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Twilight Sparkle has always respected the laws of science and magic. It's a respect that got her a scholarship to SGU, where she formed a small but comfortable group of friends and has received top grades in her two years there. It's a life that makes sense.

With her final year beginning and a special instruction from the Princess to bond with a fellow pupil, Twilight has enough to fill her life and her mind. It doesn't make sense that she should have recurring dreams about a mysterious mare, that this mare seems eerily familiar despite being a total stranger, or that she can recall the dreams with unusual clarity.

Twilight has questions about Equestria and about herself, and the answers could reshape her perception of both. She begins her research with a central question:

What lies beyond the edge of a dream?

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Silly Twilight, the glass is full, it's always full, half with liquid and half with air, in this case, but the glass is full.

Well now, this is intriguing. Good ol' Twily and her OCD. And what ever can be the cause of her and Sunny sharing the dreamscape?

Also, that last little bit of Trollestia at the end. Perfect.

Saw this being put into the Sunset and Twilight shipping group and then noticed there’s no romance tag............

It is not primarily a romance story

*pulls out glass in a vacuum-sealed tube*

And this one?

But there is expected to be Sunlight shipping in this story right?

It's not a requirement for a good story, but I can't deny I love my OTP.

Yes, they will be shipped.

Depends. Is the liquid still there, or did it boil off while the air was pumped out?

If the water did boil off then the glass is still full, as the water vaper fills the whole glass. If it didn't, or if enough time has passed for the water to form back into a liquid then the glass is probably still full, with both water as well as hydrogen and oxygen gases, though in low volume.

If all the water is still there as liquid water, then Twi's assertion, while pedantic, would be correct. The glass would be half empty, as the air that had been filling half the glass was removed.

I never said the glass contained water. You have failed, please pack up your dorm room by the evening.

Damn was not expecting Luster Dawn this early.... I'm hooked already. Now I'm wondering when Sunset will meet Twilight in the physical and real world.

Crazy Theory: Luster is from the Future and is Twilight and Sunset's Daughter....this is a Sunlight fic don't be mad at me

“Is this glass half-empty, or half-full?”

The technician in me wants to answer "Neither; the container is twice as large as it needs to be (taking into account proper ullage of course...)"

I did say it depends. However I will admit that while the glass that Twilight and her classmates were asked about contained water, the one in the vacuum tube you pulled out for the follow up was unspecified, in fact there was no indication of anything in said glass. I should have pressed for more information, but sadly I assumed based off the previous question. So, justly, deserve the fail. C'est la vie.

i'm going for the glass is full. Half with water and half with air. She didn't ask what was in it just what it contained.

Good start!

But, please, do not think I am forcing this upon you, nor will I hold it against you if you refuse. Expecting somepony to make an effort to become friends with somepony they have never met before is a lot to ask, and if you are not ready or able to handle it, I understand completely.

:twilightblush: "That's all well and good, Your Highness, but you're still really putting me on the spot."

In any case, this is going in a number of interestin directions. Looking forward to seeing just what you plan on doing with all those bookhorses.

This sounds really good so far. I can't wait to read more. Sunset and Twilight forever.

This is so interesting! I'm definitely going to follow. I feel as if I'll really enjoy this! ♡

and she had Earthen Studies in place of Twilight’s Magical Geography.

Which was probably a mercy to poor Professor Wind Rinser, who had enough problems as it was without dealing with overstuffed classes.

“I don’t go to parties.” Luster shook her head. “But thank you for the invitation.”

"Didn't you say this was a royal mandate?"
"To make friends. Nopony said anything about parties."

Luster stepped into a line for pizza and quickly whirled on Twilight, her mouth set in a line. “I don’t think this is what the Princess had in mind.”

It is exactly what she had in mind, Luster. You're just trying to get this done with as little social interaction as equinely possible.

“The Princess doesn’t banish ponies to the moon for that. She turns them to stone.”

:rainbowlaugh: Magnificent.

“Lemon, get the tranquilizer, she’s going full Minuette,” Twinkleshine droned.

You never go full Minuette. Potentially worse than Twilighting, depending on the available reagents.

Good to see Luster warming up to this group. Here's hoping the upward trend continues. That party could go very well or very, very poorly...

This chapter is really fun! I especially like the interactions between Twilight and her friends.

Well, Luster's got a long way to go, but every journey begins with a first step. But, hopefully she'll see that there's worth in others.

And, Minuette is just the right level of crazy. She's going to be fun, I can tell.

Very interesting group Twilight got here, 3 book horses!?? I wonder what Luster has to do with Sunset and dreams. :twilightsmile:

Your college banter between the girls is hilarious and I love it. Thank you for writing this!

Well, the valves of Luster's shell are slowly starting to part.

As an entity that's not especially social in the physical world, I can empathize with Luster a bit. Some of us just take time to open up.

Good chapter, but i stii dont know what about this story is it.

Well, i read preview and think that was amazing idea for story.
But after 3 chapters its look like just a slice of life about Celestia*s school.
Sorry for bad english.

That is one element of it, but there will be fantasy adventure elements as well. As you say, it's been three chapters.

Hm, I take it that Sunset and Twilight's world are sort of like enantiomers if the comment about the moons and their names / roles is any indication. And this Equestria being Heliocentric is a nice twist on the FiM mythology.


Yep, I've seen that answer before and that was what went through my head when I saw the question -- the glass is poorly designed -- it only need be half as large.

Where can I get into that group? It seems like exactly the circle of friends that I would enjoy being around.

I can't help but notice their group is missing Lyra Heartstrings.

Twilight nodded. “Elinu reflects much less light than Nasenu, thus it’s darker in the sky and less explored. So, Nasenu is the primary moon and Elinu is the primary moon.”

Seems like there's a little bit of a mistake here, since Twilight says both moons are the primary after saying that Elinu is the secondary a moment earlier.

Yes, typo, whoops! Thank you.


the glass is poorly designed -- it only need be half as large.

On the gripping hand you could argue that the glass has a built in factor of safety of 2...

I see history in this story is even more of a myth then in the show.

Well, that was fun and wholesome. Glad to see Luster's opening up to everypony.

This is definitely a great story, glad I stumbled across it. Underrated for sure! :)

Thank you very much :)

Well now, that meeting with Celestia certainly was the interesting development. Things are even farther off the rails than we might have thought, I can hardly wait to see where this train is going.

I like where this is going. Though, I wonder about Twi's glowy-mark. Eh, I'm sure that's insignificant and will have no narrative consequences at all.

Okay, caught up and deeply intrigued. The surface story is a great AU, but the deeper stuff promises to be truly fascinating. Looking forward to it.

Thank you. I promise the next part will be much more engaging on the latter point. :twilightsmile:

Sunset and Twilight's interactions are just so much fun to read. I'm kinda curious who Sunset's friends are.

Also, that little bit where TK magic was failing in the cafeteria was a little concerning. First that random stallion, then Twilight.

She totally does not have a thesis.
Also, wormholes is just a thing that Twilight needs to reach something not quite there. Or someone.

Definitely something intriguing going on here. Hope to see more soon.

It's a ripple from a future event that hasn't happened yet?

Hmmmm! Eventually Sunset becomes Luster to save Twilight? That would explain why Celestia (who would be in on it) insisted on privacy, and the lack of school project.

So now Twilight is just going to have Sunset do her thesis for her?

Yeah, that tracks.

Yea, I'm going to side with Celly on this one. Punching through inter-dimensional space can lead to some pretty awful things. Like unleashing Yog-Sothoth.

And I wonder just how much the princess knows about Sunset.

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