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The annual Ponyville Flea Market is going on, and Pinkie found a very interesting object; an attachable unicorn horn.

Assuming it's just a joke item, Pinkie buys it, hoping to use it as a method of making the Cakes' Twins laugh. But when she discovers that the horn is fully functional...

Can you honestly ever say you would trust Pinkie with Magic?

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Things that I'm proud of with this.

1. The Title. Took me forever to make that pun, but I love it. Other titles included Strapons are Magic, Pinkie's Strapon and Pinkie's Magical Sexy Magical Strapon of Super Amazing Cupcake Magic. I'm actually not joking, someone from the IRC gave me that title. =3

2. The fact that I created a chapter-based story with a visible ending to it. I don't know how the balls I'm going to end Egghead yet, but I know exactly how I'm ending this.

You are brilliant. I just want to tell you that. I'm really looking forward to more!

Hmm. interesting idea. I like where this is going. It's got some errors--some in spelling--that another look over should reveal, by either you or an editor. There's some bits that could be written better, but then there are other bits where the imagery is simply beautiful. I'm going to track this. It's got major potential, so don't waste it!:raritywink:

This is gonna go places, I can tell. Just two things. "probably from being in the son all day, and hte light refracting through it's prismatic body created the beautiful illusion of life." I think you mean sun and the respectively. Other than that, this is good. I look forward to more laughs to come from this.

So, do you know how you are going to continue the story or just how to end it?

Hmm. Very interesting, actually. And was that a reference to "The Prince and the Workhorse?" Very nice! :rainbowkiss:
I've read quite a few Pinkie w/ horn stories, but this one's got its own vigor, I think. Let's see what you've got planned! :pinkiehappy:

Hmm.. I am seeing potential for LOL and Chaos. Pinkie is the last pony you want to give magic, unless its for LULZ.

> at themselves all day. needs a question mark on the end

For some reason I think that the small Grim Reaper like pony should have been named Dr. Facilier.

Let's see what kind of mischeif Pinkie Pie can get into with her new horn! :rainbowlaugh:

*scoops up Fluttershy* Stay away! She's mine now:pinkiecrazy:



Thank you. I'm going to go beat myself with a stick now.



If it is, It was accidental. I don't know what that is. The title is a reference to an old cartoon called Pinky & the Brain.


I have a basic outline of the middle, and a direct ending that I want to reach.

Of course, filling up this story with events is going to be a weird thing to do. I really really REALLY want to do something along the lines of pinkie going mage-crazy and turning everypony into shrimp, but I don't want to get too generic with that.

Did I just call turning ponies into shrimp generic?

1354320 You are most welcome Doctor. I just try to help where I can.

1347994 Why do I prefer the third one to the actual title?

1354376 Watno.

I'm not likely to marry a pony that won't die before me.

1354388 I don't even remember what that means.

It's too friendship to be waifu-ing anyway, so yeah. I need to get back to reading The Life And Times Of A Winning Pony.

:pinkiegasp: Shiny! I have a feeling that Twilight won't be happy about this. :twilightoops:
Twilight: You're not scientifically possible!
Pinkie: Yeah... Off to make cupcakes now. THOUSANDS OF CUPCAKES!

1354320 I was wondering if I should read this or not, but then I saw your name. Now, I have too. :rainbowkiss:

I like the concept but real quick.

in her hands.

What hands?

Pretty good, a few grammatical mistakes but the story is solid, can't wait to see Twilight's reaction.

I like the look of this, definitely looking forward to more!

Just finished reading, there's a few grammatical and other mistakes, but the story in quite interesting. You sir get an Upvote and a favorite. Good day. :moustache:

The potential for mischief here is even more mind-boggling than one usually expects from Pinkie. I have to stick around for this. :pinkiecrazy:

I know about Pinky and the Brain, silly! :pinkiesmile: No, "The Prince and the Workhorse" is a fanfic here on FiMFiction. In it, Zecora owns antique horseshoes, four of which actually kick off the plot.


You... have given Pinkie Pie... magic

How could this go wrong :pinkiehappy:

EDIT: Hmm, interesting plot idea. Could there be larger plots afoot(ahoof?), with Pinkie's purchase of the horn a way for Vernula to serve his Dominus/Domina in some sort of evil scheme?
I want to find out now.

