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Rainbow Dash, the greatest flyer to ever come out of Cloudsdale, was actually foaled in little old Ponyville, or was she even foaled at all?

In the original version of MLP:FiM there was no Rainbow Dash. There was Firefly instead, but due to some legalities problems the character was cosmetically changed and renamed Rainbow Dash.

This is an fanfic adaptation of that transition based on material posted online from excerpts of interviews by Fyre-Flye (Lauren Faust) herself.

Cover Art image edited by Rethkir

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oh oh oh first comment!! :pinkiehappy: i really enjoyed this i cant wait to find out whats going to happen next! :rainbowkiss:

lololol R.A.D.:rainbowlaugh:
and awwww thats so sad, but im now seeing why this story links with pheonix (es?) after they die they come back to life, plus her blood red eyes can be like a pheonix too:twilightsheepish:

You died with her. This does not make sense. Rainbow Dash is clearly alive. So confusing please update soon.:rainbowhuh:

I'm Extremely confuse at the end. "You died with her":derpyderp1: I don't get it.....explain please?

Update coming by June 22 or sooner, all things working out. :eeyup:
Yeah, coincidentally so is RD at this point. She knows she's alive so how could she have been dead too? It has to do with the life cycle of the phoenix, death and rebirth, but like the chicken and the egg which comes first? :rainbowhuh:


Oh OH! Thank you, now I get it.

Nice update please do it again soon.

Here's hoping to less than two weeks for chapter 4 'Spark'. :pinkiesmile:

It's been a little hard writing this as this is the second death scene I've penned in roughly two weeks, :ajsleepy: and it's not easy with a good friend of the family waiting to cross the 'rainbow bridge' at any moment:fluttershysad:. I'm still very happy to have gotten this posted on time and happier that readers are still asking for more.:yay: Now, I've got a 'Spark' to attend to that a Phoenix may rise from these 'Ashes' :raritywink:

This starting to make sense, can't wait for the next chapter.

Thank you so much, your comments make this old racehorse proud.:eeyup:

Princess of the Pegasi is more of a formality term based on a prophesy I drafted in part before beginning to write the Phoenix Foal. That, as opposed to the Hasbro "Princess Pony" a.k.a. Alicorn, which I agree RD is a leading candidate for earning a horn eventually. That and I do love the Olympian motif used for the character in several episodes.

As for the Prophesy/Legend of the Phoenix Foal it will be presented as a "translation" in an appendix chapter eventually.

Rumor from Hasbro has the mane six as princesses on toy shelves sometime around Dec.2013- April 2014.:pinkiegasp: Please, not in the show until the series finale.:pinkiecrazy:

god I love rainbow dash leading some foreseen ultimate destiny or of the like and this is a fantastic representation of it! good work

Incredible nice Story!
But... I've understood nearly to nothing in this chapter :O (What is the thundercrown and all the stuff :o?)

Anyway, cant wait for more :pinkiehappy:.


The Crown of Thunder has to do with an old pegasi prophesy/legend. :rainbowdetermined2: It's not an actual physical object (as the reference to the Daring Do novels suggests) :pinkiegasp: , but an ancient reference to a Sonic Rainboom. :yay:

The story is also written in an alternating past-present chapter format with odd numbered chapters being essentially large flashbacks, and the even numbered showing the 'present day'. :twilightsmile:

Also as I mentioned to a previous commenter there is an actual Prophesy/Legend of the Phoenix Foal that I prepared that will eventually be posted 'in translation' as an appendix. :eeyup:

If that helps.

Firefly has always been one of my favorite characters. Whether she was portrayed as Dash's mom, sister, or really anything else, she is amazing.


Lauren Faust placed Firefly as her choice for Dash's Mom when asked in an online interview back in June I believe that was linked on EQD.

But I don't know if the legal issues that kept Firefly from originally being in MLP:FiM have been cleared to permit an appearance in the show. (Season 4 is purported to contain more Pony Parents)

Okay, I love you for telling me that. No Homo though. I really hope they can clear up the legalities and give Firefly an appearance in the show. That would be SO AWESOME! :rainbowkiss:


Name related trademark issues actually, hence the Rainbow Dash recolor and the source of the story here.

