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Hey guys, guess what? Yes, this group is still alive (for a given value of alive).

Rainbow Dash is many things; a tomcolt, an athlete, a fighter, a mare born for speed. That's what she excels at... and it's what every famous pegasus in history has excelled at. That's why Photo Finish is the one who wows Equestria every month anew with her magazines, who turns the fashion world on its head at least once a year and who made the dreams of aspiring young models all across the country come true for over six years. And all she needed was a wig, a fake tail, eccentric glasses and a dress to hide her wings.

Photo Dash is one of the stories that captures your attention through the premise, and boy does it ever. A story idea that somehow hasn't been done anywhere before as far as I can tell, even though the relevant episode aired over five years ago. I love unusual and unique premises, and just with the first four chapters when it published this story became my favorite story of the month.

With that kind of stories, it can be hard to live up to the promise of its cover description, and I'm happy to say that this one goes all the way and beyond. The characters are well written, have humor, and most of all common sense (except for Pinkie Pie). The backstory is reasonable and immersive, even though it is mostly hinted at so far. The drama and conflict doesn't escalate too quickly, and might even be resolved in a reasonable manner. And if all that wasn't enough to make you read it yet, just picture Rainbow Dash with a Germane accent.
And the best part? If you join now, you can catch up just in time to see the (first) great climax happen with the next update.

Unlike Thweet Geniuth, Photo Dash doesn't have any particularly memorable scenes that I would call defining for the story. But even without high points that stand out in a chapter, the author manages to write an engaging and captivating story that almost never dips below a certain quality and that is simply enjoyable to read. In fact, while I can only think of few particular lines that were memorable to me, I can also think of only one thing to criticize, namely Pinkie Pie; while she has her moments as a side character, her fourth-wall humor and antics seem rather forced and may even get annoying and obnoxious in one chapter in particular.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go back to staring blankly at my screen until the next chapter comes out.

5323630 I saw a piece of fanart with that premise a while back. I'll have to check this one out.

River Road
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This group is alive (by the definition of "being not quite dead", but still)! Praise Hojo!

Did you find some time to start on the story already? :twilightsmile:

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