This premise and story made me smile like Pinkie witnessing a sonic rainboom. :pinkiehappy:

It seems like some unicorn smartness is starting to leak over into Pinkie Pie.
The other thing to remember is that unicorns seem to all be neurotic to some degree.
Having Pinkie Pie, who can already go Pinkamina, merge that madness with Lesson Zero unicorn insanity... :pinkiecrazy:

This can only end in fire... and chocolate. But mostly fire.
Also, ChocoPie is best chocolate pony.
I'm surprised Pinkie hadn't eaten it in one gulp since she and her magic strap-on horn can always make another.

And if she lets a pegasus wear it, will their pegasus magic react with the unicorn magic and change them into a princess? Better have Rainbow Dash be the test subject because otherise you may get an alicorn full of Flutterrage. :flutterrage:

this should be good. :pinkiehappy:

>trade trinkets and sell curious
Ponies want to sell me? What did I do wrong?

I think you mean curios.

Does the pink one like

It's smeagol.

single gold coin the the small pony "the the small pony" should be "To the small pony."

Pinkie stroked the horn, awing at it's brilliant luster. It was warm to the touch, probably from being in the son all day, and hte light refracting through it's prismatic body created the beautiful illusion of life. "awing at it's" should be "in awe of its" and it's means it is. son=sun, hte=the.

She picked up up, feeling the soft material that the straps were made from. They too had a warmth to them, and felt like thick silk in her hands. First up should be it.

"Let's see how you look on my head..." she whispered to herself. She positioned the horn right under her 'Pinkie puff' as she called it. "Right where Twilights horn is" she thought. She nabbed the straps, and attached them together at her chin with the barely visible little clip that made the attached strips look almost seamless. Twilights should be Twilight's.

"Alright, guys, into the cupcake sheets" Maybe an end to the sentence?

"Weird name" Ditto.


God I love my readers for correcting my shit.

<3 Thanks for that. I copied this off of a written draft that I made, so I probably have a lot more mistakes.

Think of :rainbowderp:!


True dat, Bender.

Now I want Pinkie to strap the horn onto Twilight. For science! :facehoof:
In other news:
I'm a little disappointed that nobody made a joke about Pinkie being horny yet. That is just sad!:pinkiegasp:


Well, I'm not that depressingly unoriginal that I would use that pun...


no way that could be that accurate with her magic.

Twilight seems to be missing - *sounds of panic* - from this sentence *panic stops*

set up a stall next yet."

I think you mean "next year"

being in the son

"Son" is male offspring; the giant ball of burning gas in the sky is the "sun"

and hte light


pretend to be an Alicorn

Pound (male) is the unicorn; Pumpkin (female) is the pegasus

Unexpectedly, the picture failed to give an answer.

Why is that unexpected?

"It is magic!"

That second quote mark is extraneous

gather the though

Dropped a t at the end

Protip: proofreaders are your friends.
I also noticed some other readers point out some of the same errors I noticed (forget which ones tho), but they haven't been fixed. Do you not know how, or just haven't had the time?

P.S. Please don't hate me :fluttershysad:

Srap-On's are Magic should have at least been the chapter title. That shit is gold. :rainbowlaugh:

I meant in the comments. The story is rated Everyone, no pony hanky-panky! :trollestia:

Pinkie + magic = instafave.

Ok I read it first so it's not actually an instafave...

It's cute. I like your style too, it's very Pinkie, somehow.


Yet error; thank you.

that error; thank you.

gather the though error; thank you.

Other errors have been updated, check again. Fimfiction being derp i suppose.

Pumpkin is the female unicorn, Pound is the male pegasus.http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Pound_Cake_and_Pumpkin_Cake

The surprisingly is sarcastic.

Pinkie, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

:pinkiehappy: I think so Brain, but how are going to get my chocolate clone to tap dance?:pinkiecrazy:

1355121 Eh, I was casually collecting mistakes as I read through.

And then I start singing the song from Pinkie & The Brain!

Pinkie Pie.

With magic. Unicorn Magic.


THIS CAN ONLY END WELL :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

1355236 I'm... wrong? :rainbowhuh: That's new

This can only go two ways: Either very funny, or very wrong!:pinkiecrazy:

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