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Random romance shorts I wrote over the years, mostly for fun or venting.

It's not exactly Goethe, but maybe there is some weird person out there who always thought "I want to read a Fluttershy/Cadance drabble!" (I am sorry for your suffering), so I am posting these for that person.

All these are lesbian pairings, so please do keep this in mind.
Sex tag for innuendo. I regret nothing.

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Lol it figures that my favorite ship here is also the shortest :applejackunsure: That said, it was adorable and reading it brightened my day a bit :twilightsmile:

I like the ship a lot, but my muse loves crack pairings way too much. I am sorry.

Lol no worries, I appreciated it for what it was just fine. And I've now read the Fluttershy-Cadance one and damn it all now you've got me shipping Shy with another horse (I ship her a lot...) It was very sweet, and hit on a few ideas I really like. As much as I love shipping Cadance, I'm always a little hesitant to read shipfics with her because I absolutely abhor cheating. Glad that I took the chance though, as this was very nicely done. I appreciate the realism, with both Equestria's not necessarily perfect attitude towards homosexuality and the growth of the romance in general, and I'm all for this characterization of Fluttershy :yay:

Well, Fluttershy is softest pony, so she is extremely shippable!

AdagioXTwilight story please? That is the one ship I'm desperate to see on this site and I'll take what I can get.

Funnily enough, that is my OTP, yet also the pairing I've had the hardest time finishing stories for. I am still trying, but sadly, I only have one bit of Twidagio ready right now...

I particularly appreciated your portrayal of Chrysalis here; I think we could stand to see a lot more Chrylestia.

I was delighted the reveal was Adagio, but there wasn't really enough there for it to properly feel like her.

Yeah, I wish I had some more Twidagio, but it's been really hard to finish what I have. I love the pairing a whole lot, so who knows.

I blame Monochromatic.

Well, I finally got me some Fleur X Celestia. My only complaint is that it's about 39200 words too short. :rainbowwild:

*Sigh* Same, Celestia ships besides Luna,Twilight and Discord is rare... and Fluer get ship by her supposed "cannon" love interest fancypant or fluttershy.

Only Rari-fluer ship I seen are both unrequited love stories


At one point not terribly long ago I did a search for romance stories tagged with both Celestia and Fleur. I got more CadanceXFleur from this search than I did CelestiaXFleur (not 0 versus 0, respectively). :fluttercry:

Wait, you found a Cadance x Fleur story? Where is it?! I must have it right naow!

8369511 There's a new group being set up at the moment for unusual Dazzling ships, do you mind if I add this one in the Adagio x Twilight folder, or would you prefer not to so there's no spoiler for that chapter?

Go right ahead. It's not that big of a surprise :D
Also, there is more Twi x Adagio? Where is it, where can I find it, and why am I only finding this out now ?!

8607919 Thanks :twilightsmile:

I'm afraid that, while I'm as fond of Princess Twilight as everyone else, I can't stand her EG counterpart, whom most of the ships involve. So I think I'm right in saying that this one is Twidagio (and it seems to be very widely respected as a good story), I know it's a growing ship in Sirens of CHS and so I presume its sequel too. And then Fuzzyfurvert has written an M-rated one which I can't link to here because of the site rules, but it's the second chapter of FuzzyFurvert's Futa Featurettes.

Okay. I'm loving this ship. Just from this little bit, and the bit from a later chapter. Now I wanna know how these two got together? Or is that left up to the reader?

Two things from Twilight's: if that was Sunset on the other end she was helping, not just Sunset being the middle pony, then I want to downvote it. But not the whole story.

And her bit with Adagio has got me going on my own Twidagio ship story in development. So thanks for the, unintended help.

Just this piece for now I am afraid. I still love the pairing a whole lot, so there will probably be more eventually.

Comment posted by superfun deleted Aug 5th, 2018

Will this ever get another installment?

The collection as a whole or this story in particular?
If the former, I hope so. I'd like to write some more, when I can manage it...

Yeah, I was referring to the collection.

And okay

Boldy, she leaned a bit closer into the warmth encompassing her, eliciting a blush from her dorky blanket. “Don’t worry, Twilight,” she whispered. “Everything is just perfect.”

The dorky blanket line is cute.

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