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King Dainn and the Caribou armies are poised to launch their invasion of Equestria, starting with the Crystal empire. In preparation for the conquest, Dainn orders a few of his elite guard to kidnap a crystal mare. However, they come back with a interesting discovery.

Well, the ponies are hermaphrodites. This, naturally, complicates matters.

(Important Note: I do NOT like FoE stories. I just don't. However, I DO love the story 'Going Native', by Gyvon. And while reading that, this just popped into my head. So yeah, please don't complain too much.)

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Comments ( 5 )

Well, this one was.... different, to say the least.
Never seen a pony fic; "Fall", or otherwise; where the ponies are hermaphrodites.

Still, it's quite good; a cut above most "Fall of Equestria" fics.

Have a Fave and an Upvote.

Not bad, but, i do think you need a Death tag for the end of the story. Even if we don't see it, we do see the dead bodies. I'd say dark too, but, well, considering their intentions, just a Death tag would to, to me.

But wait, if the Equestrians don't have pussies(and thus, no female reproductive organs), how do they reproduce? Maybe they do, it's behind their dicks but of course, they never checked as they would be caught. That aside, This is funny. The confusion in that, "They got dicks and no pussies. Now what?"

Well this became a thing.

I'm tempted to make one of these, but with Team 7 after the Fourth Shinobi War defending Equestria. That would be amusing to me.

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