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Pinkie Pie throws excellent parties. This is a fact of life, like Fluttershy being rather demure, or Rarity having a sense of style. But the fact is, Pinkie's parties cost bits, and her job at the bakery isn't supporting her passions anymore. So she dusts off her degree and opens a side business...

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And thus begins the adventure. But wait, what's this? Pinkie Pie has no patients! Not to worry, that's where YOU come in!

In the comments below, I want you to suggest ponies for treatment. Now, I'm going to leave this unupdated for about a week, so you'll have plenty of time to give me ideas. But once a pony is chosen, they'll be seeing Pinkie Pie. And then... the real fun shall begin!

Honestly? Have Celestia see Pinkie. Could reference so much into it like Trollestia, Molestia, people referencing to her as a Tyrant, perhaps Twilestia shipping or Spilestia, issues with her sister, etc.

Also one of the flower sisters (or all three) for their fear fainting/panicking


... is the title misspelled on purpose?

This looks to be off to a good start! Unfortunately, you might miss some attention because people think that the title's misspelled. Perhaps consider putting in a dash before the 'gest'? (only in the title maybe).

I don't think she'll be short of patients, given that all the ponies in this town are crazy! :twilightangry2:

Love the idea, and have an idea for a charicter.

Diamond tiara. :pinkiegasp::pinkiecrazy:

Take it where you will. If you want me to, il post more or less what her letter could look like.
Sorry, once in head this idea will in my head. I only have an idea for a letter. Not much past that.

Can't wait for update! :twilightsmile:

Perhaps Derpy could get an appointment. And I bet Scootaloo could use some help.

Need to get Lyra checked for her obsession with mythological figures. Cause I mean, seriously.

Very interesting setup. Hard to gauge where this is going to go from here but will be adding it to my email alerts to see.

As to suggestions for treatment: Princess Luna, Cutie Mark Crusaders (confidence and bullying issues), Fluttershy (confidence, socialization), Spike (species, adoption, and other issues), Granny Smith (perhaps a serious one dealing with coming to terms with possible death in future), and Derpy (because nothing is complete without her).

Even though I gave those suggestions think its better if you go where your own muse takes you rather then reader suggestions. Either way look forward to seeing what you do with this story. Looks like it could be a lot of fun :pinkiehappy:.

The only pony I can think of to suggest as a potential patient would be Big Macintosh only because he is the big silent one. He also has the most potential for various types of problems to talk about ranging from stress with running the farm, potential foalhood issues because he took Smarty Pants, shyness since he is so quiet, maybe even anger issues, or just simple mare/colt issues depending on whichever you fancy. Maybe even all of the above?:eeyup:

I suggest either (or both) of the Princesses. Also, perhaps Lyra and Bonbon, concerning their relationship.

This is an excellent start, and I look forward to more!:pinkiehappy:

Rarity for histrionic disorder. Trixie for narcissism or megalomania.

I am liking this! Having the most random pony be a psycologest? Haha!

As for suggestions, maybe Big Mac? :eeyup: Come on, he only ever says Eeyup, or Nnope! Maybe make his meeting abit troublesome by haveing him say that during even that time.

As to people suggesting the princesses, yes please! But maybe save them for later? Personnal suggestion.

Twilight for OCD. :twilightsheepish: That is all.

Wow, this sets up for potential. I can definitely see all types of guests meeting up for Pinkie Pie. Tracking.

"But i haven't actually had an interview..."

Also a minor mistake, there.

First pony that popped into my head was Rose, or one of the others of the fainting flower trio, before I was done reading the chapter even.

I also kinda want to say Trixie, but I don't know why she would be in Ponyville.

Maybe Rainbow Dash, angry that everyone always assumes she's a lesbian?

There's also that jelly-obsessed guy, but we don't exactly know much else about him.

In any case, Pinkie's definitely the psychologest mare around.

Well-written and cute story. I love it so far! :heart: Can't wait for the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

Caramel for gender dysphoria

Bon Bon for Multiple Personality Disorder

I am almost think it should be Psychologuest since she loves to help here guests in her home.

Twilight. Not only is she OCD, she's almost certainly read books on psychology, and impersonated a psychologist to try to settle the non-existent dispute between RD and AJ in Lesson Zero. What happens when the hyper-analytical librarian ends up on the "wrong" end of the metaphorical microscope? She'd probably be inclined to do psychological analysis on Pinkie while Pinkie analyses her.

Read the whole chapter, Pinkie explains it at the end.

As for suggestions. hmm one that hasn't been suggested yet. Maybe Blueblood for his problems relating to other ponies, or maybe Shining armor or Cadance are getting paranoid after the changeling invasion.

I'm gonna watch this and see where it goes, botta tahnk AA for passively showing it to me in her latest blog.



Yea. I looked at the title and thought it was odd, but I already read through it.



Applejack might have a problem with her compulsive honesty causing interpony problems. It's not that she can't lie either, it's that she's so bad at it that lying is useless. She might be making enemies or rivals she could have avoided if she'd been able to tell a small fib.

Rainbow Dash has performance anxiety. She has always combated it by extolling her own greatness. She has built her image up infront of others and has been successful to such a degree that she believes in her own greatness. She comes to Pinkie, hiding behind a mask of relaxed confidence that cracks more and more as the session proceeds, aware of her own coping mechanism, fearful of what will happen to her confidence in herself if she ever complete and utter fails. She is afraid that she'll break if she can't keep fooling herself into believing that she is as great as she boasts.

