & Anim's journey in Equestria.


Minecraft – or Overworld commonly – is a world like any other, however unlike others, it is mostly cuboid and gravity is a tad wonky, sometimes things fall, other times blocks would float without reason. There is various beings living in this world, but there is only one certain creature of it’s kind.

Steve – the Last Crafter – has been around for a long time, and there have been times he died… but he always comes back. Whether it was appearing from the start, or on his bed, he would just poof, come back and start swinging once more. He fought many creatures, faced the Ender Dragon, defeated the Wither… but he’s never tried this next challenge before him.

A mysterious portal has appeared before him, without warning, said portal suddenly sucks up him and whatever belongings he’s carried. Now in a strange world, he has to find out where he is… and survive.

At least he has his belongings, and the laws of physics – for him that is – hasn’t changed… though the purple pony would disagree.

Inspired by these stories: A Crafter's Dream
My Little Minecraft: At the End

10-24-19 - 10 likes, okay not a big deal, but this story hasn't been out that long, and I've only written two chapters so far, I consider that an accomplishment.
03-11-21 - 1000+ views on the first chapter, sweet! Also 50 likes, awesome!
05-03-21 - 5000+ total views, alright!

[Disclaimer] Based on lore and objects from the game itself, the story will be updated based off the latest version, so newer updates won't be added to the story until the official update is out. Meaning any teasers or trailers of new material won't be used until available in the game.

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Looking fantastic!! Can't wait for more!

Nice dude! Looking forward to more chapters!


As a response to the author’s note, LET HIM LIIIIVE! AKA, let him be able to die multiple times

Oh for Luna’s sake Rainbow, this is why I don’t like her! It’s always attack first, ask questions later no matter the consequences! :facehoof:

Man is he going to be surprised by all the crystals and gems...

Wonder how Steve is gonna react when he finds out that he doesn't have to fear the night anymore.


......It’s scary to think about, imagine it as playing on peaceful and never having to fear mobs shidders the amount of mining he will be able to do is scary alone!

He's going mine the f***k out of Equestria's ore and gem resources


That’s the scary thing, Equestria is resource RICH and if he has things like a Crusher or blast furnace then he could FLOOD Equestrias market if they piss him off! I hope he takes over the Everfree and builds a Fortress for shits and giggles!

Now, time to open betting on the ship! Place a name and a bit bet and let’s see who wins!

I can't help but picture the Diamond Dog's eventually viewing him as a Patron Saint/Deity due to his epic mining abilities.


I picture him making a nice, simple looking cabin in the woods. Close enough to Ponyville for company and trade, but far enough to not 'technically' be inside the, lets say, jurisdiction.

Then, what none of his visitors will see, is the hidden fortress under ground. Starts by going miles below ground, then expands to be nearly miles long. Epic buildings, fields, space for thousands to live subtarannialy.

Then, he meets the Diamond dogs. Two things could happen:
A: (my favorite option) Steve ends up being viewed as a Saint due to his mastery of crafting, digging and his extreme riches, or
B: Steve accidentally, kinda sorta... um... Well, there are ho longer any Diamond Dogs within a thousand miles.

Is this still being worked on? Just curious.

Currently, no.

Continuing to work on it, planning to, working mainly on IANG right now.

Finally someone wrote it Twilight sanity is 'bout to go down the block.
I'm looking forward.
Don't forget to make Steve do "celebratory crouch dance", "air punching" and "derping/derp hacks" we usually do in Minecraft.

- Celebratory Crouch Dance is where, someone press shift repeatedly as if twerking or dancing
- Air Punching is where, someone randomly punching the air while walking
- A Derp hack is where, someone has their head spinning and they are clicking everywhere. But still can see just fine.

Sadly, enough ideas that were made by the community won't be implemented, I might add with some changes so it makes some sense in the story - remember this version of Steve is less based off an actual player and more on Steve being an actual living entity - I will add certain aspects you can only experience in multiplayer or with other players.

