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Sunset Shimmer and Rainbow Dash are about to find out.

For science.

Rated for sexual humor; contains no actual sex.

Pre-reader by The Albinocorn and RTStephens. Cover art by Baekgup

Readings by SheldawG (channel contains NSFW content) and Night Guard Rob Royale

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For science.

You monsters.

I support this 100%.

Oh god. I'm happy with this ending. I thought for a moment you were shipping it. Nope, just Rainbow not giving a damn, and trolling Sunset for the hell of it.

This was absolutely AWESOME! :rainbowlaugh: You totally nailed it. Have a favebiscuit.

You can get away with anything as long as you add in 'For science' for some reason

Do dragons have more than one 'tower'?

You are a horrible, horrible person.

Thank you for writing this.

This is awkward. This is embarrassing. This is perverted.


This is hilarious.

Comment posted by Blank Scroll deleted Sep 11th, 2015

This must have a sequel! Lol.

Comment posted by VampDash deleted Sep 12th, 2015

6413780 XD I'm fine with that. It's just funny lol.

6413782 Yeah but.... save it for hangouts please?

6413785 Well yeah. It's too fun to not call you that. Besides it's a slight nickname.

6413803 Lol. Very funny Dashie

I... Refuse... To... La-:rainbowlaugh:

Rainbow Dash. Truly the evil mastermind nobody would suspect.

Man that was bucking great!

Oh, hey! Using a cover image that was used in another popular fic! It's just anatomy.

6413909 And like that fic, it conveys the overall feel ofthis one perfectly. Just because a fic has used a pic before doesn't mean it can never be used again.

6413922 Did I say it was wrong? Just pointed it out, friend.

“There was one spot I always kept hearing about…”

Sunset seems well-informed. :pinkiesmile:

“That’s nice.” Rainbow waved over her shoulder. “Have fun with Fluttershy!”


I found Rainbow hard to hate, if you ask me.

By the way, that ending was very OOC. I didn't like it.

6413987 No. RD can be kind of a dick, as well as vengeful and spiteful. Honestly? I would have commented OOC if she HADN'T done anything. Although, pawning Flutters isn't exactly what I expected, it still fits her MO. And yes, I do know what that means.

What's a MO?

6412960 And tore me to pieces. And threw every piece. Into. A FIRE.

6414017 This guy gets it.

6414016 Modus Operandi. Basically means, 'how they work, their habits, and such things'.

6414019 Now there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying 'til you run out of cake!


6414028 Damnit, Wheatley. This is all YOUR fault!

Oh, gotcha. But still, I highly doubt that Rainbow would do that to the most sensitive of the six.

I mean, if Rainbow defended Fluttershy from being bullied in the pony world, then the same thing could happen in the human world.

6414032 Well, it could be said that thought slipped her mind. Or, she might just wanna get Flutters laid. RD seems the promiscuous sort, so, in her mind, she is not only helping her friend, and getting revenge, all at the same time. Rainbow's mind works in strange ways.

Revenge? On who? :rainbowderp:


I highly doubt that Rainbow would do that to the most sensitive of the six.

This presumes Rainbow was legitimately serious about Sunset performing "tests" on Fluttershy and was not simply trolling her.

"I didn't even have hands four years ago!"

"And yet, you fondle with the best of 'em. Go get her, tigress!"

6414048 Sunset. Think about it. Your friend and you are in school one day. He or she magically makes you get off while walking down the hall. Whether there was anybody around doesn't matter; it's what happened that counts. I mean, how would YOU feel? I'd want my pound of flesh.

So, Sunset was trolling Rainbow?
I'm confused.

6414088 ...Thick, much? Here's the basics. Rainbow gets semi-violated by Sunset. Rainbow trolls Sunset in return and also gets her childhood friend laid. Got it?

Sometimes Rainbow's revenge plans are weird.
But, yeah.

6414100 Whew! Glad you finally get it.

:rainbowlaugh: lol rainbow you are such a troll :trollestia:

Epic trolling!

Two data points are hardly enough. Sunset should get her book and find out if Twilight is up for doing some science. :twilightsmile:

... No. Just no. When I saw comments of "epic trolling", I expected something a lot better. Meh.

6414538 Plot twist - the trolling was all the commenters I asked to comment about epic trolling to raise reader expectations. :trollestia:

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