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Sometimes your passions are at odds with one another. In some cases, they're so at odds with one another that you need to hide behind a different name just to be yourself. Living two lives is hard, and in the case of Photo Finish and Rainbow Dash, it's about to get harder.

Rated Teen for mild cursing, alcohol, and mild adult themes.

Thanks to my good friend Falkon for edits, MelodicMarzipan for the awesome cover art, and everyone who has pestered me to work on this story since I had the idea back during Season 2

Hey look, someone reviewed my story!

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This premises sounds familiar. O think another fic covered the rainbow/photo finish subject but I may be wrong.

Still this sounds amusing so I'll read it a little later.

Yeah, there was an old four panel comic from back during like Season 1 that originally made me fall in love with the concept, so I assume others have made similar content, but this idea has been kicking around in my head so long I needed to do something with it.

7290901 hey no need to exian..besides I don't think tjenother involved her being found out (assuming that what happened based off cover) so original idea
Plus sounds interesting just based off tags and such

Damn.. I guessed it was dash in the beginning because the summary for the story hit me, and I caught onto Rarity not fully comprehending what Dash was saying. But this is like an episode of pretty little liars where they have to cover for just about everything. It's really good.

I really like this, I can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:

How the flying fuck has she kept this a secret for six years and within the space of a day there's at least three, perhaps four, ponies who are on the path to figuring it out.

What’s the worst that could happen?

... Ah, because she plays Russian Roulette with Murphy's Law.

I think i remember a vinyl/octavia fic that did something similar but fuck me if i could remember the name.

great and interesting story:) Thanks for the good work.

So glad someone got around to writing this! It's been nagging me everytime I see photo finish

I love this idea!:rainbowdetermined2::coolphoto: Definitively following this one.

Congrats on getting your first story featured!

Oh my gosh, I can't believe the response this is getting!
Thank you all so much for enjoying it!
Wait, hold on, I got featured?

et tu rarity?

seriously i'm going to address the Oliphant in the room here, rarity has stabbed her best friend in the back, if the dailouge is correct rather repeatedly with these secret parties with spitfire. I mean I realise loyalty isn't her elment but god dammit rarity


Pinkie writing: master level.


I do love a good "nope."


And a good "what."

this makes too much sense and it scares me

Photo dash...

Pluto nash...

This kinda fits in line with my head canon that Rarity is secretly Vinyl Scratch, and that she actually has a changeling helping her when she has to be both at once.

Rainbow could never tell if Pinkie was being condescending when she used sports metaphors, but damned if they didn’t get the point across.

I laughed harder at this than I probably should have.

7292161 Someone get a paladin to resurrect the author!


...This will NOT end well with the alcohol. Ponies say things without knowing they did if they drink too much. :pinkiecrazy:

This is happening. Of all the times I had Photo Finish = Rainbow Dash as head canon.
I'll be patiently waiting for updates.

This is exceptionally interesting. :3

I want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also if anyone was wondering who started/theorised RD was Photo Finish it was Cinemare Sins.

If you look at screenshots, they really do have exactly the same facial structure.

So does almost every other pony. I wonder if the artists are trying to hint at something?

Next Chapter: Everybody dies in horrible ways, and Rainbow Dash survives to learn a heart breaking but valuable lesson: Don't even THINK the phrase "what could possibly go wrong". If you do, than whatever hell rains upon you, you've done it to yourself.


This is really entertaining but everything happening at such a breakneck pace seriously makes it hard to believe that RD was able to keep the secret going at all. It's basically the only big problem this story has, but it's a really big one. At the least, you'd expect some of these events to not happen all on the same day.

You know, the thought has occurred to me and it was the key reason I hadn't been comfortable putting the story out there.
Then one day, I as I was thinking about it, I realized I could either make the story slower paced and more boring or just not care about that inconsistency and keep writing.
I opted to write.

So... I haven't seen anyone work with this idea in a long, long time

Quite a neat idea. And I assume the spell will fail one time.
By the by you can see Photo taking a picture of the main cast in the opening, Rainbow included.


This is... Unique.

My only gripe is that it's not double spaced. As is, it's murder on the eyes.

Ah well, personal peeve more than anything.

Edit: Downvotes for preferring double space? Gee, thanks.

~Skeeter The Lurker


I remember when this was a thing in season 1. What do you MEAN it's been half a decade?!

Pinkie is gonna take up the role of "unexpected wise wisdom", isn't she?

Seems to be the frequent notch for her. Not a bad thing, mind you.

~Skeeter The Lurker


slower paced and more boring

I disagree with the idea that slower is more boring intensely, but the problem isn't so much the pacing as the timescale.* I like the pacing you have in the story, I just think a couple of good timeskips would fit right in. The timescale and the pacing of the story don't need to be aligned. (At all, in some cases.) Just a couple establishing lines between scenes that indicate it's a different day should work just fine. And if you briefly describe an event or two that happened 'off-screen', you can give Photo Dash more establishment and/or actions without having to make entire scenes about it.

Just my two cents. If trying to do that would slow your writing down to a crawl, then don't sweat it.

*(I guess, on reflection, that means I misspoke in my earlier comment. I use the word pacing a little too often.)

I'm expecting Rainbow being invited to the party as well and she accepts while drunk? I really dislike stuff like that on the simple reason of why can't they just cancel it? Why dig your own grave? Still, the story is interesting, so I hope you can update frequently.

Rarity knows more than she let on.

For sure.

~Skeeter The Lurker

What’s the worst that could happen?

Oh god, the beginning of the next chapter is gonna be drunk dash trying to fight something, isn't it?

What’s the worst that could happen?

Rule one of anything: Don't fucking say that ever no matter what.

~Skeeter The Lurker

7290901 It's more then just a comic... it's a whole plushie! :rainbowlaugh:

Anyway, this is great, I have to say I've practically fallen in love with the idea myself since reading. Only thing I would change is a little more competing introspection on the world or events between her Dash/Photo personas though there was a bit of it in this chapter so no worries I guess. Regardless it's a smashing story I can't wait to see more of... almost want to write about it myself but I have no idea where I would take it that you haven't already. :coolphoto: :rainbowdetermined2:

Edit: Exploring where she gets Photo's accent would be interesting... my current thoughts are she picked it up from a parent and got teased for it at school so only used it in private and later adopted it for Photo.


She told Twilight. That right there got me thinking... she's tired of hiding her double life. The way i read this, author fell free to tell me if I'm wrong, is that her two personalities are starting to blend. She's worn out mentally and physically from the lies and subconsciously she's trying to make it stop.

But of course instead of owning up and telling the world she'll Rainbow Dash it for as long as possible till it blows up in her face. We will enjoy the hilarity.

Heh that gif... thanks i needed the laugh.

Huh. Weird.

That YouTuber said this story sucked balls bu it is actually not a bad read.

Maybe I should stop listening to Brony critics.

Oh hey Skeeter, you lurking pedometer.

Well, it would probably be Photo asking her out, but hey, same thing, right?

Not really. You'll have to let her in on your little secret if you do.

7292478 So how was that changeling helping her initially in The Saddle Row Review?

i am really surprised that a fic like this exist well after it died in the fandom keep up the good work p.s. this would not be canon because rainbow finally got in to the wounder-bolts. :heart:

We know it's not canon.
That's why it's called fanfiction.

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