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Rainbow has a secret. Weather patrol is simple busy work to keep most ponies thinking she's occupied, Ponyville but a playground she moonlights while doing her real work in Canterlot and her voice a long time practised front to hide a most ear-catching accent. Behind the swagger is almost literally twice the mare; one the would-be Wonderbolt Ponyville knows and loves and the other an already more than successful celebrity many in Equestria's fashion world would willingly worship the ground she walks on. Today however she comes clean to the one friend she feels she can trust with her double life, prepared to face the price in questions she will have to pay. For tonight she tells Twilight Sparkle she is the one and only Photo Finish.

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YAY. I Love the concept behind Photo Dash but well...Shipping. I can't stand shipping...at all...whatsoever. Not what Im here for.

Of course this is the same without the cheesy romance. So yeah...Do more pls. :rainbowkiss:

7325943 Shipping? I'm not doing any romance here. Sorry, did I imply I was? :derpyderp2:

And yes, there will be more. :twilightsmile:

7325972 No No. I'm saying that's why I'm not reading Photo Dash, and why this is. Better. :pinkiehappy:

I like this and Photo Dash. I like Photo Dash because it brought me to this concept, and I like this because it already has its own distinct flavor of writing. They are similar, but different, and I'm looking forward to seeing where you bring this.

7337297 Thank you! :twilightsmile:

I mutually look forward to how it turns out. Got plenty of ideas but not sure exactly how they're going to play out yet. :twilightsheepish:

Keep up the good work thanks for the good read.:coolphoto::rainbowdetermined2:

Is this inspired by Photodash? the story I mean. Because in that story photo/rainbow have also told twilight. Maybe it's just a coincidence?

7409472 It certainly sparked the idea. Mentioned as much in the authors notes. That said I have a different idea of where I want to take things.

7409595 Well as long as you don't directly copy the story I'll be happy to read. I noticed quite a few errors in the grammar but with a little work that won't be an issue at all. Good luck and I hope to see more from you.

Love it so far. One of the best Hidden Depth Rainbow stories I've read so far, and I hope you can follow through with that. Earned it's spot in my "Top Stories" folder.

Hmmm...I was sceptical about reading this since I am already a fan of 'Photo Dash', and I thought this might just be a blatant rip-off. But...when I saw how good the writing was and the fact that you specifically said that it was inspired by that story, I am willing to see where this is going.

Too soon to give my opinions just yet, but I'll put a follow tag on this story for now.

7622454 That's good to know! Glad you're giving it a chance... in spite of the lack of updates so far. :twilightblush:

Nice intro, looking forward to how you will develop this.

Huh. I guess this is a thing. Hey, happy to have inspired someone! :coolphoto:

7648831 Happy to be inspired. :twilightsmile:
Great story by the way.

Awesome story! I love the stories that show Rainbow Dash in I whole new light! I'm currently working on one. Can't wait for the next chapter! :pinkiesmile:

7649431 sooo.. is it dead?
Kinda long time without any update.

7978242 Sort of... after a really passionately written first chapter all inspiration suddenly flew out the window and I hit a head ache of a writers block. I want to get more of it out but just struggling with it at the moment along with the usually day to day real life issues.

8562684 Thanks. I wanted to do something sort of episodic in nature following Rainbow Dash in her double life. Turns out my flash of inspiration for the idea burnt out pretty fast but I'm still keeping it open as an option.

So want is go to happen with this story be case i want too see more of this story i think is really good so far and i can till you put a lot of work into it i do hop you continue this story

10182253 Well to be honest got a lot going on... or did until pandemic lock down. Plus a lot of other story ideas buzzing around my head. It's still there in the back of my head and I got some good ideas but it's kinda fallen to the wayside a bit. Tell you what though, you have reminded me about it so I'm going to go look over my notes for it and stuff today. See if something comes to me.

I wish you the best of luck

Do you know when the story will continue

Nice start for chapter 1. Defintely checking this out again, and favouriting it.

And here we wait for another brilliant start to finally get going.

11065555 why thank you for the endorsement, you flatter me. :twilightblush:

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