One example is the iconic TNT cannon - Steve had to do something to ease his boredom with him being the only one of his kind.

Strongest healing potion? I'd say the potion of regeneration is the strongest healing potion. And you can either make it last longer with redstone or make it heal more with glowstone. Besides, Instant heal might be good for some situations, but regeneration is better for lengthy battles. Like when you go out mob hunting, or you are doing PvP, or boss battles.

Ah, sorry, when I wrote this, I meant literally the strongest healing potion, not the strongest method of healing.

i absolutely love how this is going so far! cant wait till next update!!:pinkiehappy:

That's alright, and the best healing method isn't a regeneration potion, but an enchanted golden apple. A.k.a. The Notch Apple. With how bountiful Equestria seems to be in rare ores, I expect Steve to take great advantage of this and make several of them. After all, Equestrian bits are probably an equivalent to a Golden Nugget so if he collects 9, he can make an ingot. And 9 ingots make a block. Times that by 8... Steve would need 648 bits to make 8 Gold Blocks.

I'm anticipating the mining portion of the story, he's going to find plenty more gold and diamonds, but the downside to this means he won't find as many coal and iron, and redstone will be non-existent

Hmm... what about copper? And other gems/ores he finds? And let's not forget Sapphires/Lapis Lazuli, Emeralds, Obsidian, etc. I really want to see Twilight's face when Steve makes enchanted Diamond Armor or watch Steve make a portal to the Nether.

Indeed indeed, but Steve limited to what he can make, and as to items not found in his world he'll scratch his head but he'll figure out what uses he can make with them.

Heh, I can just imagine Rarity and Spike stumbling upon Steve as he is mining in the diamond dog area from that season 1 episode, and when asked what he has found, several cart fulls of gem blocks come from him. Gem Blocks because he had mined so much that he had to put them into blocks. Rarity would be set for life and Spike would never go hungry again.

What be funnier is he find so many diamonds and gold, but because iron ore is low in number in Equestria, he dig everywhere for iron... imagine this:

Steve began mining for resources, but strangely enough he keeps finding plentiful of diamonds, gold, lapis lazuli, and other jewels he's never seen before... sadly... there's a problem.


Lmao. He'd have to ask Celestia or something to see if there is an iron mine he can explore for a bit.

Hey just got done reading the chapters so far keep it up ain't that many minecraft stories so it's good to see one I like what your doing with the story

In that case, he should use Sieve so Steve dig the entire Mountains just for redstone and etc.

Making potions, I'm excited for that! Also I have mod in mind, Firefly mod where you lure fire flies and kill them for firefly juice and turn them into potions. And thus fireflies went on the brink of extinction. Zecora's mind would go insane.

As always, Rainbow Dash gives an absolutely kind welcome. Bruh

They wouldn't know what hearts are

At best, Twilight would compare it to life-force/vitality as a close comparison

I already have guards posted near the gate to Tartarus and even several outposts stationed all over the Frozen North…

... huh?


So, here's the first significant wrinkle for me. Maybe it says more about me than Steve (or this story), but while I'm certainly no warrior, I doubt I would've taken that hit from RD and not said anything. Misunderstandings are one thing, but if you do something dumb - some recompense should be extracted. I'm not an evil overlord or anything, but I won't take shit.

I mean, there are people for whom something like this would be enough of an affront to start a war. In other circumstances, some other beings might consider this an attack and simply defend themselves. It would take some paranoia, yes, but I can easily envision a situation where Steve would promptly go on the defense, and things would escalate, breeding confusion and long-lasting animosity.

A story where a newcomer is subjected to Rainbow Crash's brand of Welcome to Ponyville and things just go downhill from there? I can see it clearly enough.

And so, it sort of bothers me that he just lets it go, just like that.

This relates to a hidden aspect about Steve before he came to Equestria, which will be explained later further in the story.

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