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Love both the most brutal metal of all, and adorable ponies? That's doable.


Starlight Glimmer: reformed villain, student of a princess, and all-around up-and-comer on the subject of friendship.

Having already displayed great skill in befriending a raging narcissist and a reclusive geology 'enthusiast', can she successfully turn her abilities towards Equestria's newest inhabitant?



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If this human was voiced, what would he sound like?

Sooo... well, ummm... and thats why you shouldn't be Trixie's friend. She plants wierd thoughts in your brain, like wheels are evil and humans are wiggly. Clearly ponies are far more wiggly, as seen by Pinkie Pie.

Is it weird that some part of me wants to hear that rant :rainbowlaugh:
All in all, this was a good old humorous bit of fun nonsense. Love it

I certainly won't lower myself to repeating what she said here, I have common decency! :trollestia:


Nonsense, there are plenty of reasons to be Trixies friend! Just don't ever take her advice on anything. Ever. :twilightoops:

Well, on the subject of becoming overcome with anxiety and going on madness infused rants, she learned from the best! :twilightblush:

Except for the fact she didn't brainwash any of the ponies in her village or steal their cutie marks. That only happened with the Mane 6. The ponies in her village even say they were only mad at her because she lied about her cutie mark, . Stop exaggerating Pinkie!

And wow, did she get the Crystal Empire thing wrong.

You need to use italics instead of asterisks.

"Yup!" Twilight beamed again. "She only...oh...no..."

Celestia needs to send Twilight to diplomatic kindergarten :facehoof:

Forget that how did she become the princess of friendship

Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy the conclusion. :twilightsmile:

Watching disasters in real time usually is! :rainbowlaugh:

Like a delicate ballet of destruction! :trollestia:

This is great. You write the characters really well.

This was funny and adorable. Keep writing.

This all goes to reinforce my personal head-canon that somewhere back in the Pie family tree is a great-whatever-grandfather by the name of Tekeli-li. And ever since then the family's been just a little, off...

That truly is the right question to ask.

I'm reminded of the line from Christmas Story.
"In the heat of battle I wove a tapestry of obscenity that some hold is still hovering in space somewhere over Lake Michigan."

Pinkie blinked once, twice, and very slowly but firmly shut the door in Starlight's face.

I pictured that perfectly in my head. Funny stuff.:pinkiehappy:

Good comedy! I really liked the imagery used before Pinkie showed up the first time in this chapter:

(... So, gets assigned by the Princess to be a friendship ambassador... goes to try to make friends... winds up going off on a, frankly, racist rant... ... Yeah, uh... good work there Starlight. Really. A+ for effort.)

(... Pinkie really is a wonderful friend.)

Oh Trixie.
You'll change you mind once you see what the wiggly bits can do.

collapsed in a pathetic purple princess pony puddle at the foot of the door.

Try saying that ten times fast.

I love your depiction of Pinkie; I could totally befriend her!

I hope we see more development in this story.

Thank you very much! Pinkie is fun to write, and finding a good serious/silly balance was tricky.
Ive been thinking about a sequel for years, but can't really think of a good way to evolve the current story.

8984816 My headcanon is that one of her several times great grandparents is Sleipnir, which makes her great+1 grandmother Loki, the trickster god of Norse mythology.

She has shapeshifting powers, including the ability to manifest extra legs, and is fast enough to outrun Rainbow Dash. She is also pretty much Discord-lite as far as her own shenanigans go. She even swears on her distant ancestor regularly. 'Okie Dokie Loki!'

This was fantastic! I'm sad there aren't more stories after this one, you have real talent for making the characters come to life. I hope to see more from you!

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