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This story is a sequel to Twilight Challenges the Lord of Chaos

Tirek has escaped Tartarus, and managed to gain Discord's magic through unknown means.

Twilight faces off to him with the magic of four alicorns, knowing that this could very well be her last fight.

However, she intends to finish this with a bang.

Set in "Twilight's Kingdom; Part Two". Not to be taken seriously.

Big thanks to all the friends who motivated me to push past burnout!

If you want to chat to me, we have a discord server here!

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Twilight: 4.
Villains: A big fat bomb-shaped 0.

I approve of the "bomb-shaped" simile.

Are Twilight and Flurry Heart gonna compete for the title of Alicorn of Explosions?

She's probably going to be a terrible influence on her niece. :pinkiecrazy:

TDR #3 · Sep 22nd, 2021 · · ·

Twilight will teach Flurry everything she knows........

man I love Luna in this series, she's way more chaotic and villainous than ever while still managing to be a hero and a pain in Tia's flank alongside Twilight and Discord

Meanwhile in the medical wing of Tartarus Tirek lay in a full body cast on a bed, a tube going into him on both end to see to his bodly needs, He just did not understand how this happened, there should have been NO way he could lose but here he was beat senseless and in pain back in tartarus. "How did it all go wrong??" he asked himself.

"It went wrong the moment you challenged Twilight Sparkle" Discord replied as he entered Tirek's room and sat a cactus down on a table. "I DID mention to you after all Twilight liked explosions, not my fault you did not listen. Anways just a fair warning next time Twilight wont hold back and is already working on an even stronger explosion spell"

Tirek blinked "T-that was holding back?"

"Well you ARE still alive more or less" was Discords cheerful reply before taking his leave.

Heh sorry couldnt resist

I really like how this whole explosive series start of close enough to the show's events, and then derail just enough for the big bang. Can't wait to see how blowing up the past and future would look like !

So... where's the body?

“Huzzah!” Luna cheered. “Tia, you owe me ten bits!”

Tia, I applaud your undying hope that Twilight will be the princess you want her to be, without explosions, but after 4 other villains getting blown up, 3 to be defeated and one for fun, you REALLY shouldn't bet against Twi and her explosions.

Hmm... Nightmare Moon, Chris, Sombra, Discord, Tirek.

I believe it's Twilight 5.
Villains A big Fat Bomb Shaped 0

I love this powder keg we call Twilight she is just so delight full, The fact Celestia still think she was not going to blow up the Villain is somthing else

“Huzzah!” Luna cheered. “Tia, you owe me ten bits!”

Really, Celly, that was a suckers bet. And YOU were the one to start it.

Next is the Storm King. Then I guess she'll open the School of Explosions.


Oops, I missed one. It's Princess of Blowing Stuff Up Twilight: 5.
Villains: a big fat bomb-shaped 0.

Don't you mean a big crater of a 0 at this point :pinkiecrazy:

Academy of Explosions. It even abbreviates to AoE! :twilightsheepish:

Not really, we have The Pony of Shadows and Starlight too.

I read this entire series in 10 minutes please help me

what next twilights school of explosions and bombs?

These are amazing stories

Starlight is in for a treat.

Starlight is dead. So so so Dead

I wonder if Twilight is going to explode 'Our Town' or just somehow make 'time' explode in the next work

Charred, crispy, and twitching on the ground.

Twilight should enroll the help of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Between Twilight's purposeful explosions, and the Crusader's accidental explosions... the world may not survive!

“Huzzah!” Luna cheered. “Tia, you owe me ten bits!”


Celestia, why do you keep betting that Twilight will stop blowing things up? Do you like losing?!

Love you Luna! So so much :rainbowlaugh:

I thought Rainbow did when she Tsar Bomba-ed Ponyville.


wait until twilight discovers that its possible to make machines powered by explosions! THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF THEM! :pinkiehappy:


So much better this Twilight is. Not fight same battle twice she does.

More? :pinkiehappy:

Three stories from the same author are on the featured page at the same time. Is this a new record?

If you're leaving scorch marks, you need a bigger gun. Extrapolate that to an entire body.

No, it's an Academy Record.

It's four now. He can't be stopped!

her school will make the IRA jealous

Now it's time to introduce Trixie, the Great and Powerful.

Sombra, Discord and Tirek all featured at the same time, it is quite impressive.

If you are going to put a Slayers video, make it about the explosion spell

Dragon Slave

Question! If Twilight blows up Starlight outside of the time stream, would that cause the Big Bang that made Equestria?


Celestia, if you don't want Twilight to beat the villains through explosions, how on Earth do you WANT her to win?

Twilight Sparkle meets Mister Torgue from Borderlands 2

"how do you stop some mean mother hubber from tearing me a new a structurally superfluous new behind? The answer use explosives if that don't work your more Explosives."

I'm sorry that just popped into my head

Why would I do something I already did?
I put a dragon slave in the last story, and the dragon slave theme before that.

Besides, can you imagine Twilight's HORROR when Trixie reveals her clones?

"There are only TEN of Trixie! Your laughing was only the palest copy of Trixie's wonderful original! Do you really think that such a pathetic display would be able to subdue TRIXIE?! They lack Trixie's SUPREME sense of self-superiority, and extreme overconfidence in herself. Her laugh CAN'T be copied without that!"

Wonder who the next MLP big bad is going to be the victim of Twilight "Leroy Jenkins" Sparkle?

Well, this was a delightful saga. Though future villains present some interesting challenges. Especially Sunset.

Twilight, put down the Anarchist’s Cookbook. Your human analogue is on enough watchlists as it is.

THIS is the end of Season Four that we deserved! I had to laugh a little at how "Goku" Twilight had started to become when fighting Tirek. That would have been such an awesome reference and a funny gag.
And now to quote paraphrase a wise man: "That'll picking up that guy for a week!"

Damn you Sinner, how the hell am I supposed to rate this series!? I can't do anything 3 or fewer stars, for that would be a disservice for this comedy, but I can't do anything 3 or higher because those are where the serious stories I like are! DAMN YOU FOR GIVING ME AN IMPOSSIBLE TO RATE STOR- WAit... I have an idea...

That's not nuclear... It may be able to reach the scale of nuclear explosions, but... It's still a conventional explosive, in the sense that magic explosions are probably normal for them.

Megumin: "Meh, I've seen bigger."

True, the horrible laugh... Everyone could scream and ask for stop... But the problem is that is a AoE that attack both allies and enemies

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