:rainbowderp: wow, this, this is amazing :rainbowkiss:

2920237 I also see my bro came here first :rainbowwild: I can never beat him

Oh my god!! Why am I crying?! :raritycry:

2929463 *fails to supress laugh* BWUHAHAHAHAH!! :rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by Rainbow87dash deleted Jul 24th, 2013

Ha beat you Bro!

Edit: God I wish I was this good at writing, you kept my attention the entire way through, made me read Every single detail. Not many authors can make me do that

The oly problem is this (1) (2) (3) thing. It distracts the reader from the actual story. Instead of doing that, put in the authors notes section the phrase or word in * or ' and then an explanation after it. If the reader is curious as to what it means, they'll look in the Autors notes anyway.

May I offer this. [ Zha' hai' allav' a ] ( wind to your wings). A Tayledras parting wish from

the Valdemar world of Mercedes Lackey. A series of stories that I highly recommend.

I second that recommendation
(they have talking horses!)

2934585 Thank you so very much :pinkiehappy:

About the notes, I used a form I've seen some of the more prolific writers use (RealityCheck) for one. You mention other styles you've seen used, send some titles my way :pinkiehappy:. But I think I know what your thinking of *.

* Note goes here, right?

fimfiction allows Unicode; you might try the superscript numerals ¹ ² ³ ⁴ ⁵ ⁶ ⁷ ⁸ ⁹ for footnotes.

Incredible story so far; deeply looking forward to seeing where it goes from here. We're now getting to the "what"; with hints at the "how" and "why".

2947632 Goody now how would I put that in or would it copypaste form MS Word?

I don't think Word's superscripting or subscripting will translate, though you could test that easily enough. However, if you directly use those Unicode symbols in your document, they'll copy across just fine.

Assuming you're using Windows, there are quite a few ways you can type Unicode characters like the superscript numerals. For more common characters, you can add an alternate keyboard layout, such as US International or similar, that adds key combinations for certain keys; however, I don't know of any standard Windows layout that helps you type the superscript numerals. There are also a few ways to type in the character code directly, but then you'd have to memorize the codes for the symbols you want, and unfortunately ¹ through ⁹ are spread across several different areas of Unicode.

On Linux, and with some third-party software on Windows, you can enable a "Compose" key; when you hit the compose key, you can then type a series of characters evocative of the character you want to type. For instance, <Compose> 1 2 produces ½, and <Compose> ^ 1 produces ¹. That's how I type them.

If you don't want to try that approach, then your best bet is probably to copy and paste ¹ ² ³ ⁴ ⁵ ⁶ ⁷ ⁸ ⁹ ⁰ into a local file on your system, and copy them from there when you need a footnote. Easy enough when you only need a few footnotes per chapter.

I really want the update!!!


You my interest. Let's see what goes down.

~Skeeter The Lurker

2936760 And I third it. Those books are awesome, and so is Misty!:rainbowdetermined2:

("Misty" being Mercedes' nickname. Something that all Valdemar fans will know.:raritywink:)

Well, not aubibly-speaking ones, anyway. But they're still highly intelligent, and they still do talk...albeit mentally.

Huh. Interesting so far.

Died with her. So. She's a zombie, yeah?

~Skeeter The Lurker

Hmmmm. Not bad at all.

Nice bit of backstory.

~Skeeter The Lurker

You told me what Died is.

There's a few more grammar mistakes, but THAT...

That stood out to me.

~Skeeter the Lurker

Hm. A pity. The birth scene could have used some work.

Still... This isn't a bad little fic.

~Skeeter The Lurker

3009568 Actually that one is not a mistake, that's intentional in the dialogue. RD isn't the most sophisticated or eloquent speaker at times, and here she's a little more high strung than usual at this one point. :rainbowwild:

And yeah, most of this is slated for an eventual major round of cleanup editing. :twilightsheepish:

...It's over...?

For now? Hm.

Bit of a lackluster ending, but not bad. Look forward to the next installment.

~Skeeter The Lurker

3160429 Yes, this part is. It was only ever meant as a writing exercise, and to focus on the dramatization of the transition between Firefly and Rainbow Dash. :pinkiesmile:

The Phoenix Foal concept is not done yet, all things willing. I have a follow on piece in mind but I want to see about some other projects first. If the sequel gets its wings, it will be a separate piece but will have a stinger posted here first, most likely.:rainbowdetermined2:



The only way to give it wings is to write it. So... Write it. I'll be waiting.

~Skeeter The Lurker

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