Rarity... I dunno, other than her mild-to-strong OCD. "Everything must be perfect. Anything else is unacceptable."

Fluttershy, after the events in The Best Night Ever and Putting Your Hoof Down, is concerned about her inner rage. She doesn't want to hurt anypony if she ever loses control of herself. Every psychologist she's gone to insists that she doesn't have anger issues after observing how gentle, demure and kind she is. Will Pinkie be any different?

Twilight Sparkle does not have control issues. Twilight Sparkle does not have a pathlogical need to please her mothe- *cough* mentor figure. Twilight Sparkle is not obsessed with a need for order and planning stemming from control issues that she does not have. No. Go away.

Cheerilee loves foals and loves educatng them in a happy and safe environment. Cheerilee's classroom contains Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, making their classmates unhappy. It also contains the Cutie Mark Crusaders. They do not contribute to a safe learning environment. Cheerilee has as of recently been lax in enforcing homework deadlines, late at grading papers and has fallen asleep during several presentations during class. Cheerilee's garbage bags clink. The CMCs, worried, brings this to Pinkie's attention.

I can't think of anything else right now. Sorry if some or all of them are too dark to use in this fic.


Let me shell out a few.

Spike has mother issues, you know, from his strange relationship with Twilight.

Davenport has that existential cutie syndrome which causes him problems, especially since his cutie is a quill and sofa.

Princess Luna having night terrors, ironic, no?

Mrs and Mrs Cake having marriage issues, because why not?

Daisy, Lily and Rose having constant mass hysteria.

The sea serpent having image issues.

And lastly, Derpy Hooves needs a prescription.

So far it's a good story, the only thing I can say is that she would need a Psy.D., MSFW. Ph.D, ect. A bachelor's degree is actually not enough to open a private practice.

Second I'm really hoping this isn't going to be a joke on Freudian Psychology. Why does no one realize that it isn't used anymore. Well either way.

I know this is nitpicking, but I get tired of seeing how badly people screw with what psychology really is.

839275 don't forget rainbow doesn't like having her hooves touched! that could stem from some some crazy event from her childhood! or she just doesn't like having her hooves touched... lolz

Have mayor mare come in for a yearly checkup as required by ponyville town laws

835040 so thats why this is already featured. Meh. I would have to recommend Lyra and how everypony thinks she is crazy because of her beliefs (human obsession, opinion on the city, anything but religion would make me crazy happy.) Or eventually Trixie. Yeah I said Trixie, and if you got a problem with it...

It won't show, 'cause you're the writer.

Obviously Twilight herself is the one most in need of help. I nominate her for patient numero uno! :twilightoops:

I think it might be intresting if evantually we get one of Pinkie's sisters, cousins, or her biological parents as a patient, for her sisters and cousins it could be struggling with life on their own or possible relationship issues with a colt friend or working partner, for her parents it could be coming to terms with having to retire and possibly sell the rock farm. :pinkiesmile:

Also the CMC could be done indvidually.

Applebloom could use some help with having to face the possiblity that her special talent won't have anything to do with apples (she could be afraid that the other Apple family members will shun her for not having a cutie mark that's apple related). :applecry:

Scootaloo could be dealing with the fact that her idol Rainbow Dash isn't perfect and that she shouldn't spend all her time worshipping Rainbow Dash, or perhaps issues involving the fact that she is no longer the leader of the CMC (Hearts and Hooves Day and Ponyvillie Confidential had Sweetie Belle as the apperant leader). :scootangel:

Sweetie Belle certainly needs help in overcoming her stage fright if she ever were to sing, she also could deal with the fact that she shouldn't try to help her older sister Rarity so much and that it's best if she just lets Rarity do her work in peace. :unsuresweetie:

I have looked though every suggestion so far, and none of you mentioned Berry Punch's drinking problem. (along with being a single mom) Shame on you.:facehoof:

BTW, with all the suggestions, shouldn't Masterweaver be making a list or something? There's a lot of demand!:twilightoops:

Potential patients, eh? How about Pinkie Pie? She could certainly use a psychologist.:pinkiehappy:

All I want to say is that this looks amazing and I want more.


Wait, this got featured? Aw man... I was outta town! I missed it! Dang.

Well maybe I can see it again when I update. I HAVE ALREADY SELECTED A PONY. But keep the suggestions coming, I'm keeping me a list!

862928 When will you update it's been over a week now. :trixieshiftright:


Patience my silly ponies. In fact, I am working on the chapter.... as.... we... speak.

BTW, you forgot to capitalize "Thursday."

This is awesome. If there was ever another chapter after the next one, I say Pinkie sits down with herself. If you could pull that off, kudos to you.

*edit: there are going to be so many posts, mine might get lost in the madness!*

*edit 2: How do you pronounce that word!?*

Very in character all around. Always a good beginning.
As for patients... Well, I think the entire mane cast should be in there at some point, maybe to "see how she's doing" before spilling there deepest secrets. Celestia or Lun would be cool... The one I wanna see most is Gummy. Yes, Gummy.

Well, another chapter out! And as always, YOU can pick the next pony Pinkie helps out!




Which pony is Mirror? I'm using TVTropes.

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