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I like pastel little horses. And Sunset Shimmer. Especially the human one. And I hack ponies into Final Fantasy - https://www.fimfiction.net/group/209828/filly-fantasy-vi

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I'm guessing that Rarity's so called 'grey hair' was actually Trixie's. I mean, Trixie's mane is close to greyish, though more like a silvery blue.

I dunno, i could be wrong, but that's what i got out of the ending

That is the intent yes

Have you by chance read Misago's "Random Romance Stories"? Because I swear this reminds me of the (currently) last chapter of that story - it also features Rarity with a gray hair and freaking out over getting old. (Though the ending is very different.)

Until next time...
Anon e Mouse Jr.

Drama Queen.
I already suspected something like this.
A funny story.

Actually it is pale cornflower blue with very pale cerulean stripes .

Me, and my mother's side of the family, have been getting grey hairs since elementary school :pinkiecrazy:

:rainbowlaugh: Hilariously done! And that ending was great XD

:trixieshiftright: The great and powerful Trrrrixie, will now transform this beautiful mare into a shell of what she once was, using nothing but a hair brush! Isn't Trixie just magnificent?

The author you are so naughty! Writing Rarity as a typical obsessive-compulsive old hen image! But it is still really funny!😁

“This is a sign. My time is drawing close. I’m over the hill, past my prime, an expired product.”

Welp. There's only one thing to do.


Hilarious and beautifully written. Good show.

“That one is a trick question and I’m gonna say no.”

Smart lad! :rainbowlaugh:

Once she leaves for vacation, I recommend getting a Tranquilizer Gun a few Darts, and finally make a potent anesthetic.

If Rarity where to find out I think she would be asking Rainbow Dash to help hide a body. Poor Sweetie Belle she just wants to do good and she is hurting her own sister.

Ha! You know, I thought this was just a straight-up fable about not letting signs of aging get to you, but I did not see that reveal at the end coming. Well played!

OMG That was SO LOL :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

One of those fics that pretty much writes itself once the idea is formulated. Well done.

Good ending! Points for not stating the obvious but letting the reader put two plus two together themselves.

On a side note, grey hairs really can happen much much earlier in life. My mom's been getting almost a full head of those since she was 18 (hence why she's been dyeing her hair ever since). I've been noticing grey hairs on my head for the past 5-6 years (I'm 29 now).
I've even seen young students (I'm a professor) with grey hairs at my Uni.


Heck, Steve Martin's hair was completely white by the time he was 30.

This made me smile, take your like. :twilightsheepish:

And here I thought it was going to be a cat hair.

Where in god's green earth is this magical place that sells that much glue?! Teachers would have never bothered us for glue again. Tell us your secrets.

Pretty sure any office supply store, Sam's Club, or probably Walmart would carry bulk product like that.

I imagine Mayor Mare fretting about finding pink hairs in her bushes and curlers

With that level of 'accuracy', Celestia is actually pink and Vinyl is yellow.

Our Wal-Marts do not carry that. We're lucky to get the little glue bottles. As for office supply stores... we have Office Depot which has more electronics than actual supplies.

Two words: Drama Queen!

Rarity, it's clear your life is nearly over!


It's the ONLY WAYYYYYYYYY!! :raritycry:

Zaki #33 · June 25th · · ·

I... Please no.

nice, Made me laugh at insane Rarity. You deserve your like.:yay:

And nothing was learned that day.

Dunno what to tell you then. It's probably from a bulk supplier/some deal like Sam's Club.

Alondro #37 · June 25th · · 3 ·

9006727 Rarity chooses Dragon Chomp! It's super-digestive!


A lovely lump of marshmelodrama. For a second, I thought this was going to go on a very different direction. Glad to see I was wrong. (Though I may have to save the resulting idea...)

In any case, thanks for the amusing read.

That was a hilarious read :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Might have to.

Cute story. I was sure the hair would belong to Opalesence.

I was half expecting it to have come from her coat instead of her mane.

Of course Trixie is the cause. Root of all misfortune, that one. Funny story.

Coat is too a short fur.

White hair may appear even in childhood, I had one which also much thicker than those nearby.

Love this fic! It's always nice when an author nails a Rarity freakout, and you definitely did that. I featured this on episode 229 of my podcast, Pony 411.

Cool, thank you! :twilightsmile:

Well done and well written! I had a good chuckle. I could absolutely see something like this happening on the show itself.

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