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The young six find a mysterious comic book when breaking into Twilight's treasure vault. Will they be able to stop this new villain? Or perish trying?

[Contains: VERY mild violence, profanity]

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“What in Tartarus is a comic book doing in here?” Smolder said, picking the comic book up and reading the cover. “’Power Ponies.’ What is that?” Gallus perked up.

That was one of those mysterious question who Enchanted the comic book and it just disappeared

Ohh nice to see those kids again trying to see if they can find more mysterious things and apparently the only one they found is a couple of the items from the past including a comic book which again how did it appear again and it turns out it's the Power Ponies and they were pretty excited to read it but then the comic suck all the kids inside the book just like the main six I wonder what's happening to them

Ohh this is pretty awesome set up here so it looks like the kids starting to wake up but they found out that they're not in Ponyville anymore and somehow they became the Power Ponies or should we say the power creatures and it's pretty awesome to see how they wear the costumes and I think I see an artwork of those kids dressed up as them but it looks like those kids are going to have to fight their way back home because now they're going to have a long night can't wait

No, she won't unfortunately. I wanted to originally, but I couldn't find a way to organically place her into the story :(

Oh boy it looks like the kids are going to have a hard time but luckily sandbar is there to help him out with his knowledge of the superheroes powers which it really blends with these other characters hopefully they can make it through we'll find out next time

“Surely I can’t be the only one against this! Ocellus? Silverstream?” Sandbar said frantically.

You mad genuis! What have you done?!:fluttershyouch:

You've given more personality to Sandbar with a few lines of dialogue, than paid professionals were able to manage in two full seasons!:fluttershbad:

“Whoa! What’s this cool necklace!” Silverstream said, lifting a gold and red necklace off it’s pedestal with a talon. Sandbar turned to face the hippogriff.

Because I'm that guy, I have to point out that thee Alicorn Amulet is actually black.:trixieshiftright:

“Y’all know anything about this? Cause, apparently, Gallus knows nothing about Power Ponies.”

Sure... Mock him while you can.:pinkiecrazy:

It's not like Gallus has seen you dressed like a pretty dragon princess or anything.:rainbowkiss:

“Well, shit.” Gallus said, and was dragged into the book by his tail. With the six students gone, the castle fell silent.

And this Twilight Sparkle, is why trophy rooms containing dangerous magical artifacts are terrible ideas. Vaults exist for a reason. Use them.:facehoof:

“What? What’s wrong with my- Oh TORCH!” She shrieked, trying and failing to cover herself up. She was not naked. Far from it. She was wrapped in a dark blue spandex, with blue and pink gems around her wrists and in her head spikes, as well as a dark purple mask around her eyes. “This is- I never- WHAT?”

Oh relax. You love it and you know it.:rainbowkiss:

Her hooves sported four metal shoes, each one adorned with Headmare Twilight’s Cutie Mark for some reason.

Supposedly that's a cosmetic change based on who's wearing the costume.:unsuresweetie:

But it's based in the comics, and is such a small nitpick that I don't really care.:ajsleepy:

“Yellow not Yona’s color.”

Eh it might work. Green definitely is at any rate.:raritystarry:

“I think the cover said Cyber-corn. He’s one of my faves!” Sandbar said with a grin. “Why does that matter, though?”

Yes!:rainbowwild: A original villain!:pinkiehappy:

And also apparently there are more of these enchanted comics, and the general public doesn't know.:trixieshiftright:


“Ahaha! This is neat! I wonder what else I can do!” Ocellus whooped, firing all manner of energy from her horn.

So Ocellus learned something faster than Twilight. She's going to be so jealous.:pinkiehappy:

First time writing a fight scene! Was a fun challenge!

It was fun to read! Looking forward to what you write next!

Yeah she's a tough character to shoehorn in. Maybe if she was after the Alicorn Amulet or something like that?

It would have been pretty funny to watch her contend with the terribleness that is Humdrum.

Still even if best filly isn't featured, I'm always up for reading more super stories, especially any as well written as this seems to be so far.

As a bit of advice, there should be a character tag for the Young Six or something like that.

If you use that instead of the character tags you have now, you can add the Power Ponies tag as well.

That might help with drawing in some new readers.

She would have been a great addition, but I'll enjoy this story regardless.

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